Do you have many users on your WordPress dashboard? And want to show a list of registered users? Here, in this guide, you will get to know, how you can easily show a list of registered users in WordPress.

How to Show list of registered users in WordPress

The following PHP code allows us to list the display name of all the users that exist in the database:

Remember that from the profile of each of them, you can choose what the name to be displayed will be:

How to Show list of registered users in WordPress

We can choose to show other parameters such as:

//Nombre a mostrar. Ej: David Example

//Login del usuario. Ej: david

//Contraseña encriptada (hash). Ej: $P$BK1deNU7lV/rgwp2oncgESRHRYLedRF.

//Nickname. Ej: David

//Email. Ej: [email protected]

//Url de su web. Ej:

//Fecha de registro. Ej: 2017-03-21 14:11:32

So if we want to list the emails of all registered users:

But we can also filter the results, sort them or show only those that have a specific role. Example to show only subscribers and sort them by the nickname:

Being the orderby = any of the parameters listed above. For example, if we want to sort by registration date:

Being the default roles by which you can filter:


that's it.
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