In life, there is only some certainty. One of them concerns the question, “When will Wanwan Mobile Legends be released?”.

No need to wait long, Wanwan Mobile Legends was officially present at the most popular MOBA mobile game in Indonesia on October 26, 2019 on patch 1.4.30, friends.

Is a member of the Oriental Fighters Mobile Legends, many people think this Wanwan Mobile Legends overpowered (OP).

Intrigued by the review? The following recommendations build hurt, reviews skill, and how to use Wanwan Mobile Legends that you must know.

Wanwan Mobile Legends: Hero Marksman Oriental Fighters with Ultimate Skill Unique

As ApkVenue has mentioned in the title, Wanwan is the latest Mobile Legends hero to enter role Marksman, same as Kimmy and Lesley.

In line with roleAs a Marksman, Wanwan specializes in long range attacks with damage the big one.

But, they are also known to be very fragile and require effort as well skill from the player to stay alive. Moreover, you could say using it in need of finger agility.

Before entering into technical matters, ApkVenue wants to discuss a little background and the story of Wanwan Mobile Legends that you must know.

The Story of Wanwan Mobile Legends, The Nimble White Tiger

Like most heroes in Mobile Legends, Wanwan has some unique facts taken from the Chinese culture applied to Oriental Fighters.

Oriental Fighters Mobile Legends Ca1c7

This team consists of Zilong, The Red Dragon from the East, Baxia, Black Tortoise from the North, Ling, Blue Bird from the South, and Wanwan, White Tiger from the West.

In Chinese mythology, they are dubbed as four protective animals and in the Mobile Legends game itself, the team that has the four characters above will get speed boost buff.

Stories of Wanwan Mobile Legends 7f247

In terms of appearance, Wanwan reminded ApkVenue of character Chun-Li from the game series fighting most popular, Street Fighter with two bun and cheongsam very special!

But in terms of gameplay, it looks like Moonton is inspired by the characters Tenten from the Naruto anime that has a similar name and a specialty of long-range weapons.

In the Mobile Legends game, Wanwan is armed with a crossbow the small one in the left hand as its main weapon.

But don’t be fooled by his cute appearance! Because this hero can be Tank killer, even the strongest and thickest ones. Horrified, right?

Price of Hero Wanwan Mobile Legends

Price of Wanwan Mobile Legends C0298

Hero Wanwan Mobile Legends is released at a price 32,000 Battle Points or 599 Diamond. At the initial release, you can have this hero with discounts up to 419 Diamond.

Besides coming with default skin Wanwan – Agile Tiger, you can also buy skin Elite Wanwan – Darting Star for the price 188 Diamond.

Review Skill Wanwan Mobile Legends

What makes Wanwan unique is not just his appearance, but his style of play and ranks skill he has, a friends.

Because as ApkVenue said at the beginning, skill Wanwan Mobile Legends is quite unique and makes it different from other Marksman heroes.

The following is a list and review skill Wanwan Mobile Legends along with a brief explanation, friends.

1. Tiger Pace – Passive Skill

Passive Skill Wanwan Mobile Legends 937bb

Wanwan is able to reveal Weakness aka the weak point of the opponent being attacked and giving true damage equivalent to 2.5% of Max HP if regarding the Weakness.

If it hits all Weakness points, Wanwan will improve damage by 30% for 6 seconds.

Wanwan can also move in short distances while throwing Sleeve Dart. The speed of this movement scales with attack speed.

2. Swallow’s Path – Skill 1

Skill 1 Wanwan Mobile Legends 2b773

This hero fires Fire Swallow in the specified direction and the affected hero triggers Tiger Pace to reveal the enemy’s Weakness.

The first attack will cause a number damage enhancements and effects slow by 30% for 1.5 seconds.

Wanwan can retract his attack and the hero who is hit twice will be affected stun for 0.5 seconds.

3. Needles in Flowers – Skill 2

Skill 2 Wanwan Mobile Legends B8bd8

Wanwan removes the effect crowd control that hit him and let go Deadly Needle to surrounding enemies.

This attack also activates Tiger Pace and gives a number damage to the heroes around.

4. Crossbow of Tang – Ultimate Skill

The Ultimate Skill of Wanwan Mobile Legends 1ea88

Ultimate skill Wanwan can only be done if it has hit all the Weakness of the enemy hero.

Wanwan will fire the arrow repeatedly for 2.5 seconds. If the first enemy has been killed, Wanwan will change the target and add an additional 1 second.

Fire from ultimate skill Wanwan will be counted as basic attack and the number of arrows fired scaled with attack speed-his.

Play Style Analysis of Wanwan Mobile Legends

As a Marksman hero, Wanwan clearly specializes in medium to long range attack with crossbow his

Wanwan is also equipped with specialization Reap / Burst Damage which is effective in killing enemies and inflicting damage which is huge in a short amount of time.

Unfortunately to control this one hero is somewhat easy and difficult, because you can say that Wanwan is too agile and needs hand speed to play it.

Much like a sharply sharpened pencil, Wanwan can be very sick and fragile. Especially if you meet an enemy Assassin hero, friends.

The Build Wanwan Mobile Legends is Best and Ill

Build Wanwan Mobile Legends Fffc0

Look skillOf course, Wanwan Mobile Legends needs items to improve attack speed.

Well, here are the recommendations build Wanwan Mobile Legends is hurt and the best you can use in a match.

  • Swift Boots, is one of the items required to upgrade movement speed while adding a number attack speed from Wanwan.
  • Demon Hunter Sword, is a giver item damage as well as enhancers attack speed. The effect of this item is increase physical attack from attack and give a number lifesteal to Wanwan.
  • Berserker’s Fury, serves to maximize the specialization of the Burst Damage by increasing critical damage and critical chance from hero Wanwan.
  • Corrosion Scythe, has a special effect to cause slow to enemy heroes. This can be combined with skill 2 Wanwan, at the same time serves to improve damage, attack speed, and a number of movement speed.
  • Endless Battle, is a complete item to do team fight with enemy heroes. This item has a purpose to improve lifesteal and physical attack additional.
  • Blade of Despair, serves to improve physical attack with a significant amount and has the opportunity to increase attacks on enemy heroes with HP below 50%.
  • Raptor Machete (optional), is an item jungling that you can use if you use battle spell Retribution with enhancements physical attack and physical penetration.

Meanwhile for choices battle spell you can choose between Inspire to increase attack speed instantly or Retribution to help farming.

And for emblem set options, you can choose Custom Marksman Emblem, friends

Tips for Using Wanwan Mobile Legends

How to Play Wanwan Mobile Legends 3c921

Well, do you understand? skill and build is best for Wanwan? Before that ApkVenue has summarized a few how to play Wanwan Mobile Legends which can be applied in a match.

  • First, you must be able to learn to use Wanwan’s agility because Wanwan relies heavily on movement to attack and defend.
  • To activate ultimate skill, you must be familiar with opponents from various directions with the jumping ability that Wanwan has.
  • Leap distance in skill passive and the number of arrows in ultimate skill Wanwan is determined by attack speed, so it helps you focus on build booster item attack speed.
  • Second phase skill 1 Wanwan can be used for attack the opponent’s Weakness from behind which is very useful for preparing and accelerating ultimate skill Wanwan.
  • The Wanwan combination only occurs if it hits all of your opponent’s Weakness and finishes it with ultimate skill. But the execution is quite difficult, friends!
  • Skill 2 Wanwan is your main weapon in survival so you must know the right time to use it.
  • With potential damage large and agile movements, Wanwan is most effectively used as a Tank destroyer hero alias Tank killer.

Strengths and Weaknesses of Wanwan Mobile Legends

Advantages and disadvantages of Wanwan Mobile Legends Db081

Life isn’t perfect, especially if it’s just Mobile Legends: Bang Bang!

Like other Mobile Legends heroes, Wanwan also has a number of advantages and disadvantages that ApkVenue discussed as below.

The Advantages of Wanwan Mobile Legends

  • One of the few Marksman heroes who can attack while moving, besides Irithel.
  • Having agile movements with skill passive.
  • Skill 1 Wanwan can be used to attack the opponent’s Weakness hero located behind.
  • Have skill 2 which can help eliminate the effect crowd control from the opponent’s attack.
  • Has potential damage which is very big with ultimate skill turn off.

Weaknesses of Wanwan Mobile Legends

  • Requires players who understand the concept movement and positioning to be able to function effectively.
  • Very vulnerable to other heroes who have such high mobility Helcurt, Gusion, and other Assassin heroes.
  • Ultimate skill have requirements which is quite difficult to activate and use efficiently.
  • Is a hero who is rather difficult to survive and kill enemies early in the game (early game), but will be quite strong in the middle to the end of the game.

The final word

Well, that’s a little review about Wanwan Mobile Legends, reviews skill, build the strongest, and how to use it in matches.

Playing using Wanwan does require patience and perseverance because of the movement as well ultimate skill Wanwan needs adaptation.

In addition, Wanwan is a type of character with potential damage which grows as the game goes. So do not be afraid to lose at the beginning of the game.

What do you think about this Mobile Legends hero? Or have other tips and tricks? Don’t forget to share your opinion in the comments column, ok?

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