In the digital environment, security is fundamental, as evidenced by the frequent news in which they announce that personal data of millions of people have been exposed/hacked.

And although these so-called cases are due to system vulnerabilities, security must always begin with the user, because after all, it is their own personal data that would come to light in the event of any incident.

There are many annual reports detailing what are the most used passwords, and the first positions are always filled by passwords of the type: 1234, 1980, password, etc.

These weak passwords have forced programmers to demand calls «strong passwords«, Characterized in that the user remembers our families by asking for passwords so complex that they are not able to remember: Uppercase + lowercase + numbers + symbols + min. 8 characters. The result of this is usually two paths:

  1. you get tired and leave the form unfilled (a similar thing happens on many occasions with the Captcha)
  2. the password is written on a piece of paper that you leave next to the screen. That is, even worse than putting a weak password.

Woocommerce: How to Disable Strong Password

So, as usual, the virtue is at the midpoint: Neither passwords so simple that a brute force attack with dictionaries violates it in just a few minutes nor so complex that they lose users.

In this guide, we will explain, how to reduce WooCommerce’s requirement to use strong passwords.

If we add the following code to functions.php of our active theme:

add_action ('wp_print_scripts', function () {
	if (wp_script_is ('wc-password-strength-meter', 'enqueued'))
		wp_dequeue_script ('wc-password-strength-meter');
}, 100);

We will be able to disable the script which checks the strength during registration. That way, your users can register with the password they want, even if it is very weak.

Logically, this is a very effective mechanism but too extreme, so we recommend using a plugin like the one mentioned below.

Change the strength level

There is a plugin called WooCommerce Password Strength Settings, which allows us to adjust the strength based on 5 levels:

  1. Any password is valid.
  2. The weakest
  3. Weak
  4. Half
  5. Strong

Being level 1, the equivalent of putting the code we cite in the «Hurry«, And level 5, which brings WooCommerce by default.

To use it, we only have to install it from the repository, activate it and go to

WooCommerce> Settings> Accounts> User Password Strength Settings

With that, we will get the intermediate stage: To have security, but also not something as annoying as demanding.

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