Do you remember those times when you took advantage of a friend’s watch, the school clock, or the one on TV to set yours? Well, something similar can happen to you on the internet, but in a big way: In a globalized world, your server or your content manager may believe that you are writing from New York or from Beijing.

If your tickets are published, but they do it hours after the time you put in, this is your post! We will help you solve the problem and have each post published just when it should. This problem can solved by setting the server time. Let’s check out how to fix this problem.

Fix: My tickets are published but not when I have programmed them

We gonna fix this problem in two steps:

  1. Check the WordPress time and configure it
  2. How to view server time and change it

#1. Check the WordPress time and configure it

Discarded the famous problem of “lost programming”, we must log in to our WordPress administrator to go to Settings -> General.

At the bottom, we will see the time setting.

It is important to look at the “Time zone” field that will mark the time of your WordPress. If this area matches your time, when you schedule a story, it will be published at the time you want. Otherwise, there will be a time lag.

And how do I know what my time is? You can search over internet for the time zone for your country and saved it. That way Daylight saving time will be updated alone and we will not have to remember to update it.

To check that the time is well set, click on “Save Changes” And the page will reload. We look where it says Universal time (UTC) is xxx. Local time is “yyyAnd if it matches ours, we have solved the problem.

And what happens if that was well configured? Surely the problem is at the time of the server that is, after all, who marks the time of all the applications that have installed; also WordPress.

#2. How to view server time and change it

The first thing you should know is that to access the server you must have permissions.

Almost all web hostings let you access a Management Panel that intermediates between you and the server. Some of the most common with Plesk, cPanel, DirectAdmin.

In the event that you did not have access, talk to your hosting provider and check the server time.

If you have access, just log in and look at the time settings. We are going to show you the step by step of Plesk and cPanel for being the most extended.

Change server time in Plesk:

  1. First, log in to your Plesk panel. Usually accessed by entering where “” Is the URL of your website.
  2. Once inside, click on the menu on the left “Tools and settings” And after that in “System Date and Time“:
  3. Finally, we select the time in a similar way to what we did in WordPress and accept.

Change the server time in cPanel:

  1. We access and log in.
  2. Click on “Server configuration” And within it in”Server Time Brute Force Protection
  3. We display the menu, select the corresponding time zone and accept.
  4. Finally, we synchronize the change by clicking on “Synchronize time” With the server.

Have you managed to solve your problem? Or did both methods have the correct time and still continue to post entries later than they should? Tell us! Maybe someone from the community can help you.

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