Want to use the Discord application to support communication when you are together with friends but don’t know how? Here’s how to use Discord!

For you true gamers, you must be familiar with it Discord application, friends?

The VoIP service application specifically designed for the gamer community allows you to communicate with fellow gamers easily and for free.

Although the game application itself usually has features voice chat, but apparently many of the quality is less good or even delay.

Therefore, eventually many gamers use third-party applications such as Discord to communicate to prevent this from happening miss-communication when mabar.

But, unfortunately there are still many people who don’t know how to use this one application.

How to use Discord

Well, for those of you who are curious about the features offered by the Discord application but do not understand how to use it, take it easy.

The problem in this article is that ApkVenue will explore thoroughly how to use Discord.

For those of you who can’t wait, just check out the following article.

How to Register a Discord Account

Before you can enjoy all the interesting features provided by this application, of course you must register a Discord account first.

To register for a Discord account, you can follow the steps given below.

Step 1 – Download the Discord application

  • First you download the Discord application on your Android phone or PC. You can download this application via the download button below.
Discord Android Icon
Discord – Chat Application
Social & Messaging Discord Inc.
  • If the download is successful, then open the application.

Step 2 – Register an account

  • Next, you Select the register button to start registering a Discord account. You fill in the username, email and password fields.

  • After that, you select the register button.

Step One Register for Db684 Account
  • If the registration process is successful, then you will be taken to the main Discord application page as follows.
Step Two Register for Account 3a195

How to Create a Discord Group or Server

Almost similar to other chat applications, in this Discord application you can also create a group or commonly referred to as a server to communicate with your mabar team.

To create a Discord server, the steps are as follows.

Step 1 – Select the menu button

  • To create a new Discord server, first of all you Select menu button or line three in the upper left corner.

  • After that, select the plus icon (+) to start creating a server. Then Select ‘create a server.

Step One Make a Dc909 Server

Step 2 – Fill in the server identity

  • The next step, you fill in all the available fields, functions as the identity of the created Discord server. The identity includes server name, region server, and profile picture.

  • In the server region, you can choose the country of Singapore to get the best connection in Indonesia. If you’ve filled everything, then you select ‘create.

Step Two Make a B7a55 Server

Step 3 – Invite friends

  • If the Discord server is successfully created, then you will be taken to the page invite people to start inviting friends to join the server that was created earlier.

  • You can also share the Discord server link displayed on the screen to friends via social media, chat applications, text messages, etc. by selecting the button share link.

Step Three Make a 7a5f2 Server
  • Then, the Discord server that you have created will appear as follows.
Step Four Make a 9d856 Server

How to Join a Discord Group or Server

If ApkVenue had already told you how to create a Discord server, then how, how to join someone else’s Discord server?

Now, in this Discord application you can also join a Discord server for friends, YouTuber gaming, or even the official server of a game like PUBG.

Oh yes, but before joining the server, you must have the Discord server link first, yes.

If you already have the link, you can follow the steps below.

Step 1 – Select the menu button

  • The first step you have to do is Select menu button or line three in the upper left corner.

  • After that, select the plus icon (+). Then, Select ‘join a server.

Step One Join the D71ed Server

Step 2 – Enter the Discord server link

  • The next step is to enter the Discord server link that you have into the column provided.

  • After that, select the ‘join’ button.

Step Two Join 6aaba Server

Step 3 – Select the ‘accept invite’ button

  • Next the screen will display the name of the Discord server you want to follow. At this stage you are Select ‘accept invite’ button.

  • If so, the Discord server page you joined will automatically open and you will succeed join deh.

Step Three Join 96d98 Server

How to Voice on Discord

When mabar games like PUBG, of course communication is the main thing that will bring your team to victory, right?

Well, a feature voice chat in this Discord application you can use to keep connected and communicate with the mabar team, the friends.

To use facilities voice chat In the Discord application, you can follow the steps from ApkVenue below.

Step 1 – Select the Discord server

  • First, first choose which Discord server you want to use the voice chat feature for.
Step One 47f2c Voice Chat

Step 2 – Choose general

  • After that, on the menu voice channel you choose an option general.
Step Two Cb2fa Voice Chat

Step 3 – Select the ‘buttonconnect to voice

  • The next step, you select ‘connect to voice to start doing voice chat with your mabar team.

  • At this stage you can already communicate with members on the Discord server. Later the screen will look like the following.

Step Three Voice Chat 64686

How to Chat on Discord

Besides features voice chat, this application also allows you to chat with other members on the Discord server that you follow like the WhatsApp application, you know.

Actually the way to chat in the Discord application is almost the same as when you use the voice chat feature.

It’s just in your 2nd step Select the #general option in the menu text channel. Then you can start chatting, bro.

The chat display in the Discord application will be as follows.

Step Two Chat 8d47c

Not only named #general, the server owner can freely change, add, or delete the name of the text channel and voice channel available on a server

This Discord application you can download and use for free, aka free.

But, if you have a special budget, you can also upgrade to a premium Discord account or commonly referred to Discord Nitro, you know.

Nitro Discord offers several advantages such as a more diverse selection of emojis, username tags that can be changed at will, even you can play games in this application, you know.

The final word

Well, those are some ways to use Discord. For you who are fond of gaming, it’s absolutely mandatory to install this one application.

Not only because of its features that really help you as a gamer, but also in this Discord application there are several official servers from games like PUBG and others.

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