Have you ever played this one console game? Even though Android games with HD graphics are scattered a lot, but you definitely want to be nostalgic about playing PS2 games, right?

Easy, now you can take advantage of a number of recommendations The lightest and best PS2 emulator 2020 that you can play either on an Android cellphone, PC, or laptop, friends.

Then what are the recommendations? Come, see the full review below, yes!

A Brief History of the PlayStation 2 (PS2) Game Console

Playstation 2 336c2

PlayStation 2 (PS2) released in 2000 is arguably the successor of PlayStation 1 or PlayStation X by Sony Computer Entertainment.

The best game console in the world even penetrated sales up to 155 million units around the world.

With the best-selling PlayStation 2, of course the number of games it has varies. At least there are more than 3,800 game titles available for PS2.

Some of them are quite popular, among others, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Guitar Hero, Resident Evil 4, to Final Fantasy X.

Although its successor, PlayStation 3, was released in 2006, the PS2 continued to be produced until 2013 before Sony finally decided to stop it, the friends.

Download it The Best Android PS2 Emulator 2020

First, ApkVenue will discuss a number of recommendations the best Android PS2 emulator most of you can download it and play for free.

Oh yes, don’t let the wrong emulator be selected! Because not all emulators can run PS2 ISO games smoothly and without lag, friends

Especially to run the emulator, you need to check the specifications of your Android phone first. Then what are the recommendations?

1. Play! PS2 Emulator for Android

Android Ps2 emulator 31237

The first PlayStation 2 emulator that ApkVenue recommends is named Play This application is certainly a guarantee for you who want to reminisce with the legendary and favorite PS2 games.

This emulator application has an advantage in user interface simple and easy to understand.

Play can read almost all ISO PS2 games automatically, you know. Oh yes, with its size that is quite small, this emulator is the majority favorite on gamers Android phone users.

Details Play PS2 Emulator for Android
Developer InfinoxDev
Minimal OS Android 3.0 and above
Size 8.2MB
2. Pro PPSS2 Golden
Ps2 Emulator for Android 90615

Pro PPSS2 Golden also includes one of the lightest and best Android PS2 emulators that you must try, friends.

Claimed to be able to run 90 percent of PS2 games, Pro PPSS2 Golden has the advantage of easy use, comfortable control, and freedom to change themes.

Unlike PCSX2 on PC, to run the PS2 emulator on Android you no longer need toinstall it Bios Really easy, right?

Details Pro PPSS2 Golden
Developer PS2 Emulator Team
Minimal OS Android 4.0.3 and above
Size 7.8MB
Rating (Google Play) 4.2 / 5

3. DamonPS2 Pro (Paid)

Download the Android 974cd Ps2 Emulator

If you want to find the best of the best, emulator DamonPS2 Pro can be an option with a variety of premium features it has.

Unfortunately, to enjoy it, you need to pay as much Rp.139,999., friends Quite expensive indeed, but for the best experience the price is fairly calculated worth it how come!

The reason is, here you can get features like Bilinear Texture Filtering, Widescreen Game, and HID Gamepad which is not necessarily found in other PS2 emulators.

There is also a free version of this application, but there are lots of advertisements that you have to watch before you can use this one application.

Details DamonPS2 Pro
Developer DamonPS2 Emulator Studio
Minimal OS Android 5.0 and above
Size 28MB
Rating (Google Play) 3.7 / 5

Download it Lightweight PC / Laptop PS2 Emulator 2020

Not satisfied playing PS2 games on an Android phone because of the small screen? Take it easy, you can too download it PS2 emulator on PC or your laptop.

Here many PS2 PC emulator recommendations can be tried. One that ApkVenue highly recommends is clear, that is PCSX2.

Then how? download it and play it? Come on, just look at the steps below!

Download it Application Supports PS2 Emulator on PC

In addition to downloading the PCSX2 application, you also have to prepare several applications in advance, friends. ApkVenue has already given it download link full below.

Way Install it PS2 Emulator on Laptop

If you have downloaded all the supporting applications above, you just need to follow step by step to install the PS2 emulator on the laptop as follows.

  • Step 1: Open raw PCSX2 which has been downloaded and then do the installation steps as usual.
  • Step 2: In this window’s settings, you can configure the menu PAD when playing with the keyboard. If using stick as well as gamepad, just skip this step.

How to Configure Bios Emulator PS2 PC

After completing the PCSX2 emulator installation, the next step is to configure Bios. The way to just follow the guidelines as follows.

  • Step 1: Extract file PCSX2 Bios in the .RAR format and place it in the folder you want.

  • Step 2: Then in the PCSX2 window, click Browse on the Bios menu and go to the folder where your Bios file is stored. Refresh list to bring up a list and select the one that you want to use.

How to Play Games on the PS2 Emulator, PCSX2

Install it PCSX2 and Bios already? Of course you will just play next! How to play PS2 games with PCSX2 emulators is also fairly easy, you know.

  • Step 1: Make sure you have downloaded the PS2 ISO game, like Digimon Rumble Arena 2 or else you can get here: Download Free ISO PS2 Games!

  • Step 2: Open the PCSX2 window then go to the menu CDVD> ISO Selector and look for the PS2 game that you downloaded earlier.

  • Step 3: If it’s already loaded, return to the PCSX2 window and go to the menu System> Reboot CDVD (full) or Reboot CDVD (fast). Then the game will automatically run.
  • Step 4: This is what the PCSX2 emulator looks like when running games. You can also set graphics, controllers, etc. on the menu Config, friends

Site Recommendation Download it Best ISO PS2 Game (Update 2020)

Apart from love download link and how to play it, you can also search the best PS2 ISO game of all time and your favorites on the following sites, friends.

1. CoolROM

First there CoolROM (https://coolrom.com.au/) which has a lot the database PS2 games that can bedownload it for free.

Site download it ISO PS2 also provides games for other consoles, such as PlayStation 1, PlayStation Portable (PSP), Sega, Atari, and others.

You can use the ISO file that you downloaded from this site on the PS2 emulator, so you can play directly on your laptop.

2. PortalRoms

Then there is also a site called PortalRoms (http://www.portalroms.com/) that suits you more prefer download ISO through Torrent.

Here are also many types of games that can be downloaded, even for the latest consoles such as PlayStation Vita and Nintendo 3DS too, friends.

Well, if you are still not lay in downloading the format Torrent, you can read the guide here: Easy Ways to Download Torrent Files on PC and Android.

3. RomsMania

The last site ApkVenue recommends is RomsMania (https://romsmania.cc/), even though the game collection isn’t as much as the two sites above.

However, here you can still find some popular games, such as Dragon Ball Z – Tenkaichi Budokai 3 and others.

Oh yes, after using RomsMania, ApkVenue felt that this site was the fastest in downloading files. Interesting, right?

Now, for a more complete review of how download it PS2 ISO games from each of the sites above, you can read in full in the article below!

Bonus: A collection of the Best PlayStation 2 Games, ApkVenue version (Required to Play)

The moment to play PS2 is really fun, starting from blowing CDs before playing, waiting for the screen loading it says “PlayStation 2”, and others.

Luckily, now there is an Android PS2 emulator that you can use and can play PS2 games anywhere.

More and miss to play games again on PlayStation 2? Before starting, ApkVenue also has a list of recommendations the best PS2 game ApkVenue version. There anything?

1. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Who doesn’t know about this phenomenal game? Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is the most popular game ever on the PlayStation 2 console.

In this game, players will act as Carl ‘CJ’ Johnson who returned home from Liberty City to Los Santos because he heard about the death of his mother.

Just like the other series, this game consists of various elements such as third-person shooter and open world.

You can also do various activities such as car modification to personalize characters.

Details Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
Genre Action-adventure / Sandbox game
Country of origin United States of America
Release Date October 25, 2004
Publisher Rockstar Games
Rating M for Mature Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, Strong Language, Strong Sexual Content, Use of Drugs

2. Guitar Hero

Know what games most contribute to the breakdown stick PS do you use? One of which is Guitar Hero which requires accuracy and speed of the hand,

Popular songs like Smoke on the Water, Ironman, Fat Lip, to I love rock and roll makes us seem to be a professional guitarist.

You can also use guitar controller in the form of a guitar to be more able to appreciate the game on this one.

Details Guitar Hero
Genre Music
Country of origin United States of America
Release Date November 1, 2005
Publisher Activision
Rating T for Teen

3. Naruto: Ultimate Ninja 3

Who doesn’t like this anime? Naruto who entered the ranks of the best anime of all time of course have many game titles.

Before there was a Naruto Shippuden game: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4, one of the best Naruto games for PS2 was Naruto: Ultimate Ninja 3.

Indeed, the Naruto characters contained in this game are still in the era before Shippuden, so the choices are not too many and complete.

However, in this era, this game became one of the prima donna games fighting Hey, friends!

Details Naruto: Ultimate Ninja 3
Genre Fighting game
Country of origin Japan
Release Date December 22, 2005
Publisher Namco Bandai
Rating T for Teen

4. Resident Evil 4


You must know the game Resident Evil 4right? This game will make you hunt zombies by using a third-person alias third-person shooter.

In this game, you will play a character named Leon F. Kennedy who just completed a mission dealing with zombies in Racoon City.

For his prowess, the United States government sent Leon to go to Spain on a secret mission.

The mission is to save the president’s daughter named Ashley Graham who was kidnapped by a mysterious cult organization.

Details Resident Evil 4
Genre Survival Horror, Third-person shooter
Country of origin Japan
Release Date January 11, 2005
Publisher Capcom
Rating M for Mature: Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, Language

5. Final Fantasy X

Don’t admit as gamers true if you have never played Final Fantasy. Among the many series that exist, one of the best is Final Fantasy X.

Located in a fantasy world named Spira, you will play the role of Tidus. You will be adventuring to defeat his enemies who want to destroy the world’s ecosystem.

As a gamegenre role-playing game, you will be treated gameplay that will make you addicted to play until you forget the time.

Details Final Fantasy X
Genre Role-playing video games
Country of origin United States of America
Release Date December 18, 2001
Publisher Square
Rating T for Teen, Blood, Violence

The final word

Well, that’s the best and lightest PS2 emulator recommendation to be played on Android and PC cellphones and laptops, friends.

Are you ready to reminisce with your favorite PlayStation 2 games? Then what game do you want to play?


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