Do you like to watch good movies but go to the movies? Instead of pirating movies illegally, it’s better to download 10 free and legal movie watching apps.

One of the most suitable activities to unwind is watching a movie. But if you watch movies in the cinema every day, wow, might be a raisin.

Not again effort that we have to spend to go there, is certainly expensive and makes us tired. Well, you should be grateful for technological advancements.

Currently, you can watch the latest and best films for free through the Android application, the friends. Don’t worry, this application is legal.

10 Applications to Watch Legal Cinema Movies for Free on Android

Instead of you visiting a watching site and downloading free movies on the internet that are clearly illegal, you should download the following application.

But keep in mind, not all movie content in the application you can enjoy for free. You need to pay a subscription fee to unlock all the premium features of the application.

1. Netflix

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Netflix is the world’s largest provider of film and TV streaming services. There are so many good movies and series that you can enjoy through Netflix.

Not only providing films and series, Netflix even [makes its own films and TV series that airs exclusively on this platform.

You can watch your favorite movie for free for 30 days with Free Trial. After that, you are free to subscribe or not.


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The next legal movie streaming application is HOOQ, friends Unlike Netflix, HOOQ is a collaboration application between Warner Bros., Sony Pictures, and Singtel.

Even though it’s Singapore-owned, there are plenty of Indonesian films you can watch at HOOQ. The quality of Indonesian films today is no less with Hollywood, you know.

Just like Netflix, you can watch movies on HOOQ for free through Free Trial, friends The subscription price is not expensive.

3. Iflix

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If you want to find a legal and free movie watching application similar to Netflix, you can try looking at the application called Iflix, friends

Iflix has also collaborated with publisher several films to show the film exclusively on Iflix. For example, the film Orang Kaya Baru, Love Letter for Starla, and many more.

Some movies on Iflix you can enjoy for free. However, you must pay a subscription fee to access without limits.

4. Genflix

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Next, there is an application to watch a legal film called Genflix. This one application is relatively new when compared with all the applications in this article.

This movie collection application is quite a lot. Starting from Indonesian films, Hollywood films, Thai films, to football broadcasts you can enjoy for free.

By paying IDR 49 thousand per month, you can enjoy all the content without advertisements, free movie downloads, even using accounts on 3 different devices.

5. Viu

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At number 5 there is Viu which can be an option for those of you who like watching Korean dramas. Viu also provides a variety of Japanese dramas and other Asian dramas.

Viu also provides several popular series and films from neighboring countries, such as Malaysia. This free movie watching application is legal, really.

You can watch movie content and other Asian dramas for free. However, only premium users can access Viu premium content, friends.

Other Free and Legal Movie Watch Applications …

6. Amazon Prime Video

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Amazon is a technology company from the United States that focuses on the sector eCommerce. Just like Google, Amazon’s business is also everywhere.

Since 2006, Amazon has a streaming service named Amazon Prime Video. This application provides lots of movie titles and series that you can watch.

Because it comes from the US such as Netflix, the price of subscribing to this application is quite expensive. Even so, the price worth it, really, with the content provided.

7. Viki

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Viki is a film streaming service application based in the United States. Viki is also a subsidiary of the company eCommerse Japanese giant, Rakuten.

This free movie watching application focuses on the best Asian dramas, ranging from Korean dramas, Chinese dramas, and many more.

You can also enjoy music videos from your favorite K-Pop groups, you know. Viki can still be used free of charge even though it’s not in HD quality and there are advertisements.

8. Catchplay +

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The next streaming service provider application is Catchplay +. This one application has library quite a complete movie, you know.

Ranging from action films, drama films, comedy films, and much more. Catchplay + also always has an always-on-film collection an update.

There is one more advantage of this one application. You can rent a movie if you’re just interested in watching a particular film. Certainly more efficient than watching a movie.

9. GoPlay

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GoPlay is the latest service from Gojek. This service is intended for you who like to stream the best films.

Content from GoPlay is not as much as other streaming applications. Naturally, though, because this application is only a few months old.

The uniqueness of GoPlay is that this one application is integrated with other Gojek services, such as GoFood. In fact, you can pick up a GoPlay subscription package with a GoFood discount voucher bonus.

10. HBO GO

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The last one on this list is HBO GO, i.e. streaming service on demand owned by premium television networks, HBO.

If you like watching HBO original television series like Game of Thrones, Watchmen, or Silicon Valley, HBO GO is the right application for you.

If you are not familiar, you also don’t need to worry because HBO GO also provides movies the mainstream others that you will definitely like.

The final word

Thus ApkVenue’s article about 10 legal free movie watching applications. Do you still like to hijack movies these days?

You don’t need to pay fees to the cinema anymore. You just enjoy free or paid content provided by the 10 applications above.

See you in another interesting article, ApkVenue. Don’t forget to leave traces of comments in the available column.

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