Want to get a free Go-Pay balance? ApkVenue has easy tips, you just have to play the game in the MPL app that ApkVenue told you about!

If you want to travel, what do you usually use, friends? Private vehicles, public transportation, or even use online motorcycle taxi services such as Go-jek?

Now, most people will choose a motorcycle taxi online because of its practicality. Moreover, there are features Go-pay who can give a big discount.

You know what, now you can get it Free Go-Pay balance easily and fun, you know! You just need to play the game that ApkVenue will explain below!

How to Get a Free Go-Pay Balance

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Actually, for what, anyway, we have to get a Go-Pay balance? There are many benefits. Besides getting lots of promos, the online motorcycle taxi payment process becomes easier.

In addition, you can also use Go-Pay to buy food (plus promos if available), pay for electricity, buy game vouchers and cinema tickets, etc.

ApkVenue is sure you will like the way to get a free Go-Pay balance on this one. How not, you just play the game and win it!

The game or application that ApkVenue means is Mobile Premier League (MPL). Games in the MPL application are being a hot topic of conversation.

MPL is considered as a serious challenger of the Hago application which also offers a similar concept, where one application has many game choices.

In addition, we can also compete against our friends or all players from around the world. Very exciting, anyway!

Then how do you get the Go-Pay balance through this application? Come on, just check the method below!

Download Premier League (MPL) Mobile Application

At first glance, maybe you would think this MPL application is a soccer game because of its name. In fact, this application has no connection at all with football.

The first thing you have to do is download the MPL application. Unfortunately, this application is not yet available on the Google Play Store.

Lah, how can you get the game? Relax, you don’t need to worry. ApkVenue has prepared the application below.

Mpl E7418
MPL – Mobile Premiere League

You can also get the MPL application by visiting the official website at en.mpl.live. Don’t forget to give access permission so that your smartphone can install the application.

How to Get a Go-Pay Balance from an Application (MPL)

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After downloading the application, you can simply register by entering your phone number. Later, you will get an SMS notification for verification purposes.

Note: Pastikan nomor yang kamu gunakan untuk mendaftar aplikasi ini sama dengan nomor yang kamu gunakan untuk mendaftar aplikasi Go-Jek.

The reason, this application will automatically send the Go-Pay balance to the number you used to register.

If you have completed the registration process, then you can already play various games in the MPL application.

So, how can we get Go-Pay? You do this by exchanging diamond that we have after playing the existing games.

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One diamond is worth Rp100, so you only need to play and win as many games as possible to get a Go-Pay balance with a fair amount.

If you have collected enough diamonds, you can tap on the diamond icon in the upper right corner.

Enter how many diamonds you want to pull, then press the button Pull. Every withdrawal is charged at Rp. 6.

MPL Games

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MPL application provides various types of games. Actually the games in this application include games that are lightweight, but fun to play with friends.

MPL has tokens that are required to be able to play the existing games. If your tokens run out, you won’t be able to play the existing games.

But you don’t need to worry. There are many ways you can use to get a token, such as completing some of the missions provided.

Examples of games that exist in the MPL application are Fruit Chop which is similar to a game Fruit Ninja. You have to slice the fruit to hover and collect the highest points possible.

In addition, there are also games Bubble Shooter, Basket Ball, Fruit Dart, Bloxmash, Pool, and many others.

ApkVenue is sure that you will be familiar with the games here.

The final word

Oh I see how to get a free Go-Pay balance only by using the Premier League Mobile application. Very easy and fun, right?

So what are you waiting for, download this application immediately and get your Go-Pay balance for free!

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