5 online tryout sites for UTBK SBMPTN 2019 preparation free! You will learn to answer SBMPTN questions at the following online tryout site.

Are you preparing to enter State Universities (PTN) through the SBMPTN UTBK path? If so, here’s ApkVenue’s share 5 free online tryout sites for UTBK SBMPTN preparation.

To face Computer Based Writing Test aka UTBK SBMPTN of course you have to prepare as early as possible.

Learning to face the test is certainly the most mandatory thing you can do right now.

For example, by following online tryout. This is needed so that you are trained in working on problems.

5 Free Online Tryout Sites for 2019 SBMPTN Preparation

Tryout Online 9 E8557

Well, some of the online tryout sites that ApkVenue has chosen below are definitely free.

You only need computer or laptop and also Internet access to do an online tryout.

You can try to work on the 2019 SBMPTN UTBK questions below independently, with tutors, or study together with friends.

By gaining experience working on the exam questions, then you will not be surprised when taking the exam and guaranteed to be better prepared.

Immediately, here 5 SBMPTN 2019 online tryout websites Free.

1 Tryout.id

Tryout Online Tryoutid 81637

The first tryout online SBMPTN 2019 preparation site is Tryout.id.

On this online tryout site, you will be helped to practice and prepare for various kinds of exams, one of which is SBMPTN.

In addition to the SBMPTN exam, this site also provides online tryout for elementary, junior high, high school, vocational, STAN, CPNS, Midwifery, and Banking exams.

Tryout.id can be said to be the most comprehensive and best learning center for questions and discussions in Indonesia.

To do an online tryout at Tryout.id, you must register first.

You can register on the site directly and for free.

After you have finished registering, you can immediately follow the online tryout by selecting the SBMPTN menu located on the Home Page.

There you will find thousands of questions ranging from Chemistry, Physics, Indonesian, English, Mathematics, History, Economics, to Academic Potential Tests.

All questions provided are questions of the previous year complete with the answer.

2 Teacher’s room

Tryout Online Teacher's Room 797b8

The second SBMPTN online tryout site is Teacher’s room.

Just like Tryout.id, before you do an online tryout on this site you also have to register in advance free of charge.

After you register, you can directly download SBMPTN questions the Teacher’s Room has provided.

Here you will find questions ranging from Indonesian, English, Basic Mathematics, Biology, Economics, Geography, History, to Sociology.

There are 10 complete questions along with answer key and discussion for each of these subjects.

Unfortunately to be able to really feel full try out online You have to pay some money first.

If you want a free package, you can only download the questions and do them offline.

3 Come on Try out

Tryout Online Come on Tryout 8bbd6

The next SBMPTN online tryout site is Come on Try out. Just like the two sites that ApkVenue wrote before, you can do a free online tryout on this site.

Before you do an online tryout on Come on! Try Out, you must request the code first via Official Line @ayotryout

After you receive the code, login using the code.

On this site there is a score passing grade old version and the latest version. Then, there are also answer keys and discussion questions.

Do not stop there, you will be ranked nationally, you know.

There are two types of questions on this site viz SAINTEK and SOSHUM. You can choose whether you want SAINTEK (IPA) or SOSHUM (IPS).

Unfortunately, to get full access and do try out questions online, you must become a premium member of this site by paying a sum of money.

4 Utron

Tryout Online 4 02b6e

Next, there is an SBMPTN online tryout site called Utron.

On this site you can do an online tryout for preparing SBMPTN without being charged any fees, aka free.

After you register by filling in your full name, school, and email, you can immediately work on the questions.

There are three types of questions provided by Utron, viz SAINTEK TKA, TPS, and SOSHUM TKA.

For SAINTEK / IPA, you will work on SAINTEK TPS and TKA questions, then later you will get points added from both materials to be divided by 10. From the results, you can find out passing grade you.

While for IPS / SOSHUM, the rules are the same as SAINTEK / IPA. Only the type of the problem is different.

Each question also has a different point weight depending on the level of difficulty such as the 2018 SBMPTN assessment system.

Well, the tryout results will immediately appear and be sent via email.

For ones free of charge You can directly work on SBMPTN questions online, even though the choice of questions is limited.

5 SBMPTN Training

Tryout Online Sbmptn Fdfe4 Training

The last tryout online SBMPTN preparation site is SBMPTN Training.

To work on online tryout questions on this site, you must register or register in advance for free.

After that, you can immediately do SBMPTN 2019 tryout simulation.

There are 3 types of questions on this site namely Saintek, Soshum, and Mixed.

When working on problems, you will be given about the time 75 minutes to answer a total of 75 questions available.

After it’s done, you can see Your score is complete with the correct answer.

Same as some SBMPTN sites above, to get online try out access full service You have to pay a sum starting from Rp. 200 thousand.

The final word

That’s him 5 online tryout sites for the 2019 SBMPTN preparation from ApkVenue.

Happy learning and hope you can enter the PTN of your choice!

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