After the hero Marksman Wanwan was officially released in the game Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, now it was Silvanna’s turn to be present at Original Server, friends

Silvana Mobile Legends itself is a hero Fighter in the form of a graceful and powerful female knight who uses a spear as a weapon.

It’s not just his appearance that you should pay attention to, but this hero has a combination of attacks that are easy to use but quite painful.

Curious about Silvanna’s hero tips and tricks? Let’s see the review first build Silvanna hurts, reviews skill, and how to use it in the game.

Silvanna Mobile Legends: Latest with Hero Fighter Magic Damage Ala Mage

From his appearance as a knight armed with a spear, it was predictable Silvanna included in the hero with the Fighter class.

Different than other Fighter who rely on Physical Damage, Silvanna relied more Magical Damage like a Mage hero. As you can also meet with Guinevere, friends

Hero Fighter with specialization Initiator / Charge, is halfway between Assassin and Tank. Armed with a balance between the ability to attack while staying at close range.

Before entering into the main discussion, as usual ApkVenue will give a little commentary on the story and background of Silvanna Mobile Legends.

Stories of Silvanna Mobile Legends, Knight of the Heir to the Throne of Moniyan

Silvanna Mobile Legends B8e92 story

Silvanna’s formidable and charming appearance is based on the fact that this Mobile Legends heroine is Royal Princess of Moniyan.

Silvanna was the eldest son of the King and Queen Moniyan and also the older brother of Prince Aurelius II, which disappeared and eventually grew into a hero named Dyrroth.

With his trademark appearance with white armor, title Imperial Knightess alias Knight of the Kingdom is indeed very suitable for this one hero.

But make no mistake, despite his graceful and tough appearance, Silvanna can easily charge, attack, and trap enemy heroes easily.

Price of Hero Silvanna Mobile Legends

Price of Silvanna Mobile Legends 92729

Interestingly at the time of its release, you can get the hero Silvanna Mobile Legends for free provided you have followed the special event.

If you already get it Silvanna Exchange Card On December 14, 2019, you can do it redeem and get Silvanna for free on December 17, 2019.

If you don’t attend this event, you can buy Silvanna for the price 32,000 Battle Points or 599 Diamond where at the inaugural release you can buy for 419 Diamond only.

Apart from that you can also buy skin Elite Silvanna – Hallowed Lance for the price 188 Diamond.

Review Skill Silvanna Mobile Legends

As a Fighter hero who has damage Mage-style attacks, Silvanna is quite unique because it uses a combination of physical and magic power to fight.

With more than 100 heroes, it is certainly difficult to make a hero that is completely new and unique. You could say Silvanna has skill something like the previous hero.

Here is a list review skill Silvanna Mobile Legends along with a brief explanation, friends.

1. Knightess’ Resolve – Skill Passive

Passive Silvanna Mobile Legends 5dca8 Skill

Skill passive Silvanna will leaving a Mark to your opponent which is charged when he uses skill any.

Every Mark will reduce Physical and Magical Defense the target is 3-6 and lasts for 5 seconds. Targets can receive up to 5 Marks.

When the number of Mark reaches its maximum, then skill Silvanna can give 30% damage additional to the target.

2. Cometic Lance – Skill 1

Skill 1 Silvanna Mobile Legends A8adc

Silvanna will attack with her spear in the specified direction and give 150 (+ 70% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage.

Skill 1 Silvanna will attack all targets in its path and cause an effect Stun on the first opposing hero he uses for 1 second.

Meanwhile Silvanna can also improve Movement Speedit’s 40% for 2 seconds.

If it hits the target, skill 1 Silvanna can also be used again to hit in the specified direction.

Then carry out attacks 250 (+ 100% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage to nearby opponents.

3. Spiral Strangling – Skill 2

Skill 2 Silvanna Mobile Legends 7d503

Skill 2 Silvanna will make it rotate the spear in the specified direction 6 times and will increase 1 spin every 50% additional Attack Speed.

With this attack, Silvanna will give 150 (+ 35% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage and pull your opponent a little to the middle.

Meanwhile, Silvanna also won 300 (+ 100% Total Magic Power) Shield for himself. If the target is Minion, the attack will only cause 75% Damage.

4. Imperial Justice – Ultimate Skill

Skill 3 Silvanna Mobile Legends 14b96

Finally, ultimate skill Silvanna will make this Fighter hero jump the specified area and give it 350 (+ 110% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage on opponents in the area of ​​effect.

This attack also has an effect Slow to the opposing hero at around 40% for 1.5 seconds.

Meanwhile, Silvanna will also create Circle of Light, where the closest opponent in the middle cannot escape for the next 3.5 seconds.

If Silvanna is in the Circle of Light, he will get 100% Attack Speed and 100% Magic Lifesteal additional.

Play Style Analysis of Silvanna Mobile Legends

Like Guinevere, Silvanna relied Magic Damage for its attack power, different from other Fighter Mobile Legends heroes.

Third skill Silvanna has the type of attack crowd control (CC) where skill 1 has an effect Stun, skill 2 can attract opponents, and ultimate skill can make an effect Slow and lock your opponent.

But you need to pay attention, effects and skill Silvanna’s lock is only valid for 1 opponent hero only. So you must be aware of other enemy heroes.

What’s more, Silvanna doesn’t have skill which can be used to escape, friends.

Although it actually is skill 1 and ultimate skill can be used to run away, but it is rather dear cooldown second skill it’s been a long time.

The Build Silvanna Mobile Legends Best and Painfully

Best Silvanna Builds And Ab599

Combination build item Silvanna selected the most functions to add Magic Power and Silvanna’s attack power.

Additionally, enhancement items Attack Speed also useful to add damage skill 2 Silvana which can increase spear rotation.

  • Demon Shoes, are mandatory items that serve to add Movement Speed and Mana Regen from Silvanna. Which regeneration applies when doing assist or kill heroes and minions.
  • Feather of Heaven, are mandatory items that can be used to add Magic Power and Attack Speed Silvana. At the same time add a little extra Movement Speed.
  • Calamity Reaper, this item is useful for adding Magic Power and Where from Silvanna. At once get Mana Regen, reduce Cooldownand strengthen Basic Attack-his.
  • Holy Crystal, items that are useful to add Magic Power and improve Magic Attack as level increases.
  • Blood wings, items that are useful to add Magic Power and cellphone. Silvanna will also get 1.5 HP every 1 Magic Power which are owned.
  • Concentrated Energy, useful to add Magic Power, HP, and give effect Lifesteal on Silvanna’s attack.

Selection battle spell Silvanna could choose from Flicker to cover up the shortcomings that don’t have skill to run away.

You can combine it with emblem set Custom Mage Emblem in addition.

Tips for Using Silvanna Mobile Legends

How to Play Hero Silvanna A2a70

After you understand the review skill and build best for Silvanna, you also have to know tips and how to use Silvanna Mobile Legends in the match.

ApkVenue has reviewed in detail the points below. Come on, see more, friends!

  • For a combo Silvanna hurts the most, you can use skill 1 to produce an effect Stun and approach the opponent. Continue ultimate skill to lock your opponent and use skill 2 for the end.
  • If your opponent can still survive, you can use skill 1 song and combined with Basic Attack.
  • Ultimate skill Silvanna can lock the opponent’s attack as a whole and can only be resisted with battle spell Purify, what makes skill this is very effective.
  • Because Silvanna doesn’t have skill specifically for running away, ApkVenue suggested using battle spell Flicker.
  • With ability crowd control tall one, Silvanna can also be a very useful partner to open war and team fight.

Strengths and Weaknesses of Silvanna Mobile Legends

Advantages and disadvantages of Silvanna 75db3

As a Fighter hero with abilities crowd control tall, Silvanna is very difficult to avoid enemy heroes.

Unlike Fanny who is a hero of Mobile Legends with its use very difficult, Silvanna is fairly easy to use. But get ready, there are some weaknesses that you should be aware of, friends.

The advantages of Silvanna Mobile Legends

  • Have a combo pain attacks that can cause damage big in no time.
  • Have ability crowd control (CC) high so that it can prevent an opponent from escaping.
  • Can do laning solo effectively and can be a partner to do war and teamfight reliable.
  • Relatively easy to use, because it has skill and how to play that is easy for beginners to understand.

Lack of Silvanna Mobile Legends

  • Have cooldown skill which is quite long, so users must be careful and not wasteful in using skill and a combo.
  • Do not have skill which serves to escape, so it will be vulnerable ganking from the opposing hero.
  • Although very powerful, but nothing special Silvanna has that makes her different from other Mobile Legends heroes.

The final word

Well, that’s a little review of Silvanna Mobile Legends, starting from the review skill, build hurt, and tips and how to play Silvanna that you can use in the game.

Combo the attack that this Hero Fighter has is sick, but you have to be smart and do it timings right to use it.

What do you think of this beautiful Moniyan Kingdom knight? Or even have additional tips for using it?

Come on, do not hesitate to make share your opinion in the comments column and share this article to get an update the latest from, friends.

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