10 weirdest applications that you can download via smartphone. There are some that can make you damaged and some are dirty.

Application specifically designed for users smartphone in order to facilitate various jobs. Various kinds of apps can be downloaded which can help you in almost anything.

Not all applications that are made are intended to help your daily activities. But, did you know there are some applications that are made without a clear purpose.

Some applications are made for a very strange purpose that I would not have thought of before.

10 Weirdest Applications Available on Android and iOS

To increase the sensation of various strange applications developed to attract the hearts of users smartphone to download the strange application.

Some of these applications have very strange functions that ordinary people wouldn’t even think about doing.

What are some strange applications that you can download on your smartphone? Let’s see more information!

1. Nothing

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Photo source: nbcnews.com

As the name suggests, the function of this application is “Nothing” alias does not exist at all. You can download this application on Android and iOS and when you open it, voilanothing.

Although really not useful at all This application is already on downloaded by more than 1 million people and get a rating 4,4 on Google Play.

I wonder who bought the application is not clear like this, friends?

2. I Am Bread

Bossastudios Com B1dfd

Photo source: bossastudio.com

Aren’t you curious about how it feels to be a hunk of bread that you might eat every morning? And if you’re curious, congratulations! You can feel it through the application I Am Bread.

Through this application you can do various activities as a hunk of bread. You can explore the room in this game as bread.

The way you move adjust to the physical contours of the bread. You have to roll around to be able to move from one place to another.

3. Paper Racing

Appsdoandroid Com 02ec3

Photo source: appsdoandroid.com

Have you ever counted how fast do toilet paper usually run out? In this game, your job is to finish toilet paper in the shortest time possible.

You have to spend toilet paper by sliding the screen of your smartphone. The faster you move the toilet paper, the faster time you spend.

You can also share your score with your friends and compare who is the fastest in using toilet paper.

4. Pimple Popper

Play Goole Com1 355b7

Photo source: play.google.com

How does it feel when there are pimples on your face? Are you annoying? Then do you feel the pleasure when you break zits?

In this game you guys can continuously break the jerwat without having to feel pain directly.

The animation of this game is pretty cool because it was made by reconstructing the breakout process in detail. You can see the eyes of the zit directly and how the liquid from the zit comes out when you push. Yikes

5. Send Me to heaven

Apkmonk Com Ea82c

Photo source: apkmonk.com

How high can you throw your smartphone in the air? Have you ever had any intention of being aloof with your friends?

Most people won’t think about doing it because there is a possibility that you will fail to catch your cellphone and it will be damaged.

This application was made specifically for you who want doing something out of the ordinary. This application can record the highest data points when your cellphone is thrown into the air.

6. Milk The Cow

Amazon Com 25900

Photo source: amazon.com

As the name implies this application is simulation for milking cows. Your task in this game is to fulfill the bucket of the milk container by milking the cows’ nipples as fast as possible.

Some people will feel disgusted when playing this game, but this game has already been downloaded by more than 5 million people from Goole Play Store.

Are you interested in installing this game on your Android cellphone, friends?

7. RunPee

Twitter Com 8467d

Photo source: twitter.com

Have you ever felt the urge to pee while watching a certain movie? This application was created specifically as a solution to your problems.

Through this application you can calmly go to the bathroom when watching a movie. This application will help you make the most appropriate time to go to the bathroom when watching a movie.

In addition this application will also give a synopsis of the scenes you missed when going to the bathroom.

This application is also always updated tablets. This application can help you when watching the latest films.

8. Poop map

Apkpure Com C42f8

Photo source: apkpure.com

This social media application is intentionally made to make it easier for you to make mark anywhere you’ve poop.

Not just marking, you can also follow each other with various people and you will be able to see where they’ve poop.

How to Do you want to try sharing your location with your friends, friends?

9. Hold On

Devicemag Com 2af10

Photo source: devicemag.com

Have you ever claimed to be patient? You can test your level of patience through the Hold On application.

In this application there is a button that you can press and this application will calculate how long you press the button before releasing it.

The function of this application is just that. Application that is suitable for people who are patient or people who don’t have anything to do?

10. Demotivational Pics

Winudf Com 4c301

Photo source: winudf.com

When most people are looking for ways to be more energetic and cheerful while living their lives, the Demotivation Pics application offers something else.

Through this application you can get the pictures that will make you sad or frustrated. This application is intended to remind people of the rigors of life.

Do you still need to remember again, friends if life is hard? If so, this application is very suitable for download.

The final word

That’s the 10 applications with the strangest functions. Most of these applications are intended for entertainment and jokes.

In this busy era, sometimes something that is lively can become its own entertainment and become a popular thing in the wider community.

Is there an application that you are interested in downloading?

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