Intrigued by the Leonflix movie application that appears a lot lately? Follow the discussion on what Leonflix is ​​and how to use it from ApkVenue!

Friends, we are practically very fortunate to be able to live in a time where we are given very easy access to find quality shows.

From streaming services like Netflix to silly videos on YouTube and social media TikTok, everything can be found at our fingertips.

And now, another service called Leonflix has been reported which also provides easy access for us movie lovers.

What is Leonflix and how to use it?

After the name of this application was widely discussed on the internet, ApkVenue also became curious about this one application, friends.

From the conversation that ApkVenue had captured, this application is allegedly providing a place to watch movies but the details are still a bit fuzzy.

Well, here ApkVenue invites you to join to look deeper into the explanation what is Leonflix and how to use it.

1. What is Leonflix?

Download Leonflix 828f0
From the suffix ‘-flix’, it is predictable that Leonflix is ​​another movie watching application that follows in the footsteps of Netflix.

Based on an explanation from the official website, Leonflix itself is not a content provider like Netflix but it is a third party that guides us towards the content.

Leonflix is ​​more accurately described as a sophisticated search engine Similar to Google Search which is limited to movie and television series content.

Instead of leading us to the place where the content can be found, Leonflix pulls and plays the content directly in the application.

At first glance, this application is also similar to the Kodi application, it’s just so much simpler because users don’t need to tamper with this application.

2. How to Use the Leonflix Application

What Is Leonflix Fe0d0
As ApkVenue has mentioned, the great selling point of this application lies in its very easy to use.

To help you, here ApkVenue will discuss thoroughly how to use the Leonflix application on a PC.

  • Step 1 – Download the Leonflix application which you can get directly through the link below.
Leonflix Banner E0e87
Entertainment Leonflix
  • Step 2 – Install the downloaded Leonflix application and wait until the installation process is complete.

  • Step 3 – Open the Leonflix application that is already install on the computer.

Leonflix App

  • Step 4 – Choose from content recommended content on the main page or use the search box to find for the desired content.

Leonflix Interface

  • Step 5 – Click the play button to play the relevant content.

Leonflix Play

  • Step 6 – If available, click the subtitles icon at the bottom right of the screen to choose a select the subtitles language you want to use.

Leonflix Subtitles E175a

  • Step 7 – You can also use the Bookmark features using the bookmarks icon on the top right of the movie poster.

Leonflix Bookmark B3522

  • Step 8 – After clicking, the icon will turn blue and the film will appear on the  Bookmark tab in the Leonflix application.

Bookmarked Leonflix

3. Is the Leonflix Application Available on Android?

Play Store
For now, the Leonflix application is still in beta for PCs and can’t be found on the Play Store or in the form of an APK.

Reporting from the official website, Leonflix developers are still focused on developing the PC version first before developing other versions.

But, they have stated that they already have plans to make an Android version. Are you interested in downloading?

4. Is the Leonflix Application Free?

Since this application is still relatively new and is still in the beta testing phase, currently users are still free of charge.

In addition, users also not bombarded with advertisements when using this application, in contrast to other free applications.

It should be noted, do not rule out the possibility that this application will be charged in the future to support further development.

5. Is the Leonflix Application Safe To Use?

Fdec7 malware
From some time that ApkVenue has spent with this application, there isn’t no malware or anything contained in this application.

But, in terms of legality, the Leonflix application is arguably at the end of its horn because ot its status unclear.

As ApkVenue mentioned before, this application does not provide illegal content itself, it only provides access to that content.

For those of you who have been in a relationship without status, Leonflix is ​​in the same situation because it is between legal and illegal.

ApkVenue himself prefers to look for safety and stay away from services like this because humans often fall into bad things.

The final word

That is an explanation of what Leonflix is ​​and how to use it from ApkVenue. This app is indeed tempting but its unclear status is also worrying.

Instead of using obscure apps like this, it’s better to check the cinema schedule right away and just watch the movie you’re interested in friends.

Have you ever tried using the Leonflix application? Or maybe you have additional questions? Share in the comments column!

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