Want abundant Mobile Legend diamonds? Here, try out the 4 Mobile Legends diamond-producing applications for free!

For you who really like playing games Mobile Legends of course already familiar with the name diamond?

Being a valuable object as well as a currency in ML games, unfortunately this diamond is not easy for you to get.

Though this diamond you can use for several things such as buying skins, heroes, and others which of course are very much hunted by true gamers of the Mobile Legends game.

Fortunately, there are so many ways to get free Mobile Legends diamonds on the internet, one of which is through diamond producing application.

4 Free Diamond Mobile Legends Producing Applications

In an era that is too sophisticated and instant like now, everything that was difficult to obtain is now even easier, including for diamond ML business, the friends.

Besides using cheat many games circulating on the internet, apparently there are other ways to get diamond ML for free, one of them through the application.

It might be difficult to find applications that provide diamond Mobile Legends directly and for free.

But you can use other applications such as credit-generating applications and money-making applications so you can exchange them for purchasing Diamond Mobile Legends.

Well, for those of you who want to know the free Mobile Legends diamond-producing application, please try the following recommendations.


The Jakpat 2d505 application
Jakpat Icon Pulses Generating Application
JakPat – Pulses Generating Application
Productivity JAKPAT Team

The first application that you can use to get Diamond Mobile Legends for free, i.e. JAKPAT or Poll.

This JAKPAT application promises variety reward which you can choose yourself, you know.

But to get reward You must complete the surveys in this application first.

Every survey available in the JAKPAT application has a number reward in the form of different points.

Later this point you must collect to exchange for a variety of attractive prizes, one of which pulses.

Well, if you get the credit, you can use it to buy Diamond Mobile Legends.

That way, now you can buy Mobile Legends diamond for free.

2. Cashtree

Cashtree 103f3 application
Cashtree Logo Icon
Cashtree: Share the Prizes Continue

Cashtree is one application that can provide free pulses to users for free you know.

This application will later display several ads from a number brand when you want to unlock the smartphone screen.

Interestingly, when you take one of the actions (unlock the smartphone or open the ad) the user will be rewarded in the form of nominal cash that can be exchanged for credit.

Even so, unfortunately not all ads that appear on your HP lock screen will provide cash rewards.

In addition, one of the advantages of the Cashtree application is that it supports several operators such as Telkomsel, Indosat, Axis, XL, Tri, and Smartfren.

By using this application, you can buy Diamond Mobile Legend using pulses that have been obtained.

3. Nimo TV

The Nimo Tv Fba0e application
Nimo Tv Watch Game Live Streaming B6ad2
Nimo TV Watch Live Streaming Game

For you gamers maybe familiar with the leading live streaming application, Nimo TV, yes.

It turns out that through this application you can also get it reward in the form of virtual money commonly called Gems.

But, to get the reward you must do the conditions live streaming any game first in this application.

Later you will get a number of Gems from viewers who like and of course watch your live streaming.

In addition, Gems that you have obtained can also be converted to dollars, you know, with a calculation of $ 1 which is 125 Gems.

Wow, the results of this conversion are pretty good for you to buy Mobile Legends diamonds for free.

For you who like gaming, you can try the application.

4. Vodi

Vodi Ed5f6 application
Vodiok 5b589

The next Mobile Legend diamond producing application viz Vodi, friends

Vodi is an application to send texts, make phone calls, or video calls for free like a chat application.

The difference is that every time you do these activities in this application, then the user will be rewarded in the form of points called later V-coins.

Not only through that activity, you can also get additional V-coins in other ways, you know.

One way is to watch the short video footage provided.

Later, the points that have been collected can you exchange with pulses. So, you can use this credit to buy Mobile Legends diamonds. It’s easy?

The final word

That’s the 4 Mobile Legends diamond-producing applications for free.

How to not too difficult right? Hopefully the information from ApkVenue is useful this time.

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