Want to style in front of your friends with amazing magic tricks that are easy to do? Some of the applications of this magic trick can be the solution!

Currently the sophistication offered from the rapid development of technology can already be utilized for various professional fields including magicians you know, friends.

If in the past magicians used traditional magic media which they had to prepare with difficulty, now it can be much easier to do via an Android smartphone, a friends.

In fact, for those of you who don’t know anything about the magic world, you can still show your style of magic action using the help of this magic trick application for Android.

Curious to know what the application is? Come on, find out the answer in the following review.

Cool Magic Tricks application for Android

1. Amazing Magic Coin

Amazing Magic Coin 1b9a5 application
Amazing Magic Coin 37188
Amazing Magic Coin

As the name implies, Amazing Magic Coin is a magic trick application that allows you to change the coins in the HP screen to their original physical form.

With only original coins and the Amazing Magic Coin app on your cellphone, you can amaze everyone who witnesses this magic trick.

To further amaze the audience with the magic tricks you play, this application provides several different coin effects such as a rain of coins, fingers that can enter the screen, and much more.

In addition, this application also provides tutorials in the form of videos that can make it easier for you to understand every magic trick provided.

Anyway this application is perfect for you who are interested and want to start learning magic.

Information Amazing Magic Coin
Developer Alejandro Merlini
Reviews (Amount of Reviewer) 4.1 (1,200)
Size 17MB
Install it 100K +
Android Minimum 4.0

2. Mind Reader

Mind Reader application 3ca7c
Mind Reader 79a83
Mind Reader

Bored with magic tricks using coin media? Then that’s the application Mind Reader You must try this.

Mind Reader is a magic trick application that is able to read the minds of its users accurately and quickly.

How to play this magic trick application is very easy. You only need to ask the audience to choose the card provided, after that the application will guess and display which card was selected earlier.

This application is very suitable to be used as entertainment when being together with friends, friends.

Information Mind Reader
Developer Pseudo Nerds
Reviews (Amount of Reviewer) 4.3 (76)
Size 3.3MB
Install it 1K +
Android Minimum 5.0

3. Magic Mind Reading Trick

Magic Mind Reading Trick 6c49a application
Magic Mind Reader 6e1e9
Magic mind reading trick

Almost similar to the application of magic tricks before, Magic Mind Reading Trick It has the concept of magic tricks that are able to read the minds of its users.

The difference is, if previously used the media card, then in this application uses a different media, i.e. number.

Later, you are told to choose numbers from 1 to 99, then the application will display several cards that contain random numbers, at the end of the game the application will display the numbers that were selected earlier.

Remarkably, this application is able to guess the numbers you choose accurately and quickly.

Information Magic Mind Reading Trick
Developer JUSt Imagine Studios
Reviews (Amount of Reviewer) 4.6 (861)
Size 2.6MB
Install it 100K +
Android Minimum 4.3
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