Do you want to make a cool presentation besides using PowerPoint? Well, here are the recommendations for a free presentation application for your PC and Android.

Bored with the presentation features that you get on Microsoft PowerPoint?

Now there are also a few presentation applications other than PowerPoint which you can use for free and also have a variety of cool effects.

Curious as to what the list is? Next ApkVenue will review some of the best presentation applications, especially for your PC or laptop and your Android phone.

Recommended Presentation Application for Free, Can Be Online & Offline

Power point it has become one of the presentation software that is relied upon by many circles, especially for matters of education to work though.

But in addition to these applications, there are also several other presentation applications that offer similar features that are even cooler. Getting more curious, right? So let’s see!

Collection of Presentation Applications on PC or Laptop

Presentation applications for Windows, MacOS to Linux, besides you can use them offline, there are also things you can use online. So no need to bother installing the software!

1. Libre Office – Impress Presentation

Apart from Microsoft Office, there are also other office applications that you can rely on, i.e. Office Libre. This software also provides a presentation application on a laptop called Impress Presentation.

Besides being intended for Windows laptops, Libre Office will be more optimal for use on the Linux operating system.

Plus this software is free and open source, but still can bring user interface clean and features that support your productivity guys.

Download here: Libre Office – Impress Presentation

2. Prezi

Prezi 4e2ee Online Presentation Application

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For you who need a cool presentation with animation zoom in – zoom out, you can also use software Prezi which you can use directly in the browser.

This online presentation application provides a variety of interesting templates, will definitely make audience You are amazed by the animation provided.

Besides being able to be used online, to make presentations you can also download it and use it offline.

Download here: Prezi Portable Classic

Other PC Presentation Applications …

3. Focusky Offline Presentation

As the name implies, Focusky Offline Presentation is an offline presentation application that is used to make animated and interesting presentations.

With a variety of unique templates and shapes, Focusky works fairly easily. You stay here click and drag elements that you want to use in the presentation.

Of course this 3D presentation application is perfect for you who want to be attractive when presenting in front of the room!

Download here: Focusky Offline Presentation

4. Visme

Then there Vism, which is not just for making and displaying presentations, but you can also use to create infographics, visual data and so on.

Can be accessed online, this application is packed with a variety of HD background templates, elements and font types that you can use for free.

For presentation needs, Visme also provides flexibility to share online or download for offline presentations.

Download here: Vism

Collection of Presentation Applications on Android Phones

Generally this Android percentage application functions to edit files that you have created. In addition, you can also use your Android cellphone as a remote armed with Bluetooth and WiFi connections.

1. Google Slides

Android Slides 52e1f Presentation Application

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First there Google Slides which is a free presentation application provided directly by the developer Android itself, Google Inc.

User interface offered by this application tends to be simple especially for the need to create, edit and display presentation documents.

One of the advantages of Google Slides is that it is lightweight to use and you can use offline without having to connect to the internet.

Download via the following link:

Google Slides
Productivity Google Inc.

2. OfficeSuite + PDF Editor

Of the many office applications available on the Google Play Store, OfficeSuite + PDF Editor can be an option with a total download of more than 100 million downloads.

As the name implies, this office application can be used for various file formats, ranging from DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX and PPTX.

For presentations, OfficeSuite + PDF Editor can also be used to edit and display presentations directly.

Download via the following link:

Officesuite8 Icon
OfficeSuite: Free Office + PDF Editor & Converter
Office & Business Tools MobiSystem

Other Android Presentation Applications …

3. Remote Link (PC Remote)

56fb7 Remote Link Presentation Application

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Remote Link (PC Remote) at first it could only be used on ASUS mobile phones that use ZenUI. But now, this remote presentation application is available for all types of Android phones.

This application can easily assist you in displaying slides, armed with Bluetooth and WiFi connections. Of course this application is suitable for helping work among students and business people, right?

Download via the following link:

Presentation Link Icon
Presentation Link (PowerPoint)
Office & Business Tools ZenUI, ASUS HIT TEAM

The final word

Now that’s some recommendations for free presentation applications for PCs, laptops and Android phones that you can use online or offline.

Apart from the list above, do you have any other recommendations that are not less cool? If so, don’t forget to share with ApkVenue in the comments column below!

good luck guys

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