If all this time you only know the popular Google applications, there are still other secret Google applications that are no less interesting.

YouTube, Gmail, Chrome, Maps or Drive are some examples of Google’s applications that many people use today.

In fact, the five applications are also always present on every Android cellphone currently available. Therefore it is not surprising that many people are familiar with these applications.

But, you know, anyway, if it turns out Google also has other interesting applications that people rarely know you know.

Want to know what Google’s secret application? Come on, find out the answer in the following full article!

Google’s Secret Application You Don’t Know

Being a Google secret application because of its presence that is rarely known, the following Google applications turned out to offer interesting features you know.

1. PhotoScan

Photoscan 10952 application
Photoscan By Google Photos Icon
PhotoScan by Google Photos
Photo & Imaging Google Inc.

PhotoScan is the best application to scan and save your favorite printed photos in digital form, a friends.

This application works very simple, you only need to position the camera in a printed photo then the PhotoScan application will automatically capture and save it.

In addition, PhotoScan can also make your old photos become more clear and clear you know. Every photo captured by PhotoScan will also be automatically saved in Google Photos.

Information PhotoScan
Developer Google LLC
Reviews (Amount of Reviewer) 4.3 (82,911)
Size Varies with device
Install it 10M +
Android Minimum 5.0

2. Google Trips

Google Trips F7ba8 application
Google Trips Google Icon Application
Google Trips – Google Application
Productivity Google LLC

Application Google Trips this is really suitable for you who like exploring new places.

Google Trips acts as your travel manager starting from the affairs of airline tickets, hotel reservations, information on tourist destinations, to personal recommendations based on your habits when surfing the internet.

Interestingly, this Android application can also be used anyway offline you know.

It’s just to continue to enjoy the facilities offered, you must download all information about the destination in this application first.

In addition, information about the local currency and the nearest hospital is also available in this application, the friends.

Information Google Trips
Developer Google LLC
Reviews (Amount of Reviewer) 4.1 (33,347)
Size Varies with device
Install it 5M +
Android Minimum 4.1

3. Trusted Contacts

Google Trusted Contacs 169ec Secret Application
Trusted Contacts Icon
Trusted Contacts
Productivity House on Fire

Trusted Contacts can be said is a good application for families, especially for parents who are always worried about where their children go or play.

The thing is, this application allows you to share your location real-time with the closest person.

Remarkably, this application requires prior approval from someone who you want to ask for its location.

If the person does not respond to your request, the last location will be shared automatically within a certain period.

Information Trusted Contacts
Developer Google LLC
Reviews (Amount of Reviewer) 3.9 (6,862)
Size 7.9MB
Install it 1M +
Android Minimum 4.1

4. Journal of Science

The Secret Application of Google Science Journal C343f
Science Journal 074cb
Science Journal

Journal of Science is an application that is able to store notes, photos, and observations that you make somewhere.

Interestingly, you can also measure light, sound, acceleration, barometric pressure, and so on using sensors available on cellphones, friends.

Sealin that, this application also allows you to make connections to external sensors using devices such as Arduino and Vernier which have Bluetooth capabilities.

Information Journal of Science
Developer Google LLC
Reviews (Amount of Reviewer) 4.5 (3,859)
Size Varies with device
Install it 500K +
Android Minimum Varies with device

5. Google Support Services

Google Confidential Application Google Support Services D1614
Google Support Service 56ea7
Google Support Services

Google Support Services or Google Support Services is an application that allows you to share your Android mobile screen with Google’s customer support agents to get Google support services.

Later agents can invite you to share your Android cellphone screen and guide you with annotations displayed on the screen to make it easier to solve the problems you are facing.

For the sake of user security, agents are only given access to view the cellphone screen so they cannot control your cellphone screen.

Information Google Support Services
Developer Google LLC
Reviews (Amount of Reviewer) 4.1 (4,343)
Size Varies with device
Install it 1+
Android Minimum 5.0

Other Google Secret Applications …

6. Google Arts & Culture

Google Arts And Culture Secret Application 02c22
Google Arts Culture Icon
Google Arts & Culture
Productivity Google Inc.

Application Google Arts & Culture this is really suitable for download by you lovers of art and culture.

The thing is through this application you can visit popular exhibitions all over the world, see artwork in detail, and explore thousands of stories, photos, videos and manuscripts using only mobile phones.

To get a more realistic experience around the museum, you can also use the Virtual Reality feature provided in this application.

Google Arts & Culture itself has collaborated with more than 1,200 museums, galleries and institutions in 70 countries.

Information Google Arts & Culture
Developer Google LLC
Reviews (Amount of Reviewer) 3.9 (32,039)
Size 16MB
Install it 5M +
Android Minimum 5.0

7. Toontastic 3D

Google Toontastic 3d 8a71e Secret Application
Toontastic 3d Icon
Toontastic 3D
Multimedia Google Inc.

A big fan of 3D animation? If so, this application is really mandatory for you to download.

Toontastic 3D allows you to create animated cartoons using animated characters that have been provided.

To use this application you only need to move the animated characters around the screen, then tell the story that you have made.

Later this application will record the sound and movement of animated characters that you have made and save it as a 3D video. Interesting, right?

Information Toontastic 3D
Developer Google LLC
Reviews (Amount of Reviewer) 4.4 (25.302)
Size 31MB
Install it 1M +
Android Minimum 5.0

8. Google Spotlight Stories

Google Spotligt Stories E1e20 Secret Application
Google Spotlight Stories Icon
Google Spotlight Stories
Productivity Google Inc.

Google Spotlight Stories is a the platform entertainment content where you not only enjoy entertainment in one linear direction, but can enjoy it from many sides using VR.

In fact, you can also explore the location settings in the story presented.

This application is the next Google project in developing video content in 360 degree views.

Information Google Spotlight Stories
Developer Google LLC
Reviews (Amount of Reviewer) 4.2 (30,954)
Size Varies with device
Install it 1M +
Android Minimum 4.4

9. Expedition

Google Expedition's Secret Application 712b5
Expeditions Icon
Drivers & Smartphone Google Inc.

Expedition is an application that provides cool learning and teaching features that allow you to travel VR or explore AR objects.

By using this Expedition application learning history, science, art, and natural knowledge will be very fun because it relies on the help of AR and VR technology, the friends.

In addition, this application also provides more than 800 lists of expeditions that you can explore.

Information Expedition
Developer Google LLC
Reviews (Amount of Reviewer) 4.2 (2,986)
Size 42MB
Install it 1M +
Android Minimum 4.4

10. Google Classroom

Google Class Secrets Application B3a8c
Google Classroom D6e2d
Google Classroom

Google Class is an application that makes it easy for students and instructors to stay connected both inside and outside of school.

If all this time learning in many schools in Indonesia is done face-to-face, then through this application students and instructors can make classes online.

That way both can save time, paper, and communication continue to run smoothly.

Information Google Class
Developer Google LLC
Reviews (Amount of Reviewer) 4.2 (97,936)
Size Varies with device
Install it 10M +
Android Minimum Varies with device

The final word

Well, that was 10 of Google’s secret applications that despite its existence were not too well aware of by many people, but apparently had interesting features, the friends.

So, have you ever tried one of the applications that ApkVenue mentioned above, friends?

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