Are you bored with WA’s appearance and features? Cobain, deh, 10 Whatsapp mod APK the following recommendations from ApkVenue.

Never, really, you feel bored with the look WhatsApp are you just like that? Not to mention the WA feature that hasn’t added a long time.

Now you can have fun. The problem is very much WhatsApp mod APK which you can download from the internet.

The WA mod application will make chat look more attractive and also provide a variety of new features that are guaranteed to be cool.

WhatsApp MOD APK with the Best Features 2019

Even though it’s a mod, you don’t need to worry about getting hit banned. The reason, all WA mod applications are already equipped with features anti-banned.

In this article, ApkVenue wants to tell you some of the best WhatsApp mod recommendations that you can use on your Android phone.

ApkVenue will also include a link for those of you who are curious to try to download the WA mod application from ApkVenue. Check it out!

1. JT WhatsApp

Whatsapp Mod Apk 3 236b3

JT WhatsApp is a combination of WhatsApp and JiMODs made by Jimtech. WhatsApp mod APK has several advantages that you can enjoy.

First of all, WA, you won’t get banned because this application has very sophisticated anti-banned protection.

In addition, all the files that you send will not diminish in quality if sent from JT WhatsApp.

Features of JT WhatsApp include:

  • Dozens of cool theme choices
  • Dual WA accounts
  • The quality of files sent does not decrease
  • Can send up to 90 photos at a time
  • and many more.

2. WhatsApp Plus

Whatsapp Mod Apk1 7640f

ApkVenue’s next recommendation is WhatsApp Plus, friends This one mod application was developed by developer Rafalete.

This WA mod application still uses the same licenses and protocols as regular WA. It’s just that, developers add display options and new features.

Based on the information above, you don’t need to be afraid of getting banned for using WhatsApp Plus. Guaranteed safe, deh!

WhatsApp Plus features include:

  • Anti-Ban
  • Set a blue check
  • Send files up to 30MB in size
  • Accommodate 256 members in one group
  • and many more.

3. YO WhatsApp

Whatsapp Mod Apk2 84851

The next is YO WhatsApp or YOWA. This one WhatsApp mod application is one of the most popular.

YO WhatsApp interface that looks like the WA app on iOS makes this one app really popular among Android users who haven’t made an iPhone purchase.

In this application, you will get many unique features such as using multiple users, various emojis, to the DNS feature.

YO WhatsApp’s features include:

  • Dual Whatsapp account
  • Various Emojis
  • DNS
  • Eliminating ‘last seen’
  • and many more.

4. GB Whatsapp

Whatsapp Mod Apk3 49cf9

If you are already familiar with WhatsApp mod, you will definitely be familiar with it GB Whatsapp, please?

This one application is famous for having super abundant features. You can send more than 90 images in one send or set the blue check as you wish.

Not only that, you can use 2 accounts in GB Whatsapp at the same time without the help of a virtual application. Very nice, right!

Features of GB WhatsApp, including:

  • Set a blue check on chat
  • Choice of various themes
  • Many language choices
  • Preview on file
  • Give a password on a particular chat
  • and many more.

5. OG Whatsapp

Whatsapp Mod Apk4 8f64d

OG Whatsapp is a MOD WA application that first sparked 2 account features at the same time in one application.

That’s not all. You can also send media files such as audio and video with a large size without being compressed.

In terms of customization, you have a large selection of WhatsApp themes that will make your WA look more appealing than your friends.

OG WhatsApp’s features include:

  • Dual WA accounts
  • Has a variety of theme choices
  • Send audio and video in HD quality

Other Best WA Mod Applications. . .

6. GBWhatsApp MiNi

Whatsapp Mod Apk 1 Aa7cc

If you have a cellphone with potato specifications but want to use the WA mod application, you can use GBWhatsApp MiNi.

You can change your Whatsapp theme and color, as well as many other features such as GB WhatsApp that you can enjoy with this application.

You can also download your friends’ WA status and send files up to 1GB in size. Small cayenne pepper.

The features of MiNi’s GBWhatsApp include:

  • Anti Revoke
  • DND mode
  • Download WA status
  • Send files up to 1 GB
  • Lock chat

Download the MiWi GBWhatsApp application via the link below:

7. WhatsApp Indigo

Whatsapp Mod Apk6 4eaec

If you like things that are interactive and unique, you can try using the application WhatsApp Indigo Here.

As the name implies, this APK WhatsApp mod is not dominated by green, but purplish blue as the base color.

Not only the background color, you will get a chat page that is funny and different from the usual. Image available doodle which is funny to accompany your chat.

Features of Whatsapp Indigo include:

  • History chat that can be hidden
  • Doodle drawing
  • Send files up to 72MB
  • Send HD quality pictures
  • and many more.

Download the WhatsApp Indigo application via the link below:

8. ZE WhatsApp

Whatsapp Mod Apk 2 Fb7d6

The next is ZE WhatsApp, friends This sophisticated application is equipped with many unique stickers and GIFs that are different from the normal version.

Well, if you have an online store that is often chatted by customers, this application has an automatic reply feature with a message that you can set.

Of course this will save you time compared to having to chat with your customers one by one.

The features of ZE WhatsApp include:

  • Various themes
  • Schedule a chat
  • Send up to 90 images at a time
  • Various forms of tick and bubble chat

Download the ZE WhatsApp application via the link below:

9. YCWhatsApp

Whatsapp Mod Apk9 F032a

Do you want to have a different WhatsApp look than the others? Very fitting! YCWhatsApp has a unique look that is very similar to Instagram.

YCWhatsApp application is a must for you to try. You can use many interesting features that you don’t find in standard WA.

In addition, you also have more privacy settings that make your chat more secure. Don’t be afraid to be hacked by hackers.

YCWhatsApp features include:

  • More control over the privacy system
  • Change the font shape
  • A variety of emojis and stickers
  • Instagram-style interface
  • and many more.

Download the YCWhatsApp application via the link below:

10. FM Whatsapp

Whatsapp Mod Apk10 338b1

ApkVenue’s last recommendation is FM Whatsapp. WhatsApp mod APK this one has features suitable for young people.

You can send files up to 1 GB in size through this application. In addition, you can also lock your chat so that other people can not follow to read.

You will also get 30 types of bubble chat and check which you can change at will. If you like cute themes, don’t forget to try the theme Hello Kitty yes, friends

The features of FM Whatsapp include:

  • Can hide chat
  • Lock chat
  • A variety of funny emojis
  • Send videos for up to 5 minutes
  • and many more.

The final word

That’s it 10 WhatsApp MOD APK with the best features that you must try. After you try it you can show your unique features to your friends so they are curious.

WhatsApp MOD which one do you like the most? Write your opinion in the comments column, see you in the next article!

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