You use Spotify, friends? If so, ApkVenue wants to share his secret! ApkVenue will tell you 10 hidden features of the Spotify application!

You like listening to music through what application, friends? Maybe someone still uses the music player offline, some are already using the application streamed.

One of them, of course Spotify. As the number one music application, Spotify is equipped with various features to enhance our experience in listening to music.

However, actually Spotify still has many hidden features. Relax, ApkVenue will give you 8 hidden features of Spotify you can try!

Spotify’s Hidden Features

Some of the features below are very useful, but some are just made for fun.

Oh yeah, ApkVenue also wants to let you know that the tutorial below uses Indonesian language settings.

So, if you use English settings, just adjust it, ok! Reporting from various sources, here’s the list!

1. Hiding Favorite Songs

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Maybe sometimes you feel embarrassed by the songs that you like. In fact, according to ApkVenue the difference in music tastes is natural.

But if you want others not to know what song you are listening to, Spotify has a feature to hide it.

The trick, you just open Settings then scroll down until you find the tab Social. Activate it Private Session.

2. Making Collaborative Playlist

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If you like sharing your favorite songs with your friends, try making them collaborative playlist on Spotify.

Any user on the playlist can add or delete existing song lists. So, just get ready if your friends are fiddling with weird songs.

To be able to make it, you have to open Spotify from a laptop. The trick, right-click on the playlist located on the left, select Collaborative Playlist.

3. Detailed Search

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Spotify has a feature that allows you to search for specific artist songs within a certain period of time.

For example, you want to listen to the song Isyana Sarasvati which was released between 2018-2019. You can search for it by entering the code below:

Isyana Saravati year:2018-2019

Other Hidden Features. . .

4. Restore a Deleted Playlist

Ever deleted a playlist and regretted it and hoped it would come back? Relax, Spotify has a feature to restore the playlist.

For that, you have to open the Spotify site via the web and log in using your account, go to the Profile page, and look for the menu Restore Playlist.

5. Extreme Sound Quality

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Maybe you have felt that the audio quality produced by Spotify is not great. You don’t need to buy a new headset.

Simply open Settings then scroll until found out Music Quality. There are five choices you can choose, viz Automatic, Low, Normal, High, and Very high.

Of course, for the best sound quality level, you have to choose the Very High. You need to know, the higher the quality you choose, the greater your quota will be vacuumed.

But if you use an internet package unlimited or Wi-Fi, you don’t need to worry!

6. Playing Music Through Voice Commands

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Do you know if Spotify can be accessed by voice commands? If your phone supports it OK Google, you can quickly access Spotify without pressing a button.

The trick, first activate OK Google in your cellphone settings, then say something like Play the One Ok Rock song on Spotify. Wait a few moments, then your Spotify will open automatically.

7. Integration with Google Maps

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Driving can be a boring job, so we often decide to listen to music.

When you are being guided by Google Maps to reach your destination, you can play music on Spotify without needing to open the application!

Hidden Features of Spotify 7 262f4

How to activate it, open it Settings on Google Maps, select Navigation Settings > Show media playback controls. A menu will appear pop-ups, select Spotify.

8. Data Saving Quota Feature

Afraid of running out of quota because you set your music too long? Relax, Spotify has a feature Data Saver Mode which is very useful.

You are quite open Settings and menu Save Data will appear at the very top. Activate it toogleto activate data saving mode.

This feature will automatically make the music you listen to be of low quality. But take it easy, the music that is set will still be very steady to be heard anyway!

The final word

That is the list Spotify’s hidden features ApkVenue succeeds in summarizing you. With these features, you can maximize the use of your Spotify.

Do you have other methods that ApkVenue hasn’t mentioned yet? Write it in the comments column, yes!

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