In early mid-November, Moonton held the 2019 Mobile Legends World Championship tournament, also known by its name M1 Mobile Legends.

The international scale Mobile Legends Tournament brought together 16 teams from 14 participating countries and took place at Axiata Arena, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Not only the teams that compete, there are also a number of lists the most OP Mobile Legends hero (overpowered) who will shine in this event. Anything? Check out the full review, friends!

This is the list of the most OP heroes in the M1 Mobile Legends 2019 event

Indonesia also sent two teams eSports strongest, viz EVOS Esports and RRQ who is a champion and runner up from the past MPL ID Season 4 event.

Seeing the fierce battle both, ApkVenue was able to draw the conclusions of several heroes meta which will often be used in M1 Mobile Legends 2019. Here’s the list!

1. X.Borg

Hero Op M1 Mobile Legends Xborg E6dc9

First there is a hero Fighter with skill flamethrower, X.Borg. This hero is a mainstay because of the ability to do spamming skill with burst damage turn off.

You can do spamming skill Fire Missiles to fire flamethrower towards your opponent. Ultimate skill Last Instanity also have burst damage great when doing team fight.

Hero X.Borg arguably becomes first pick from several athletes eSports, for example EVOS. OURA, friends

Well, in the match X.Borg can be paired with Grock Who has skill Power of Nature with effects slow or Guardian’s Barrier to close enemy paths.

Or can also be duet with a hero who has crowd control skills, as Aurora, Harith, and Ruby.

2. Kaja

Hero Op M1 Mobile Legends Kaja 3c99f

Then there Kaja, Mobile Legends hero with Fighter / Support role who was dubbed as a specialist “kidnapper” enemy hero.

The reason ultimate skill Divine Judgment allowing Kaja to pull the enemy hero back. Moreover, it can be combined with battle spell Flicker to increase the distance of the pull.

Armed with that ability, Kaja can also be combined with heroes who have damage large individual attacks, like Karrie, Lunox, or Kimmy.

Kaja became the first choice in doing first pick, as did RRQ VYN.

3. Claude

Hero Op M1 Mobile Legends Claude 4882e

Frequency of exposure banned can be proof that Claude become one of the heroes Marksman the most feared for now, friends.

In addition to having agility, Claude is also known to have attack speed which is fast so it is suitable to do solo lane while jungling to increase levels quickly.

Armed with ultimate skill Blazing Duet, Claude can give burst damage hurts the enemy around his area. Claude’s most neat appearance can you see through the game EVOS REKT.

Just like before, Claude is very suitable to be combined with a hero Tank Who has crowd control skills as Johnson, Tigreal, and Grock.

When the hero Tank activate skill, Claude just crashed using skill Battle Mirror Image and release ultimate skill Blazing Duet

4. Karrie

Hero Op M1 Mobile Legends Karrie D8a6c

Besides having role kind of, Karrie apparently also has the same specialization as Claude, that is Reap / Burst Damage. The difference is Karrie relies on individual attacks compared to the area, the friends.

Karrie can combine ultimate skill Speedy Lightwheel with skill passive Lightwheel Mark to produce an explosion damage big on an enemy hero.

Because it is more focused to do laning soloActually, Karrie is suitable to be paired with any hero. Most importantly, be smart to do it positioning so it’s not easy to hit friends enemy hero.

This Mobile Legends Hero is a mainstay RRQ XIN at the event grand final MPL ID Season 4 then.

5. Chou

Hero Op M1 Mobile Legends Chou A709d

Last there Chou here! Released the longest when compared to the others that ApkVenue has discussed above, this Mobile Legends hero remains an option.

Hero Fighter the finished signature from EVOS Donkey now rely on damage instead of thick HP it can be used to kidnap enemies.

Especially if you can integrate skill Shunpo to lunging forward and ultimate skill The Way of Dragon to throw the enemy back.

Chou himself has skill with effect knock up which can be duet with Saber or Guinevere. Especially if you want to create an effect knock up the endless, friends.

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