After more than 2 weeks of fasting, the homecoming season will soon arrive. For those of you who want to go home, install the following applications so you will be more fun!

Not always, yes, we have more than two weeks of fasting. That means in less than 2 weeks we will meet the Eid al-Fitr.

As usual, ahead of Eid al-Fitr is very close to the name going home.

ApkVenue himself is one of millions of Indonesians who will go back and forth to their hometown. Let Lebaran go more fun, let’s install this cool application to accompany your youth!

Application for Mudik More Fun

Homecoming has become an inseparable annual tradition just before Eid in Indonesia.

Various methods and reasons are used to be able to go home to be able to gather with family.

But keep in mind, the homecoming ahead of Eid is always synonymous with traffic, you know.

Well, so that I’m not bored because I’m stuck in traffic, let’s install the following applications to make your Lebaran trip even more fun!

1. Ticket Booking Application

Do not let busyness in the office become an obstacle that hinders your smooth homecoming preparation. Towards Eid, you must have been busy with various jobs that must be done on time.

Therefore, so you can order tickets for Lebaran 2019 without having to cram and queue, immediately download the ticket booking application on line for your homecoming.


The Traveloka 62690 application
Traveloka – Book Flight Hotels
Productivity PT Traveloka Indonesia

Traveloka is one of the application service provider flight or train ticket reservations for various destinations and your travel needs, one of which is going home.

This application also allows you to be able to order hotel tickets at the same time you know. So, you don’t need to bother downloading applications anymore for booking hotels where you stay later.

Reviews (Amount of Reviewer)4.5 (362,860)
Install it10M +
Android Minimum4.4

Ticket Application 8466b
Tiketcom Hotel Plane Icon – Hotels & Airplanes
DOWNLOAD in fact is the first online travel agent in Indonesia, also recognized as one of the most complete.

This application provides flight ticket reservations, trains, hotel rooms, car rentals, and various other travel needs, friends.

Not to mention the many attractive discounts provided by this application suitable for you cheap airplane ticket hunters.
Reviews (Amount of Reviewer)4.5 (117,792)
Install it10M +
Android Minimum4.3

2. Mudik Track Monitoring Application

A few days before the 2019 Lebaran homecoming, always take time to monitor the development of the homecoming route to my hometown.

You can rely on news on TV or mobile applications to monitor the latest traffic lanes, so you avoid traffic jams when going home.

Here are the homecoming applications that can help you.


Rttmc A640f application
RTTMC 01fcd

Application RTTMC is a mobile version of the web which contains information about traffic, especially national roads which are the authority of the Director General of the Center for Transportation, the Ministry of Transportation.

RTTMC is equipped with features CCTV streaming (live streaming) from various regions, traffic news information, important numbers, etc.

DeveloperRTTMC 2016
Reviews (Amount of Reviewer)4.4 (248)
Install it10K +
Android Minimum4.0


The Ntmc Tv 70159 application
Ntmc Tv Icon
Productivity iBOLZ

NTMC TV or NTMC POLRI TV is an application that presents information about the state of traffic that is broadcast in a way real-time from CCTV in the Metro Area and POLDA.

With the presence of this facility, of course it will really help you in choosing the path that will be traversed to the destination to avoid traffic jams, friends.

InformationNTMC TV
Reviews (Amount of Reviewer)4.3 (10,020)
Install it100K +
Android Minimum4.0

3. Maps and Navigation Applications

After the ticket is-booking and the date for Eid homecoming is determined, you certainly can be calm.

But for those of you who use rental cars or private vehicles for going home, it would be wise if you install the navigation map application to help travel back and forth.

Here are some applications that can help you to find alternative ways when stuck in traffic or not getting lost.

Google Maps

Google Maps Bb5a5 application
Google Maps Icon
Google Maps for Android
Productivity Google Inc.

I guess everyone already knows this application. Google Maps is an application that allows you to get GPS navigation and also traffic real-time.

Not only that, this application can also provide information advice about restaurants and the nearest gas station, friends

InformationGoogle Maps
DeveloperGoogle LLC
Reviews (Amount of Reviewer)4.3 (10,231,521)
Install it5B +
Android Minimum4.4


Waze Fdf48 application
Waze Icon
Waze Social GPS Maps & Traffic
Productivity Waze

Still similar to before, Waze is a map application that can navigate you to arrive at your destination comfortably.

Waze also provides features that will tell you about traffic, police, collisions, and much more in a way real-time.

Reviews (Amount of Reviewer)4.6 (7,471,183)
Install it100M +
Android Minimum4.1

4. Online Workshop Application

We never know when the incident happened when going home Lebaran. Because of long traffic jams, it is not impossible for your vehicle to strike or a tire to leak.

If your preparation is not cooked, you might have a hard time. Well, here are the applications that you can download to anticipate this problem.

Screwdriver (Online Workshop)

The 6c9aa screwdriver application
Beta Icon Screwdriver
Screwdriver – Online Repair Shop (Beta)
Productivity PT. One Technology Circle

Screwdriver is an application designed to make it easier for you to get the nearest garage location.

Not only that, the workshop owner can also register the workshop so that it can be easily found.

That way, your homecoming trip will be calmer and more fun.

InformationScrewdriver (Online Workshop)
DeveloperPT. Pelangi Cipta Solusitama
Reviews (Amount of Reviewer)4.3 (184)
Install it10K +
Android Minimum4.0

5. Battery Saver Application

If you rely on an Android smartphone as an assistant to help travel back and forth, smartphone batteries will quickly run out.

Well, if you don’t have a smartphone equipped with a large battery capacity or power bank, then you must have a battery saver application.

Here are some recommendations from ApkVenue.

DU Battery Saver Pro

Du Battery Saver 9f461 application
Du Battery Saver De5c5
DU Battery Saver Pro – Battery Charger

The only solution to save and increase charging speed is to close applications that are running in the background and unnecessary connections.

Application DU Battery Saver Pro this gives you a solution to optimizing faster charging automatically.

InformationDU Battery Saver
Developermark Jayson
Reviews (Amount of Reviewer)3.9 (357)
Install it10K +
Android Minimum4.0


Greenify 11295 application
Greenify Icon
Developer Tools Oasis Feng

Greenify claimed to be an application that can make your mobile run smoothly like when you first bought it.

This application helps you identify and put the problem application into hibernation mode when it is no longer being used actively to keep the battery saving.

DeveloperOasis Feng
Reviews (Amount of Reviewer)4.4 (295,497)
Install it10M +
Android Minimum5.0

6. Music Application

Homecoming trips will be bored if there is no entertainment. Imagine, right, if along the way you are faced with traffic jams and crowded? It must be stressful.

Well, so as not to stress with the trip back and forth crowded creeping, prepare a music application as entertainment on your Android.

Here, ApkVenue give recommendations for a good and popular music player application.


Spotify B1a3d application
Spotify Music Apk Icon
Video & Audio Spotify

Spotify is a service application streamed music that allows you to access songs all over the world. You can listen to songs from playlist artist or album.

Not only can you listen to music, this Spotify application also allows you to listen Podcast with a variety of choices.

DeveloperSpotify Ltd.
Reviews (Amount of Reviewer)4.6 (15,101,578)
Install it500M +
Android Minimum4.1


Joox De2b4 application
Joox Music Icon
JOOX Music – Live Now!
Video & Audio Tencent Mobility Limited

Still the same as before, Joox also provides music streaming services from various artists around the world.

Songs in this application you can also listen to offline by downloading it.

DeveloperTencent Mobility Limited
Reviews (Amount of Reviewer)4.6 (5,286,780)
Install it100M +
Android Minimum4.1

7. Social Media Applications

Through social media applications you can share information about the Lebaran holiday experience that you passed.

Not just to share experiences, you can also search for information on homecoming 2019 through the following social media applications.


Instagram 1fa8e application
Instagram Icon
Photo & Imaging Instagram

Who doesn’t know this one popular application? I think almost all people use Instagram on the cellphone.

Instagram is a social media application for sharing photos with followers of your account or even the whole world.

This application with a community of more than 1 billion people is guaranteed not to make your homecoming trip boring.

Reviews (Amount of Reviewer)4.5 (82,154,364)
Install it1B +
Android Minimum4.4


15dec Facebook application
Facebook Icon
Facebook for Android
Social & Messaging Facebook, Inc.

Thanks to the presence of various social media applications such as Facebook Facebook now communicates with friends, relatives and family so it’s easier and faster.

This Facebook application not only allows you to post photos, but also other things such as videos, status, to link a website.

Reviews (Amount of Reviewer)4.1 (87,335,904)
Install it1B +
Android Minimum4.4

The final word

Well, there are 13 cool application recommendations to accompany your homecoming.

While your smartphone memory and internet quota are still a lot, let’s, install the applications earlier so that you will be more fun going home for Lebaran 2019!