Do you want to make the photo blurry? Don’t have a dual camera phone? Now you can easily use the blur photo editing application to make your photos bokeh. (Android)

The triple camera feature has now become a mandatory feature especially for smartphones flagship alias targeting the market high-end.

In addition to better image quality, bokeh effects on photos will also produce a better impression.

Well, here is ApkVenue’s list of recommendations Blur photo editing application which can make your cellphone produce photos like a DSLR camera with bokeh effects.

Come, see the following in full!

Bokeh Android Photo Editing Application

You who are often made amazed by photos with the effect of blur alias bokeh other people on social media, should be able to make photos that are not less cool.

The key is to use the blur photo editing application available for Android. Here is the best Android bokeh photo editing application to add blur effects to your photos.

1. Blur

Photo Editing Application of Bokeh 1 F2c04

First is the application Blur which will provide a variety of interesting blur features for your HP photo results.

Not only do you edit photos to make them blurry, you can also make some parts of the photo fade.

This can make the focus of the object will be more well radiated. Using this application is also very easy and free for you to download.

Blur 6e201
Video & Audio Cassava
RatingRated for 3+
Review Score4.0 (10,123)
Game Size2.4MB
Android minimum4.4 and up

2. After Focus

Photo Editing Application of Bokeh 2 5f98f

After Focus this allows you to add a blur effect to an existing image from the gallery or photo you just took.

There are two modes here, first smart mode which allows you to easily choose the part that should be focused and which is blurred by simply drawing a boundary with your finger.

The second is a manual mode that allows you to choose which parts stay focused. This method is more complicated but can produce good sharpness blur.

After focus E23a2
After Focus
DetailsAfter Focus
RatingRated for 3+
Review Score4.2 (172,668)
Game Size15MB
Android minimum4.0.3 and up

3. Teleport

Photo Editing Application of Bokeh 3 45fc6

Now, next is Teleport which is the simplest bokeh photo editing application to use. This application will process photos automatically.

You just have to take photos from within the application or through the gallery. After the bokeh process is complete, all you have to do is adjust the blur intensity in the photo by sliding the lever left or right.

Teleport Background Blur D1ed2
Teleport – Auto Background Blur
RatingRated for 3+
Review Score4.4 (6,123)
Game Size51MB
Android minimum5.0 and up

4. PicsArt Photo Studio

Photo Editing Application of Bokeh 4 D6973

Are you looking for an application that can edit photos so bokeh with various features?

PicsArt Photo Studio This could be the answer. Because there are 5 blur effects available for you to use, namely normal, smart, motion, focal, and radial.

PicsArt can also create image collages with a number of editing tools that are quite complete. Especially if you follow the subscription PicsArt Gold which will provide a number of more complete features.

No need to deny, PicsArt is one of the best photo editing applications on Android. Nice!

Picsart Icon
PicsArt – Photo Studio
Photo & Imaging PicsArt
DetailsPicsArt Photo Studio
RatingRated for 12+
Review Score4.5 (8,495,028)
Game SizeVary
Android minimumVary

5. Cymera Camera

Bokeh 5 Af3da Photo Editing Application

Cymera Camera is a photo editing application that you can rely on because it has a number of interesting features and produces excellent photo quality.

Besides giving the impression of blur on the photo, you can also apply a number of funny filters such as Christmas Selfie to New Year Selfie.

In addition, you will also be given a number sticker and makeup tool which can make your face brighter. Do not stop there, there are also unique features for editing smiling faces.

Cymera – Camera & Photo Editor
Photo & Imaging SK Communications
DetailsCymera Camera
RatingRated for 3+
Review Score4.4 (2,452,482)
Game SizeVary
Android minimum4.0.3 and up

Other Bokeh Photo Editing Applications …

6. Lens Blur

Blur 6 78e97 Photo Editing Application

If the application above makes you confused because of the many features, you can count on it Lens Blur. This application can add a bokeh effect to the background of the photo easily.

To use it, simply select the part of the photo that you want to make the object of focus and this application will process photos automatically.

Lens Blur 1ef0e
Lens Blur
DetailsLens Blur
RatingRated for 3+
Review Score3.7 (512)
Game Size17MB
Android minimum4.4 and up

7. Blur Image Background

Blur 7 F752a Photo Editing Application

Want a powerful blur photo editing application?

Blur Image Background could be your choice because it is able to produce photos like DSLR camera shots. Its natural blur effect will meet your needs.

You can also adjust the photo blur manually and practically as well as the zoom feature for precise editing. You can adjust the intensity of the motion blur to your heart’s content.

Blur Image Background 92d76
Blur Image Background
DetailsBlur Image Background
RatingRated for 3+
Review Score4.0 (138,630)
Game Size9.1 MB
Android minimum4.1 and up

8. Point Blur

Blur 8 B04c2 Photo Editing Application

The next is Point Blur, the mainstay application that you must choose to give a blur effect on the photo. Besides providing complete features, this application is also easy to use.

Point Blur has a convenient interface and is equipped with interesting features such as freehand and straight blur. In addition, there are also other photo effects that can be used like triangle and pixelation.

If the color of the photo you are capturing is less attractive, this application also provides a number of options to adjust the contrast to the color temperature. Interesting right?

Point Blur Partial Blur Dslr 84218
Point Blur (Partial blur) DSLR
DetailsPoint Blur
RatingRated for 3+
Review Score4.3 (44,577)
Game Size2.6MB
Android minimum4.4 and up

9. Blur Camera: Square Photo Blur

Blur 9 9da55 Photo Editing Application

Blur Camera: Square Photo Blur is an application made by Lolo Apps that deserves to be one of your choices. In addition to making photos become bokeh, this application also has various interesting features for you.

You can use this application to provide text, filters, and effects that maximize photo results. Apart from that, there are also features to make blur layout.

Blur Camera Square Photo Blur 1be63
Blur Camera: Square Photo Blur
DetailsBlur Camera: Square Photo Blur
RatingRated for 3+
Review Score4.0 (3,027)
Game Size28MB
Android minimum4.1 and up

10. Square Art Photo Editor

Blur 10 9236d Photo Editing Application

Last is Square Art Photo Editor which is suitable for you to use as an Instagram photo editor because it gives interesting photo results.

This application can make photos have a bokeh effect, suitable for uploading to Instagram accounts and other social media. In addition, this application also has features collage.

If that isn’t enough, there are still more than 100 other professional filters suitable for you to use in photos. Great!

Square Art Photo Editor 28cee
Square Art Photo Editor
DetailsSquare Art Photo Editor
RatingRated for 3+
Review Score4.4 (94,396)
Game Size12MB
Android minimum4.1 and up

The final word

That’s Ten best bokeh photo editing applications ApkVenue version. Make your photo look professional or artistic with a blur or bokeh effect behind the subject.

Now you can edit photos blur easily on Android even though your smartphone doesn’t have a dual camera feature. Good luck!