Confused looking for an Android CCTV application to protect your home from thieves? Here it is an Android application that can be used as CCTV to monitor homes remotely.

Want to go home during Lebaran, but afraid your house will be left empty and become a target for thieves?

Going home is one of the traditions that is continuously carried out every year. Only when you are going home can you spend time with your family.

However, what happens if the house is empty because left behind going home? A thief might come in and steal.

You don’t need to be afraid, because you can have free CCTV in your home by using Cheap Android phones which is rarely used.

Precisely using the Android CCTV application recommendation ApkVenue, the following!

The Best CCTV Android Application 2019

CCTV or Closed Circuit Television commonly known as a device used to secure a certain area.

CCTV is closed and safe because it uses a cable connected to the DVR. Then, the image raised via CCTV will be recorded.

Usually, CCTV devices are found in offices and factories. However, now many are using it as a means of securing private homes.

For those of you who want to have CCTV but don’t have more money, you can use an old Android device that is still running to be a CCTV.

You do this by using the free CCTV application that ApkVenue has listed below:

1. Alfred Home Security Camera

CCTV Android Application 1 Fc651

Alfred Home Security Camera is one of the best Android CCTV applications that you can use today.

The reason is, you can use your cheap cellphone that isn’t used anymore to increase security in your home.

Even if you don’t have two cellphones, you can still access the CCTV from this application through the site

Features available in the application Alfred Labs Inc. that in between remote access, live video streaming, motion detector, and night vision.

Oh yes, to use this application, you must be connected to the same Google account.

Alfred Home Security Camera is an application that can be enjoyed free of charge. But features like HD recording are only available if you subscribe.

Alfred Home Security Camera Efcc0
Alfred Home Security Camera
Detail Specification
Rating Rated for 3+
Review Score 4.6 (212,021)
Application Size varies
Android minimum varies

2. WardenCam

CCTV application for Android 2 3ea10

Just like WiFi Baby Monitor, WardenCam you can also use to monitor and record all activities captured by the HP camera that you put in a certain room.

The advantage of this application compared to WiFi Baby Monitor is that it supports services night vision to monitor when lighting conditions are low.

Not only that, the WardenCam application also supports two-way audio support, motion detection, and multi-camera setup.

Unlike Alfred Home Security Camera, WardenCam cannot be accessed through a computer. You have to use two cellphones at once to make it a CCTV.

One cell phone functions as a CCTV camera, the other cell phone functions as a monitor screen for monitors.

User Interface WardenCam application is also good and the application is simple to use.

Wardencam Home Security Camera 66c44
WardenCam – Home Security Camera
Detail Specification
Rating Rated for 3+
Review Score 4.3 (48,419)
Application Size varies
Android minimum varies

3. DroidCam

CCTV application Android 3 Aa7d4

With this one CCTV Android app you can change your Android phone to function as a CCTV with IP webcam function.

Advantages of application DroidCam is supporting image resolution high definition (HD) up to 720p, so the displayed image will look very clear and clear.

Application DroidCam itself is slightly different from the two applications that ApkVenue has mentioned above.

The main function of DroidCam is to turn Android phones into webcams, but it turns out there are other cool features!

To make Android phones as CCTVs with applications DroidCam You just need to run this application as usual, then connect the WiFI IP that is in the application on another cellphone.

Voila! You can now make your cellphone a CCTV!

Droidcam Wireless Webcam Icon
DroidCam Wireless Webcam
Productivity Dev47Apps
Detail Specification
Rating Rated for 3+
Review Score 3.9 (25,237)
Application Size varies
Android minimum varies

4. AtHome Video Streamer and AtHome Camera

Android CCTV application 4 B5651

AtHome Video Streamer and AtHome Camera can be said to be quite popular CCTV applications as home security.

Both of these applications must beinstall it so you can make your Android cellphone as a CCTV.

Make sure youinstall it Both of these applications are on different cellphones huh. Both of these applications have different features and functions.

AtHome Camera function as a CCTV camera. Make sure the cellphone that is installed on this application is what you will make a CCTV camera.

While AtHome Video Streamer function as a CCTV monitor that you already monitor install it AtHome Camera.

To be able to connect and make your Android cellphone as a CCTV, you must activate it first AtHome Camera.

Well, on your cellphone you have alreadyinstall it AtHome Video Streamer, please barcode scan in the application AtHome Camera.

Done! Now you can use your unused Android phone as a CCTV with these two applications!

Arguably this application is the most complicated and time consuming to use it. However, this application can be the safest because they have to use barcode to be used.

Athome Camera 75984
AtHome Camera
Athomevideostreamer A4458
AtHome Video Streamer
Detail Specification
Rating Rated for 3+
Review Score 4.3 (15,008) and 4.4 (33,894)
Application Size 9.9MB and 36MB
Android minimum 4.0

5. Salient Eye

CCTV Application Android 5 206dd

Salient Eye is another CCTV application you can make an alternative to monitor your home.

Just like the application that ApkVenue has mentioned before, this application can be used with your old Android phone to function as a CCTV camera.

This application is actually quite different from the previous applications that ApkVenue mentioned above! Why?

Because this application actually you can’t monitor on your cellphone or other computer. This application is more suitable to say as a ‘spy’.

How to use Salient Eye as CCTV is to put it somewhere and this application will track the movements of people.

If someone moves and is caught on camera Salient Eye, Your cellphone will sound like an alarm.

Unfortunately, this application is not precise in capturing people’s movements and often the alarm does not sound when there is movement on the camera.

Salient Eye F23f5
Salient Eye
Detail Specification
Rating Rated for 3+
Review Score 4.4 (20,240)
Application Size varies
Android minimum 4.0 and up

6. SeeCiTV

CCTV Application Android 6 Addff

The next is SeeCiTV, an Android CCTV application that you can download for free and supports image quality up to 1080p.

This application claims not to make the HP to be hot and low battery consumption. Cellphones that are used as camera media do not have to be on the screen on.

So it will reduce battery consumption for the screen. In addition, SeeCiTV uses a secure connection with the standard TLS / DTLS encrypted protocol.

By using SeeCiTV, you can see the state of your home wherever you are.

E58d0 Seecity
Detail Specification
Rating Rated for 3+
Review Score 4.5 (5,503)
Application Size 34MB
Android minimum 4.3 and up

7. CZ Security Camera

CCTV applications for Android 7 2ec12

Well, if CZ Security Camera it has simpler settings and can be used free of charge.

You only need to connect two Android devices with CZ Security Camera and login using the same account.

After connecting, you can choose which devices will be the monitor and camera. This free CCTV application is equipped with various mainstay features.

Among these are HD camera quality, motion detection, night vision, and more. Come on, download the application!

Cz Ccfbf Security Camera
CZ Security Camera
Detail Specification
Rating Rated for 3+
Review Score 4.4 (766)
Application Size 8.9MB
Android minimum 4.1 and up

8. EyesPie

CCTV application Android 10 2af22

Last is EyesPie, this application can easily be connected to your device just by connecting it using the device name.

EyesPie is connected to the internet or WiFi, the image quality provided by this application is very good and clear.

Not only pictures, you can also hear the sound that is on your Android CCTV. Interested to try it, friends?

Eyespie 767e3
Detail Specification
Rating Rated for 3+
Review Score 4.5 (547)
Application Size 16MB
Android minimum 4.1 and up

The final word

That’s the 8 best Android CCTV applications in 2019. Your old school cell phone is being used right, a friends for CCTV! Instead of being thrown away dear!

Plus, you don’t need to buy expensive new CCTV to monitor your house. May be useful!

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