Worried that your work will be helped by someone else? Better download the following watermark application to make it safer.

For photography lovers it must be very exciting when your works can be enjoyed not only by yourself but also by many people.

Luckily, at this time of presence the platform Social media like Instagram can be used to share your works.

But the problem is, many irresponsible people just take it and acknowledge it as their own work.

Well, to avoid this, you can add a watermark to the photos so that not just anyone can admit it.

Application for creating watermarks

If professionals usually add watermarks by using fairly complex applications used by lay people, there are currently many Andorid applications that offer this facility.

Well, here are some recommendations for Android applications to add watermarks to photos.

1. Add Watermark on Photos

Add Custom Watermark On Photos 78074

As the name implies, Add Watermark on Photos is an application that allows users to add watermarks to a photo.

Interestingly, this application provides facilities to design your own design from the watermark to be used, the friends.

In addition, the results of the watermark that you have created can also be saved as a template so that it can be used again sometime later.

InformationAdd Watermark on Photos
DeveloperSimply Entertaining
Reviews (Amount of Reviewer)4.8 (33,613)
Install it1M +
Android Minimum4.2

2. Photo Watermark

Photo Watermark Custom 30a0f

Developed by the developer MVTrail Tech, Photo Watermark is an application that allows you to add watermarks with a certain level of transparency.

Photo Watermark application itself has a display that is simple enough so that it is easy to use even by ordinary people.

Some of the features offered by this application itself include taking photos with the camera, a variety of font and color choices, hundreds of text and stickers. Png default, and much more.

InformationPhoto Watermark
DeveloperMVTrail Tech
Reviews (Amount of Reviewer)4.6 (42,405)
Install it1M +
Android Minimum4.0

3. Watermark Maker – Add Watermark to Photos

Watermark Maker Custom Fc60d

Offer user interface (UI) simple but still interesting, application Watermark Maker can help you avoid illegal photo abuse, friends.

Watermark Maker application itself has many features that can help you simplify the process of making a watermark logo.

Some of the features that are the mainstay are storing the design as a template, choice of fonts, colors, and size that is bergam, digital signatures, and much more.

InformationWatermark Maker – Add Watermark to Photos
DeveloperCute Wallpapers Studio
Reviews (Amount of Reviewer)4.6 (573)
Install it50K +
Android Minimum4.4

4. iWatermark Free Add Watermark Text Logo Pic TM

Iwatermark Custom A4ffe

Has been downloaded by more than 500 thousand users, applications iWatermark not only available for Android phones, but also for iOS, Mac, and Windows devices.

Similar to other watermark applications, iWatermark provides a variety of interesting features that can make it easier for users when creating watermarks.

The features provided by this application itself include a variety of font choices, transaption settings, colors, rotations, and more.

Unfortunately, this free iWatermark application will embed the ‘Made with iWatermark’ watermark on edits, friends.

InformationiWatermark Free Add Watermark Text Logo Pic TM
DeveloperAmazing Plums
Reviews (Amount of Reviewer)4.3 (5,136)
Install it500K +
Android Minimum4.0

5. Video Watermark – Crate & Add Watermark on Videos

Video Custom Watermark 41883

If the previous applications function to create a watermark in a photo, then the application Video Watermark This serves to create a watermark on video.

Not as difficult as you might imagine, the Video Watermark application is a fast and easy to use application for creating and applying watermarks to videos.

The Video Watermark application itself is equipped with features similar to previous applications.

InformationVideo Watermark
DeveloperZ Mobile Apps
Reviews (Amount of Reviewer)4.8 (24,484)
Install it500K +
Android Minimum4.2

6. Add Watermark on Videos & Photos

Add Watermarks On Videos And Photos Custom 04a2f

Looking for applications that offer the facility to add watermarks to photos and videos all in one application? If so, this one application is suitable for you to download.

As the name implies, this Add Watermark on Videos & Photos application allows you to add watermarks to both the photo and video files that you have.

Interestingly, the Add Watermark on Videos & Photos application is claimed to be able to maintain the quality of the original file resolution so that the quality will still be guaranteed.

InformationAdd Watermarks on Videos & Photos
DeveloperZ Mobile Apps
Reviews (Amount of Reviewer)4.7 (4,007)
Install it100K +
Android Minimum4.2

7. Dynamo – Animated Video Watermark

Dynamo Custom Ff7e5

The last recommendation of the application to create a watermark is Dynamo – Animated Video Watermark, friends

Unlike other applications, Dynamo offers a watermark in the form of moving animation that you can set your own design and movement.

But unfortunately, the results of the watermark created in this application can only be added to the video file.

With this application, you no longer need to install a video editing application that is more complicated to use.

InformationDynamo – Animated Video Watermark
Developerphotoshop mobile apps
Reviews (Amount of Reviewer)4.8 (6,029)
Install it100K +
Android Minimum4.2

The final word

Well, that’s just a few applications to create watermarks that can be used to protect your work.

That way, your work will be safe from the hands of ignorant people from playing dirty people’s work.