Although popular and widely downloaded, it turns out these applications had disappeared tablets! What could be the cause?

Since the advent of Android with its Play Store, we can easily download the applications and games that we need.

No wonder some applications are very often downloaded, even more than one billion times. In other words, there are a lot of users.

However, it turns out there are several application that was lost from the Play Store, to make netizens in an uproar! What applications?

The application that was lost from the Play Store

There are several reasons why an application might not appear on the Play Store. For example, the application is indeed not available at your location or is not compatible with the device you are using.

In addition, there are also reasons for improving the application so the developer decides to temporarily withdraw it.

Frequently, the application or game violates the provisions of Google so that it is removed from the Play Store.

Well, then why did the famous applications below have disappeared from the Play Store? Reporting from various sources, here’s the list!

1. Bukalapak

Missing Play Store 2 application 2 94885

Photo source: SiriusDely

Online trading application, Bukalapak could be the subject of discussion because it had disappeared at the Play Store in mid-September yesterday.

In fact, there was a debate among netizens who said that the application was lost because of the problems that were happening to the company.

Bukalapak itself has confirmed that this happened due to technical problems and updates. Now, the Bukalapak application is back on the Play Store.

So, this application disappears not because it wants to go bankrupt.

2. Instagram

Missing Play Store 1 application 1 6bfb1

Photo source: Engadget

As one of the most popular social media, Instagram I’ve also been lost. This incident occurred shortly after the Bukalapak application was lost.

One netizen from India reported this via Twitter. In Indonesia too some netizens found that this application has disappeared from the Play Store.

There is no official statement regarding the loss of Instagram, this is most likely due to a system application update.

3. Free Fire

Missing Play Store 3 application 3 6ffb3

Photo source: App

The game battle royale Free Fire has also been missing from the Play Store for quite a long time. But, the reason is not because the game doesn’t have a door anyway.

Not only disappeared, the players also could not do Top-up. There are several allegations that could be the answer to this case.

One of them is an error system from the Play Store application itself. Of course, this incident is quite detrimental to the Free Fire.

Other Lost Applications. . .

4. Telegram

The Play Store 4 472d8 Lost Application

Photo source: BBC

Application chat Telegram never disappeared in February 2018. Neither the Telegram Messenger application nor the compact Telegaram Messenger-X disappeared from the Play Store.

It is estimated that this application experiences problems around the security of their service usage.

Not only in the Play Store, Telegram has also been lost in Apple’s App Store. The reason, the Telegram got a warning that there is inappropriate content that is spread through the application.

Even so, we can now download these applications because the Telegram has completed them.

5. Guess the Picture

The Play Store 5 Missing Application 1637a

Photo source: Microsoft

You’ve played brain teasers Guess the picture? If so, you should know that this application has disappeared from the Play Store!

This game was indeed suspended by Google because Guess the Picture is using someone’s credit card account. Well, that person made a mistake to have an impact on this game.

Fortunately, this problem has been resolved and you can download this game either on an Android or iOS device.

6. Giphy Cam

Missing Play Store 6 B0e29 application

Photo source: Google Play

Do you know the Giphy app? This one application provides so many GIF images that we can use.

Giphy has a camera application called Giphy Cam. With this application, you can create complete GIF format images editor tool-his.

This application was lost because it is still labeled unreleased. That is, the application is undergoing the final stage before it can officially be used by us.

7. Tempo

Missing Play Store 7 application 7 913b0

Photo source: Tempo

As one of the national media, applications Tempo also had disappeared from the Play Store in mid-September.

The reason is that there are technical issues that violate Google Play Application Developer guidelines, namely the installation player YouTube

Previously, many people suspected that the loss of the Tempo application was due to the fact that the review of the application dropped dramatically, from a range of four to one point two.

The rating downgrade occurred after Tempo magazine used the face of President Joko Widodo with a shadow that resembled pinocchio as the cover of their magazine.

The final word

Those are some applications that had disappeared from the Play Store and made netizens excited. The reason turned out to be various, although mostly due to technical problems.

If anyone violates the provisions of Google also quickly correct the error and immediately upload it again to the Play Store.

Are there other applications or games that ApkVenue hasn’t mentioned? Write the comment column, yes!

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