A common element in almost all current web pages is the share buttons on social networks.

And it is already known, if a few years ago being on the internet was vital, today the essential thing is to have a presence in social networks.

These are a perfect digital communication platform that allows you to publicize your content and, more importantly, to know the profile of your reader to understand what you should offer.

The problem comes when those buttons become rebellious and do not share the information that we want. Or has it not happened to you that there is no way to make Facebook understand that the ugly and irrelevant image that insists on sharing is not what you want? Well, do not worry. In this article, we explain how to solve this problem.

  1. I have WordPress, and I want to use a plugin
  2. I prefer to do it with code: Open Graph Marking

#1. I have WordPress, and I want to use a plugin

For those who use this CMS, using a plugin that solves the problem is always the fastest option, although not the most recommended. As we have said on some occasions, saturating a WordPress installation with plugins can cause loading problems or incompatibilities, even if we use a good cache system.

However, if you can hurry or your loading speed is still optimal, the famous Yoast SEO plugin will solve the problem we are dealing with.

Is suite room of applications is focused on optimizing the positioning of web content, so since you install it, we recommend that you get the most out of analyzing the texts of each article to see if you ideally position the keywords.

Regarding the theme of our post, when we edit an entry with Yoast SEO installed, we will see that a new option block appears on the inside. In this section, if we click on the second icon in the left column, We will open a tool that will allow us to specify about photograph, title, and entry details to share on both Facebook and Twitter. And we can customize it automatically in entries, pages, products, and individually or all at once.

How to Specify the content to share to Facebook and Twitter

#2. I prefer to do it with code: Open Graph Marking

The meta tags that define what will be shared should be placed between the tags. There are many commons meta tag, here is a shortlist:-

Meta tag Description
og: url URL entry or page to share.
og: title Article title
og: description Brief description of the content (from 2 to 4 sentences)
og: image URL of the image to share. If a video is inserted, it will be the preview of the clip.
og: image: width Customize the width of the image in pixels.
og: image: height Indicates the height of the image in pixels. Ideal for those cases in which the image to be shared is vertical.
FB: app_id To use the Facebook statistics, you must add the application identifier to your page.
og: type Type of item to share. The most common: article, book, books.author, books.genre, music.playlist, place, restaurant.menu, video.movie … Full list available here.
og: locale Indicates the regional configuration of the if you. Default: in U.S
og: video URL of the video to insert
og: video: width Define the width of the video. It is mandatory when one is inserted.
og: video: height Define the height of the video. It is mandatory when one is inserted.

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