Blogging is an exciting activity to do, but it’s incomplete if you don’t use the following mandatory applications for bloggers!

Are you a blogger? Or just starting to blog?

Writing is one of the activities that is very fun and carried out by many people. The author can convey his aspirations through many media, one of them is a blog.

People who create and write content on blogs are called bloggers. Writing now can be done anywhere you want, like your Android phone.

However, you need a number of mandatory applications if you want to blog on Android. What are the applications? Come, see the following in full!

Mandatory Application For Bloggers on Android

Blog or web log is a discussion media that contains all kinds of information that are published on the World Wide Web and are usually in diary format.

Blogs have been around since the beginning of the development of the internet, until now blogging continues to grow and has a number of interesting features in it.

You can create your own blog for free and put all the media into a personal blog. Then, other people can see your blog and read it.

You can also share this blog on your various social media, for part of the marketing strategy. Blogs are not only used to tell stories to the public.

However, there are also those who use it as a productive business land. Well, you who want to create and write blog content using your cellphone, you must have this application:

1. WordPress

Mandatory application for Blogger on Android 6 C10e6

Creating a free blog is very easy with help WordPress, you can have a personal blog for free with this service. Not only that, creating content in WordPress is very easy.

Just like the website version, the WordPress application on Android has a number of interesting features in creating content. You can insert a number of media such as photos, videos, even though audio.

You can also view website analytics and see how many visitors enter, as well as your website’s complete information. Now you can make a blog anywhere!

Productivity Automattic, Inc
RatingRated for 3+
Review Score4.5 (128,820)
Game SizeVary
Android minimumVary

2. Weebly by Square

Mandatory application for Blogger on Android 4 C37ec

The next is Weebly which allows you to create websites easily using mobile phones. This application is also suitable for you to use if you want to create online shop.

You can put text and other media into your website. In addition, you can see all the information on the website like an activity monitor.

By using Weebly by Square, you can control your website wherever you are. Nice!

Weebly Icon
Productivity Weebly, Inc.
RatingRated for 3+
Review Score4.4 (74,118)
Game Size40MB
Android minimum5.0 and up

3. Wix

Mandatory Application For Blogger On Android 2 D5cd4

Just like Weebly, application Wix you can use this to create content on a blog using only your cellphone. You can write blog content and insert a number of media such as photos.

In addition, you can also design your website freely through this application. If you use a blog for business activities, this application can also read your income.

Uniquely, this Wix also has a feature to chat. So you can share your experiences and information with visitors who read your blog. Intersting right?

Wix 1d2ec
RatingRated for 3+
Review Score4.4 (20,693)
Game Size39MB
Android minimum5.0 and higher

4. Google Analytics

Mandatory Application For Bloggers On Android 3 Ab6f5

As a blogger, you need service Google Analytics to find out information blog traffic you specifically. This service can also be used as a report per blog session.

Do not stop there, Google Analytics can show how much money you get if you use Ad Sense. If you create a blog for business, this application is required for you to have.

You can see data in real-time In this application, interested to use it?

Google Analytics Icon
Google Analytics
Productivity Google Inc.
RatingRated for 3+
Review Score4.8 (102,486)
Game Size22MB
Android minimum4.4 and up

5. Pixabay

Mandatory application for Blogger on Android 5 93262

Sometimes, there are illustrated images that you need when creating content in a blog. Well, you can search for these images from the application Pixabay this.

You can get a number of images with the best quality and it’s free. If you want to find more images, you can subscribe.

Besides Pixabay, you can also download images from other applications such as. You can also search for other applications such as Pexel or Wallcraft.

Pixabay 3a97a
RatingRated for 16+
Review Score3.4 (7,471)
Game Size15MB
Android minimum4.1 and up

6. Adobe Photoshop Express

Mandatory Applications For Bloggers On Android 1 84267

The first is Adobe Photoshop Express as an application for editing photos or images via HP. Adobe has always been trusted for the problem of editing photos on a PC, as well as on HP.

This application has a number of interesting features such as perspective correction, eliminating noise, to apply a number of photo filters. This Android version is no less good than the PC version.

You can also import or export image files with good quality, so it’s very good for you to use to edit photos. You can download this application for free below.

Adobe Photoshop Express Android
Adobe Photoshop Express
Photo & Imaging Adobe Systems Inc
RatingRated for 3+
Review Score4.6 (1,235,900)
Game SizeVary
Android minimum4.4 and up

7. Godaddy

Mandatory application for Blogger on Android 7 Aee9a

Last is Godaddy which you can use to buy domain names and see complete activities on your website. You can use this service if you want to create a professional blog.

Using Godaddy is very easy, you can also use a number tools provided in this application to edit your website via mobile.

With this application, you can continue to monitor your website wherever you are. Interested in buying this application?

Godaddy A7f32
RatingRated for 3+
Review Score4.2 (603)
Game Size19MB
Android minimum5.0 and up

The final word

That’s the mandatory application for bloggers that can be used to create content wherever you are. Moreover, all of these services you can use for free.

Write your opinion in the comments column, yes. See you in the next article!