It is planned to be present in the Google Maps application, here are a few reasons why the incognito feature is important for you to use.

For you who often roam the virtual world, you must be familiar with the feature named incognito which allows users to search privately alias in incognito mode.

Google recently announced their plans to develop an incognito feature so that it can be used in one of their other applications, i.e. Google Maps.

The presence of this feature itself is certainly not without reason. Well, in this article ApkVenue will discuss several reasons why the incognito feature on the Google Maps application is important to use.

Why Incognito Features on Google Maps are Important

Already present in several products made by Google such as YouTube and Chrome, here are a number of reasons why the incognito feature on Google Maps is important to use.

1. Maintain User Privacy

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User privacy is one of the reasons why the incognito feature on the Google Maps application will be important for you to use.

As we know, a number of applications including Google Maps will request permission to access several things that have the potential for loss of user privacy.

However, by activating this feature, all user browsing history on Google Maps will remain protected so that they can avoid the ignorant hands of irresponsible people.

That way, you can better avoid all the dangers that might be caused if you don’t use this feature.

Especially if you ever have experience tracked or on stalking same ex via Google Maps. This is likely not to happen again.

2. Block Google’s Access to User Locations

Custom 9a0fe User Privacy

Maybe there are some of you who have heard the news that Google secretly records the user’s location history on Google Maps.

Worse, it still does Google even though the user has turned off the feature location history, friends

Well, this incognito feature is claimed to be able to block Google access related to location, navigation, and user search.

If so, then this incognito feature would be the right solution that must be used by anyone who doesn’t want Google’s location history to be continuously recorded.

3. Location Search History Not Saved

Location History Custom 08cbb

Similar to the incognito feature on Google Chrome that allows users to surf quietly without worrying about their saved search history, this also turns out you can feel on Google Maps.

By using the incognito feature on Google Maps, all place search history or user navigation history will not be stored in their Google account.

Although the way it works may sound trivial, but this feature is believed to be able to provide more security for its users.

4. Avoid the Risk of Crime

Cybercrime Custom 0c7db

When giving access permission at the beginning of using the application, Google will store the user’s personal data.

But, are you sure that the data will remain safe despite being in giant technology companies like Google?

There are now many cases where users’ data is leaked and that can be used by people who are not responsible for personal use.

Well, although this incognito feature does not fully guarantee its users from the risk of crime, but at least this feature will stop recording your activities when activated.

5. Safer

Safer Custom C5dbe

The last reason that is the main purpose of the incognito feature presented in the Google Maps application is none other than to provide security for its users.

After many cases of hacking that threaten the security of user data, application developers strive to be able to present better security features.

This is also what was done by Google when providing Google Maps with incognito mode features, friends.

So, after knowing the reasons, will you use this feature after launching it later, friends?

The final word

Well, those were some of the reasons why the incognito feature that will be launched in the Google Maps application is important for you to use.

Unfortunately, despite offering useful functions, it is still unknown exactly when this incognito feature will be launched by Google to the public.

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