Want to get free Bitcoin and make you suddenly rich? ApkVenue has summarized a collection of ways to get free Bitcoin on An droid’s cell phone (mandatory try).

Do you consider digital money investment like Bitcoin still profitable today?

If so, then you don’t need much capital to participate. The problem is now available a lot how to get free Bitcoin which can be tried.

You can even do it directly on your Android mobile with a number of applications that can also be downloaded for free. How do you complete it? Come, see the following review of ApkVenue.

What is Bitcoin and a Short Explanation?

Before you are interested in trying to get free Bitcoin, you need to have a basic understanding of what Bitcoin is and how it works.

Indeed Bitcoin has become one of the digital money aliases cryptocurrency whose value skyrocketed at the end of 2017 until early 2018 ago.

So, what is Bitcoin and what is its initial history?

So, Bitcoin first released to the public in January 2009, then Satoshi Nakamoto through his scientific work entitled “Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System”.

Satoshi Nakamoto Bitcoin D3c6e

Oh, yes, Satoshi Nakamoto This is also not a person’s name, but an ID on an organizational forum that studies technology peer-to-peer.

Bitcoin continued to grow under Satoshi’s hands, until in 2010 he handed it over Gavin Andersen who is currently the leader the developer on the Bitcoin Foundation.

In addition to the facts above, it turns out that the Bitcoin that you use also has its own characteristics and ways of working, for example, a limited amount and many enthusiasts.

As for other Bitcoin characteristics, such as:

  • Bitcoin is not physical, but virtual on a computer system.
  • The number of Bitcoin is limited, there are only 21 million BTC available and will not increase.
  • Can be broken down to a smaller nominal, for example 0.001 BTC and below.
  • Bitcoin tends to be stable and will not experience degradation.
  • It’s hard to make fake Bitcoin thanks to the system Blockchain.
  • Can be transferred anywhere via virtual channels.

Well, for a full discussion of the system blockchain, the benefits and risks of investing through Bitcoin you can read in this article: What Is Bitcoin & How Can You Invest in It?

What is the 6c67a Bitcoin Banner?

What Is Bitcoin & How Can You Play it Up Profit?

What is bitcoin? And how to get it? The following is a complete explanation of bitcoin with recommendations for bitcoin miner software.

Collection of How to Get Free Bitcoin on Android Phones

Are you more interested in starting a Bitcoin investment, but you still feel too beginner and don’t have the capital? You don’t need to be afraid anymore!

Now only armed with smartphone Android only, you can already get Bitcoin for free through various channel which you can access yourself.

Whose name is free, of course you won’t get Bitcoin in a fantastic amount. Here you will only get digital money in a matter of Satoshi only.

Satoshi Nakamoto Bitcoin Unit C8c75

Then what is Satoshi?

So Satoshi is the smallest unit size in Bitcoin (1 Satoshi = 0.00000001 BTC). So you really need extra effort in collecting it.

Instead of lingering, here are some methods to get free Bitcoin armed with a Bitcoin-producing application that you can download for free on your Android phone.

1. BTC Safari – Free Bitcoin

How to get Bitcoin Btc Safari 028cb

For the first recommendation, there is BTC Safari – Free Bitcoin which is the easiest way to get Bitcoin that you can try.

This application will pay you once every 15 minutes and allow you to get up to 400 Satoshi in one claim.

BTC Safari is fairly easy to use and doesn’t have too many features.

Even though it looks like a normal application, BTC Safari can still be trusted. To use it, you just have to register your e-mail address and Bitcoin Wallet address.


  • Give up to 400 Satoshi in 15 minutes
  • Feature referral allows to get Satoshi in more numbers


  • User interface and the display looks less professional
Details BTC Safari – Free Bitcoin
Developer BTC SAFARI
Minimal OS Android 4.0 and higher
Size 1.5MB
Rating (Google Play) 3.5 / 5.0

Download BTC Safari here:

Btc Safari How to Get Bitcoin Icon
BTC Safari – How to Get Bitcoin
Productivity BTC SAFARI

2. Claim Free Bitcoin

How to get Claim Free Bitcoin Bitcoin E7de0

The way the Bitcoin-producing application works is called Claim Free Bitcoin This is also not too different as before.

In this application you will be able to make claims on a number of Satoshi that can be withdrawn every 15 minutes. Oh yes, in a single claim you can get up to the maximum 1500 Satoshi, friends

In appearance, you will get some instructions on how to use and gifts you can get. It’s quite tempting for you to try it right away, right?


  • Give up to 1500 Satoshi maximum in 15 minutes
  • The best security system (not compatible with di-root)


  • Cannot run on an Android phone with low specifications
Details Claim Free Bitcoin
Developer JPLabs
Minimal OS Android 4.4 and higher
Size 7.9MB
Rating (Google Play) 4.1 / 5.0

Download Claim Free Bitcoin here:

Claim Free Bitcoin 5e3d7
Claim Free Bitcoin

Other Ways to Get Free Bitcoin …

3. CashPirate – Make & Earn Money

How to get Bitcoin Cashpirate 3b816

CashPirate – Make & Earn Money it is basically not a direct producer of Bitcoin applications.

But you can choose the payment option using Bitcoin every time you pay and it will be directly transferred to your Bitcoin Wallet account.

CashPirate is also claimed by many to be the fastest and easiest application to get Bitcoin for free.

Here you only need to complete a number of tasks, such as downloading applications, answering surveys, watching videos, to registering for certain offers.

Collection of coins in the CashPirate application and then exchange with Bitcoin. It’s easy, right?


  • There are various options to be able to raise money
  • Many other payment options besides Bitcoin, like Paypal and so on


  • Display is lacking user-friendly for novice users
Details CashPirate – Make & Earn Money
Developer ayeT-Studios
Minimal OS Android 2.23 and higher
Size 1.3MB
Rating (Google Play) 4.4 / 5.0

Download CashPirate – Make & Earn Money here:

Cashpirate Money Making Application 1 Icon
CashPirate – Money Making Application
Productivity ayeT-Studios

4. Storm Play – Crypto, Bitcoin & Ethereum for Free (Most Recommended)

How to Get Bitcoin Storm Play B2feb

Then there Storm Play – Crypto, Bitcoin & Ethereum for Free relatively easy to play and use by novice users.

Application Storm Play or former name Bitmaker it has two mechanisms for getting digital money.

First, you can get it every 30 minutes by opening the application and watching the advertisement video in it.

Second, you can follow a variety of tasks that are given such asdownload it application and others.

The more tasks you play, of course the more the nominal amount of Bitcoin you can produce. Really profitable.


  • Two different options for getting Bitcoin for free
  • User interface easy to understand for novice players


  • Some often appear a bug and email scam
Details Storm Play – Crypto, Bitcoin & Ethereum for Free
Developer ayeT-Studios
Minimal OS Android 2.2.3 and higher
Size 1.3MB
Rating (Google Play) 4.4 / 5.0

Download Storm Play – Crypto, Bitcoin & Ethereum for Free here:

Storm Play Crypto Bitcoin Ethereum For Free 82690
Storm Play – Crypto, Bitcoin & Ethereum for Free

5. Sweatcoin

How to get Bitcoin Sweatcoin 0652d

Can Bitcoin be free for all sports to keep your body in good shape? It can really if you use this application!

Sweatcoin is an application cryptocurrency which requires you to exercise and get free Bitcoin according to your efforts.

This application will scan using GPS location and convert steps into Sweatcoins units.

Even though it’s only available in the United States, United Kingdom and Ireland, you can too install it Current Sweatcoin and this application will provide notifications when available in your country.


  • Can be used as an option to exercise while looking for Bitcoin
  • Selection redeem diverse and profitable


  • Only available exclusively in some countries
Details Sweatcoin
Developer Sweatco Ltd
Minimal OS Android 4.4 and higher
Size 24MB
Rating (Google Play) 3.9 / 5.0

Download Sweatcoin here:

Sweatcoin 3df14

Beberapa aplikasi di atas mungkin tidak akan bertahan lama di Google Play Store berkaitan dengan keamanan dan legalitas aplikasi. Jika kamu menemukan masalah atau punya rekomendasi lain, jangan sungkan untuk tulis pada kolom komentar.

Other Recommended Tips for Getting Bitcoin for Free

To maximize your Bitcoin income, there are some other tips to get free Bitcoin that you can do easily, armed with cellphones or at least a laptop.

What are those? Here are some of them, friends.

1. Write Freelance

For you who like to write, you can become author freelance which provides job wages with Bitcoin payments.

Here you can write in various forums related to cryptocurrency, as Bitcointalk, Jobs 4 Bitcoin on Reddit and others.

But here of course you must have complete knowledge about Bitcoin and other digital currencies. So you have to learn and understand first.

2. Install Affiliate Ads

Have you ever created your own blog and managed it to get quite high traffic? You can really use it to get Bitcoin.

You can be affiliated with advertising providers, like CoinURL and install it on blog sites or on various social media, like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

Oh yes, it’s worth remembering to use CoinURL you have to use it domain in the form of .com, .net and others. Certainly not a free blog, yes!

3. Doing Online Tasks

Just like what is offered by some Bitcoin-producing applications that ApkVenue has reviewed above, some of these sites require you doing online assignments to get Bitcoin.

The work you do is fairly easy, like visiting a site, visitingdownload it application, watch certain videos and see available advertisements.

Some site recommendations that you can use, among others Ads4btc, CoinAdder or CoinWorker.

Bonus: A Collection of Beneficial Cryptocurrency Besides Bitcoin, Must Try!

Speak cryptocurrency obviously it will not be far from the name of Bitcoin thanks to its popularity.

But besides Bitcoin, apparently there are also a number cryptocurrency which has not much value, you know. What are the recommendations?

1. Ethereum

First there Ethereum who once competed with Bitcoin.

Indeed Ethereum or ETH cannot be used to carry out digital transactions, but rather to make complex contracts and programs.

For the value of an Ethereum the current ranges between US $ 140.86 or around Rp1.9 million.

2. Bitcoin Cash

Then there Bitcoin Cash or BCH which is indeed an alternative choice besides the limited amount of Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Cash rolled into the digital money exchange on August 1, 2017 and has a BCH exchange rate around US $ 133.20 or equivalent Rp1.8 million.

Other Beneficial Cryptocurrency …

For those of you who are still curious and to see the list cryptocurrency that you must make a prospect for this year, check out here: 7 Most Expensive Cryptocurrency Apart from Bitcoin, Make Tajir!

Bitcoin 28d9b

This is the Most Expensive Cryptocurrency Apart from Bitcoin, Having 1 Silver Makes a Twist!

Did you know that there are many kinds of digital currencies or cryptocurrency? In fact there are also tablets whose prices are not much more expensive than Bitcoin.

The final word

Well, that’s a number of ways to get free Bitcoin on Android phones, along with a few other tips to increase your income.

Indeed, the payment you receive is only in small amounts, so you must need extra patience to collect it.

Good luck and hopefully useful, yes!

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