There is one more, friends, feature on Instagram that you must try. Here, ApkVenue will discuss 7 interesting facts about the Close Friends feature on Instagram!

When ApkVenue entered college, Facebook it was only ApkVenue’s college friends and often became the media to vent if there were courses that didn’t pass.

Over time, the Facebook platform began to be invaded by a parent who finally made Facebook not as free as it used to be.

Well, now history repeats itself where demographics are Instagram getting older but Instagram provides solutions in form Close Friendsfriends!

7 Interesting Facts About the Close Friends Feature

Since launching in 2016, features Stories Instagram is immediately welcomed by users because there is an element of spontaneity that began to disappear from Instagram.

The problem is, this element of spontaneity is what makes it Stories rather dangerous, friends, because sometimes contains somewhat risky content.

Well, a feature Close Friends that is the solution to this problem, where Stories that you post only visible to selected people.

On this occasion, ApkVenue wants to share some of your useful info with shares 7 interesting facts about the Close Friends feature on Instagram.

1. Only You Can Know Your Close Friends List

Close Friends List 86b17

Unlike the account you follow and Follower you can see anyone, Close Friends You can only be seen by you.

This feature is very useful to maintain your privacy and also not to hurt your friends who are not affiliated to this list.

In addition, other users will not get notifications when you enter or remove them from this list so that no one will be hurt.

2. Can be used to provide codes to the date

Because no one can know the contents Close Friends besides yourself and God, you can be fun with this feature.

For example, try making a list Close Friends the contents are only your crush on Instagram and then try to post content that is ‘inviting’.

Well, all of you are waiting for the reaction of the person concerned while rubbing the hands of anime villain style.

3. There is only one Close Friends List

Share Close Friends D773d

For you who have several friendship groups, unfortunately the feature Close Friends this time only supports one list, friends

So, if you are currently karaoke with your ex close friends, you still have to be careful so that you don’t feel sick.

But since this feature is only a year old, do not rule out the possibility that Instagram will expand this feature so you don’t need to be discouraged.

4. You Can Still Make Highlights

Stories Highlights Db7ac

As Stories ordinary that can be used Highlights so that it can still be seen on your profile, you can also do the same thing in Close Friends.

Surely Highlights this can only be seen by people who are members of the list Close Friends you.

For those of you who have special memories named your best friend, features Highlights this is useful to make it unforgettable.

5. Very Useful for Ghibah

Friends are useful for talking about your enemies and friends are useful for talking about your friends, so it’s a feature Close Friends this can also be used for Ghibah.

This is the most frequently encountered by ApkVenue, where Stories used to spread the behavior of friends, superiors, and problematic families.

So, friends, if your boss has started issuing edicts that don’t make sense, just spread them on Close Friends alone.

6. Close Friends Do Not Apply in Two Directions

Close Friends Stories 1561c

When you add other users to the list Close Friends you, you will not automatically enter Close Friends them.

And because they didn’t get any notifications, there was no alternative way to send Direct Message (DM) to them as request.

But, when you have entered the list Close Friends other users, you will see a green circle and not the usual red circle.

Besides, while looking Stories, a message will appear Close Friends at the top right that shows that you are already on the list Close Friends they.

7. Close Friends Stories Cannot Dishare

Share Close Friends Stories 14492

Due Close Friends indeed focus on the element of privacy, Stories uploaded at Close Friends won’t be shared.

But, you or Close Friends you can still take it screenshot from Stories concerned which can later be disseminated.

That is, you still have to be vigilant and make sure that people are on Close Friends you really can be trusted.

The final word

That is, friends, list 7 interesting facts about features Close Friends on Instagram. This feature is still rather rarely used but actually it is very useful.

And it should be noted too, until this article was written, this feature is still completely free so you are free to use Close Friends to your heart’s content!

Have you used the feature Close Friends on Instagram? Or do you think there are still shortcomings? Share in the comments column!

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