You don’t know the term AAA game? The term refers to a game whose production budget is quite large, around 50 to 100 million US dollars.

The hallmark of these games is exceptional graphic quality and requires a computer or console with high specifications.

But, what will happen if AAA games are played with super low quality graphics?

Low Graphic Quality AAA Games

Is a YouTube account LowSpecGamer which dedicated itself to trying AAA games with low graphics quality.

This channel has joined YouTube since 2014 and has more than 600 thousand subscribers.

One goal is that these games can be played by computers with low specifications.

Not only change the settings to the lowest level, the owner of the channel even fiddles at the coding level.

The result, a lot of strange to terrible things that happen in the game!

1. Red Dead Redemption 2

Aaa Game with Low Graphics 1 D461c

The first game on this list is Red Dead Redemption 2. This game is considered as one of the best games, both in terms of story and gameplay.

This game is also famous for the graphics that spoil the eye. But if the graphics are reduced and modified in such a way, it’s even like a PlayStation 1 game!

NPC characters will look like faceless mannequins. The shape of the horse also looks strange. Don’t ask how the game world is rendering.

2. Grand Theft Auto V

Aaa Game with Low Graphics 2 6e9ce

One of the most famous games from Rockstar Games is Grand Theft Auto V. Not a few who say that this game is one of the best of all time.

If you reduce all the graphics quality to the lowest point, the game GTA San Andreas will look better.

In addition to the appearance of the world that looks rough and completely floating, you will see other unique things. For example, you will be able to drive a transparent car or airplane!

3. Borderlands 3

Aaa Game With Low 3 A2596 Graphics

Photo source: YouTube

As an FPS genre game, Borderlands 3 has unique graphics because of the comic style. For fans, this is precisely the reason why they play this game.

Even if you set this game to the lowest resolution level, you can still enjoy it. But if you tamper with the coding, the results will make you laugh.

The graphics are a bit chaotic and disproportionate. What should be in the form of a circle instead becomes baseball. The character’s face turns into a strange one.

4. Sekiro: Shadow Die Twice

Aaa Game with Low 4 B14d9 Graphics

Sekiro: Shadow Die Twice known as one game that is very difficult to be saved. Not only that, this game is also difficult to play on computers with low specs.

The LowSpecGamer channel is trying to make this game playable on PCs with low specifications.

As a result, you will play this game without detailed shadow and detail. It’s just that the game will be very easy crashes especially when you are about to move locations.

How not, you eliminate “shadow” in games that have words shadow in the title.

5. Apex Legends

Aaa Game with Low Graphic 5 92581

As a rival battle royale game Fortnite, Apex Legends promises many exciting and challenging things.

If you can’t play this game because your computer doesn’t meet the minimum specifications, maybe you can reduce all the graphics quality of this game.

It’s just that you will find a lot of oddities. Some characters have strange designs and some weapons even disappear altogether.

Parts of the building lost their details as if they had never been rendered. Many silly glitches also occur when we play online.

6. Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

Aaa Game With Low Graphics 6 6eece

Unlike the other games on this list, games Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 no significant problems when the graphics are lowered to the maximum level.

Obviously the image quality is greatly reduced which makes us feel like playing PlayStation 1 games.

But the display location, weapon movements, player movements are still quite smooth and not many bugs occur.

7. Far Cry 4

Aaa Game with Low Graphics 7 46d37

The last game on this list is Far Cry 4. This game was developed by Ubisoft for various platforms such as PlayStation 3 to Xbox One.

As a FPS game, this game has detailed graphics. As a result, it takes high specifications to be able to play it.

The solution, you can reduce some details to the lowest point. I was so low, the water in the lake disappeared completely!

The final word

Those were some AAA games that were played using the lowest graphics as low as possible.

It can be seen that these games can actually be played on limited devices. It’s just that many things are forced to be sacrificed.

What do you think, friends? Write in the comments column, yes!

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