Are you bored with the same Android Play Store games? Here, ApkVenue give you a list of some of the best, legal, and free Android game download applications (update 2020).

Playing Android games on smartphones has now become the main choice for most gamers, when compared to playing games on a console or PC.

Whether it’s playing games Mobile Legends, PUBG Mobile, or maybe the worm game that is currently on the rise and even played by many women.

The flexibility of an Android smartphone that can be played anytime and anywhere is certainly one of the reasons why this can happen.

Well, for you Android OS users, in this article ApkVenue will give you a few recommendations the best Android game download application other than the Google Play Store that you must try. Check it out!

Recommended Application to Download the Best Games on the Android OS

Besides Google Play Store which became the official application and game store from Google, apparently there are also many other platforms that provide game downloads for smartphone Android.

DOWNLOAD Google Play Store

By downloading using the .XAPK or .APK format, you will certainly be given the convenience of downloading and also transfering the raw file to another device.

Then what Android game download application does ApkVenue recommend? Come on, see the full list below yes!

1. 9Apps

Download Children's Games 80594

Photo source: 9Apps (9Apps can be an alternative to download free Android games besides Play Store).

First there 9Apps, a third-party application store that provides alternative games that you can try on an Android device.

9Apps is also one of the biggest game and application download services in the world with total downloads of more than 20 million per day.

Not only provides recommendations for games and Android applications, 9Apps also provides Mini Games which you can play directly in the application.

In appearance too, the free Android game download application is fairly sufficient friendly, You can browsing games based on the best, newest games, trending, to its category.

The advantages of 9Apps Lack of 9Apps
User interface enough friendly and makes it easy for the moment browsing There are ‘redundant’ features such as Tools Cleaner in the application
There are Mini Games features to play free games without having to install it
Database applications and games are complete

2. Amazon Appstore

Download the 5f822 War Game

As a big rival of Google, Amazon also provides a download service for applications and games called Amazon Appstore.

Amazon Appstore is also available as the primary choice on Amazon Fire smartphones, although you can download it on other Android smartphones.

In addition to a number of free games, here you can also get other services, such as e-book, movies, and also songs in it.

Unfortunately compared to the Google Play Store, the database contained in the Amazon Appstore game download application is not yet complete.

Amazon Appstore Advantages Amazon Appstore Drawbacks
Contains casual games that are suitable for all ages Database for popular game titles incomplete
User interface clean and not wordy

3. App (Most popular game download application)

Download the Latest 2020 Game 1c81f

Photo source: App (starting from downloading the worm game to downloading offline games, the app has it all).

Then there App which provides the best Android game download services as well asan update for some popular games, such as Mobile Legends to PUBG Mobile.

In this one Android game download application, you will have no trouble getting the games that are only available on region for example PUBG Mobile KR which only exists in South Korea.

Of course to play the game, you need other settings, such as using an Android VPN application to be able to play it.

Accordingly user interface given, you will be given many categories and the ease of downloading and installing applications in it.

So, if you want to download the latest games for free other than through the Play Store, this app is one of the best.

Advantages of App Lack of Appropriate
Update applications and games as fast as the Play Store version Some applications and games sometimes a bug and can’t be installed
There are several games that are on region different, like Japan, Korea, China, and Europe
There is a Headline feature to see an update from the App and the user

4. TapTap

23bc7 Game Download Application

TapTap provide different elements where this application is specifically used for you who want to download the latest and most complete free games from China, Korea, and Braids.

Accordingly user interface given too, generally when you do the download will be given the option of Mandarin, so you have a little difficulty in doing the search here.

But certainly, you can get exclusive games that are only available on region certain.

For example, such as MOBA mobile game Kings of Glory or War Song, to other Android games such as Final Fantasy Brave Exvius.

Advantages of TapTap Lack of TapTap
Provides special games for the Asian region, such as China, Japan, and Korea Some displays still use Mandarin
Difficult to find raw files if you want to move to another device

5. Samsung Galaxy Store

63f6a Free Android Game Download Application

Especially for Samsung Galaxy Android HP users, you can also get some exclusive games in the service Samsung Galaxy Store.

This Android game download application is also directly available on every Samsung Galaxy device, along with Google Play.

Here you can download free and most popular HP games, like Fortnite Mobile, Brawl Stars, to Badland Brawl that you can play.

In addition, you can also download a variety of the best offline games which will certainly make the internet quota still efficient. Really good!

The advantages of the Samsung Galaxy Store Lack of Samsung Galaxy Store
There are exclusive games that are not in the Play Store, such as Fornite Mobile Only available for devices smartphone Samsung Galaxy
Option to downloaddownload it theme and ringtone special

6. APKMirror

F9157 Free Android Game Download Application

APKMirror in fact it is not a full application store service, but rather a site that provides it backup applications and games of various types the developer inside it.

Here you can find several applications and games in the version beta or what you can’t find on Google Play.

There are also applications in several previous versions that you can install it, if the latest application is experiencing a bug or problem.

In addition, if you work as a person the developer Your Android application can also upload your .APK file to it. So, you don’t just jump in to download the game without contributing.

Advantages of APKMirror Lack of APKMirror
There are a collection of applications and games from various the developer (including version beta) Display user interface not easy for ordinary users to understand
Have the database .APK older version to anticipate a bug and error

7. Aptoide

Download F9da5 Free Android Games

Then there is another best alternative application market, viz Aptoide which you can use as a user of an Android operating system based device.

This Android game download application is famous for being a bug which is minimal and more stable for you to use when searching and downloading games.

In addition to free games, you can also buy games premium by using AppCoins.

AppCoins you can get for free through the system reward given after you do several missions, like install it certain applications or games.

Advantages of Aptoide Lack of Aptoide
There are AppCoins features for purchasing premium games for free There are ads in the application that can be lost via a purchase option
Also supports payment options other than credit cards, for example using GO-PAY
Complete and updated database, same as Play Store version

8. Uptodown App Store (Alternative download of Android HP games)

7623c Free Game Download Application

Photo source: Uptodown App Store (Want to download the latest 2020 game? You can get it for free on the Uptodown App Store app).

Do you want to download war games, races or other for free? Besides passing the above applications, Uptodown App Store also one of them you can choose.

This one game download application provides a large selection of famous games from various local or foreign developers like the Play Store.

In addition, this application also provides an application update feature so you don’t need to re-download the APK file every time there is a newer version.

With display user interface simple and clean from annoying advertisements, Uptodown App Store might be an alternative if you are looking for a free game download application.

Advantages Deficiency
UI appearance is simple and not confusing List of games is not made per category so it is less comfortable to see
Clean from annoying advertisements
Lightweight application

9. F-Droid

Download Children's Games A28e6

Finally there is a free Android HP game download application called F-Droid which you might be able to make as an alternative to the Play Store.

Not much different from the game download application before, F-Droid also offers hundreds or even thousands of Android games which of course you can download for free.

You can download cooking games or whatever you want to your heart’s content.

It’s just that, compared to other game download applications, the library of games on F-Droid is arguably lacking in updates or old school gangs.

Advantages Deficiency
The user interface is simple and easy to use List of games less updated and even old school
Light application used There are no famous games
Provides many free game titles UI appearance is less modern

The final word

Well, that’s a recommendation for the best alternative Android game download application Google Play Store that you can use for free.

Now you no longer need to feel bored when the exciting game stock is finished you play.

Do you have the best and fun graphic Android game recommendations that you must try? Come on, write your opinion in the comments column, yes!

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