Horrified of being a victim of First Travel and Binomo? Here are 7 types of fraud on Instagram that you must recognize!

From its time online transactions are still limited in Kaskus buying and selling forumThe case of fraud has been very closely related to buying and selling online.

Before, ApkVenue’s friend had been a victim. Indeed, the amount is small, only IDR 350 thousand, but as a college student it is not a small amount.

Well, now ApkVenue most often sees these deceptive tricks on one of the most popular social media namely Instagram.

7 Types of Fraud on Instagram that You Must Recognize

Of all the social media available now, Instagram is arguably the one most often used for e-commerce purposes, friends

With a focus on visual media and with features that really help e-commerce, ApkVenue often explores Instagram for a hedon.

But not all businesses on Instagram are well intentioned and here ApkVenue will discuss 7 types of fraud on Instagram that you must recognize!

1. Fake Brand Accounts

Fake Brand 521a2

This is not an account that sells KW goods, but account disguised as an original brand even though it only sells false hopes!

High-end brands like Louis Vuitton and Chanel very often a target for fraud like this where fake brand accounts offer very low prices.

Therefore, you must always be careful when dealing with accounts without a blue check because usually they only offer KW items or just intend to cheat.

2. Personal Account in the Name of a Brand

Instagram Scam 0229f

Well, this type of fraud that usually often arises when there is going to a concert where suddenly appear many accounts claiming to be employees of Event Organizer (EO) concerned.

Usually these accounts sell tickets even though the EO website itself has run out or they sell tickets at low prices.

But as you might have guessed, this account is actually only sell false hopes that target people who are already desperate looking for concert tickets.

The most confusing, fraud like this mixed with real brokers, friends, which makes a fraud account like this is very difficult to detect.

3. Fake Travel Agent Accounts

First Travel 3bfb8

Umroh fraud cases are now very many in this +62 country, friends, and indeed kind fraud agent travel like this is very easy to find.

On Instagram itself, fraudulent accounts like this that promise cheap airline tickets have also been found.

ApkVenue’s friends have also been victims of fraud like this so for those of you who like it traveling, don’t be too tempted at cheap prices.

Sssssst … you know if you are a JT host YouTube ApkVenue I’ve just lost Rp. 2 million more because even though the travel agent is fake!

4. Message on behalf of Instagram

Phishing Scam 90a96

This type of fraud is not only found on Instagram because ApkVenue himself often gets similar messages on behalf of him Apple, friends

This fraud method is simple, where you might get an e-mail or Direct Message (DM) that claimed to come from official Instagram.

Usually, they will admit that your account has been hacked and you will be given a link to confirm your e-mail and password which you certainly cannot do.

Always pay attention to the origin of messages like this because Instagram and similar services will never ask for your login information like this.

5. False Investment Opportunities

Idle Investment Cd092

ApkVenue think this form of fraud does not need to be explained anymore because of course we are all familiar with the figure Budi Setiawan and iconic bangs.

Accounts and messages that offer bulging investment opportunities like this has been found on the internet, friends, including on Instagram.

If you receive a message like this, do not immediately be tempted by the amount of benefits that the bias is not very reasonable.

First check with official bodies like OJK or BAPPEBTI to see if they are a safe investment opportunity.

6. Fake Giveaway

Giveaway Faa1a

Who doesn’t want free stuff? Recently whose name is giveaway so much on Instagram.

Usually giveaway like this arises from official accounts or public figures but not infrequently also appear unclear accounts that offer giveaway alone.

Unfortunately, usually this vague account also only gives false hopes, friends, which only offer giveaway for find followers or likes.

7. Fake Collaboration Accounts

DM For Collab Dc7c1

Well, this one is not intended for a broad audience but rather to you who have aspirations to become celebrities.

In this fraud method, you will receive messages from people who claim to come from a brand or maybe a photographer invites to collaborate in exotic locations.

You might be asked to finance your own trip or maybe to pay operational costs but this no more than just prankfriends!

Therefore, you shouldn’t be complacent if a big brand tries to contact you because there is a possibility that all of them are just a cover.

The final word

That’s, friends, list 7 types of fraud on Instagram that you must recognize! Indeed, the world is full of people who have evil intentions.

Have you ever been a victim of the above fraud? Or have you ever found other types of fraud? Share in the comments column!

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