7 Forbidden Applications Commonly Used For Cheating During Exams

Doing questions during the exam is very difficult, this triggers some cheating by students. One way is to use this application!

Do you often cheat during school exams? What method do you use often?

Cheating is a very taboo activity in the world of education, many students cheat on exams because they want to get good grades without learning at all.

For anyone caught cheating, usually will get a heavy penalty. Starting from the retest, to being expelled from school.

Here are a number of applications students use to cheat. What are these applications? Check out the following in full!

Forbidden Application for Cheating During Exams

Before you continue to read, make sure you are utilize this application for activities outside the exam. Don’t ever cheat on exams.

Cheating is only done by students who are not responsible and can have a bad impact. Unless you are allowed to open the cell phone and are assisted by all kinds of technology, during the exam.

The applications that ApkVenue will mention below are actually applications that can help the learning process at school.

However, many people actually use these applications to cheat. Here are some applications commonly used for cheating:

1. Socratic

The first is Socratic which is an application to help you solve math problems, science, history, even though English.

This application will give you steps to answer questions using videos and complete explanations. The way to use this application is very easy.

You single photo problem and let Socratic solve problems. However, not all questions can be answered using this application. You can try the free Socratic application below.

Socratic – Math Answers & Homework Help
Productivity Socratic
Details Socratic
Rating Rated for 3+
Review Score 4.3 (60,980)
Game Size 5.4MB
Android minimum 4.1 and up

2. Shlif

The next is Shlif created specifically for cheating by connecting the application with your friends. This application is strictly forbidden to use in the exam.

You can exchange answers with friends in the form of explanations or multiple choice. Each of your friends who changes answers will be connected directly to all members.

Shlif is also able to connect up to 100 of your friends, dare to cheat? You can download the free Shlif application here.

Details Shlif
Rating Rated for 3+
Review Score 3.6 (25)
Game Size 4.1MB
Android minimum 4.3 and up

3. HiPER Scientific Calculator

For those of you who have difficulty working on complex math problems, you can try the application HiPER Scientific Calculator.

This application can be used to calculate questions arithmetic like percentages, modulo, and more. In fact, being able to read the basic algebraic formulas.

This calculator can show the results of the answers in periodic or fraction form. In addition, there are features to show mathematical diagrams.

HiPER Scientific Calculator
Details HiPER Scientific Calculator
Rating Rated for 3+
Review Score 4.6 (123,683)
Game Size 7.1 MB
Android minimum 4.1 and up

4. Google Translate

Do you have difficulty working on foreign language problems?

One way to do this easily is to use features Google Translate to translate words through writing or photos.

In addition, you can also use the scan feature by pointing the camera to text to translate languages ​​directly on the cellphone screen. The number of words that can be translated is quite a lot.

Google Translate can also read and translate various languages ​​and types of letters ranging from the alphabet to Kanji.

Google Translate
Productivity Google
Details Google Translate
Rating Rated for 3+
Review Score 4.5 (6,504,012)
Game Size Vary
Android minimum Vary

5. Photomath

Just like the name of the application, Photomath this you can use to get answers to math problems. This application has a scan feature, scientific calculator, graphical tables, and others.

To use it, you just need to take a photo of the problem and this application will work on the problem with full explanation. Not only that, there are step by step answers so you know how to do it.

This application is strictly forbidden for you to use in the math test, because almost all questions can be answered by Photomath.

Productivity Microblink
Details Photomath
Rating Rated for 3+
Review Score 4.7 (1,199,832)
Game Size Vary
Android minimum Vary

6. Chemistry

If you have difficulty working on Chemistry problems, application Chemistry this can help you. This application features a periodic table, solubility, up to a molar mass calculator.

Yes, some schools do allow you to use ‘cheat’ in chemistry exams. One help that you can use when taking an exam is the Chemistry application.

Details Chemistry
Rating Rated for 3+
Review Score 4.0 (17,514)
Game Size Vary
Android minimum Vary

7. MathPapa

Last is MathPapa which is suitable for you to use when working on algebra. You can enter questions manually into this application and MathPapa will answer them.

MathPapa can read a number of forms of algebraic questions such as linear and quadratic equations. The answer that will be given by MathPapa will be in detail and answer the problem in stages.

Details MathPapa
Rating Rated for 3+
Review Score 4.1 (7,263)
Game Size 3.2MB
Android minimum 4.4 and up

The final word

That’s the forbidden application for cheating during school and college exams. However, of course you can use this application when doing homework or training.

Write your opinion in the comments column, yes. See you in the next article!

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