Had gained popularity, here are some Android applications that were famous but now do not sell.

Although already equipped with a variety of advanced technology, but this is certainly not enough to make your cell phone can have even more benefits for its users.

One of the things that allows that to happen is to install additional applications available on the Google Play Store.

However, along with the emergence of new applications that offer a variety of more interesting and sophisticated features, it made several once famous application is now so quiet enthusiasts, friends

Want to know what these applications are? Come on, see the complete ApkVenue article below!

Current Android Applications That Don’t Sell

Not only happens to HP brands only, fierce competition also certainly occurs in a number of applications you know, friends.

Offering interesting and sophisticated features in his day, here are the Android applications that were once famous but now don’t sell.

1. Camera 360

Custom 360 Camera Fc806

Who, who doesn’t know this one camera app? Was popular among teenagers, especially girls, application Camera 360 this is certainly everyone’s favorite.

Offering a variety of features that can make users’ faces more beautiful and handsome, it is not surprising that the Camera 360 application was once very popular with many people.

Moreover, the presence of a variety of filter options in this application is able to make users become better photos.

Unfortunately, Camera 360 is unable to compete with other camera applications, so this application is now quiet devotees, friends.

2. SimSimi

Simsimi C036d

First launched in 2002 in South Korea, who does not recognize this popular application?

Had success because of offering unique and interesting features, unfortunately now the application SimSimi It’s rarely used anymore.

SimSimi itself is a chat application that allows you to chat and ask smart robot characters named Simi.

The answer that often sounds funny is its own entertainment for its users.

3. Musical.ly

Musically Custom 502ba

Still remember the application Musical.ly which was once popular and has even been used by a number of famous YouTubers such as Reza ‘Arap’ Oktavian?

Enables its users to make videos lip-sync short, the application Musical.ly is not only widely used by teenagers but also adults, friends.

Because of the popularity of this one application, in June 2016 Musical.ly even has more than 90 million users.

However, due to the emergence of other alternative applications that offer similar functions but with the addition of more interesting features, the application Musical.ly finally slowly quiet enthusiasts and TikTok was officially acquired in November 2017.

4. WeChat

WeChat Custom 1a84b

Of the various chat applications available at the time, Wechat is one of them being a favorite of Android cellphone users.

Had stayed digadang would be a competitor of LINE and WhatsApp, but in fact the WeChat application is actually now devoid of interest because it lost competitiveness with similar applications, the friends.

Currently, the WhatsApp application is one of the most widely used chat applications by not only Android users but also iOS.

5. Pokemon GO

Pokemon Go Custom 0e7d5

Had a horrendous virtual universe in 2016, the game application Pokemon Go much loved by not only children but also adults.

This game allows users to capture, train, exchange, and fight every Pokemon character they have.

Unfortunately, the Pokemon Go game is now devoid of interest and popularity is replaced by a similar game called Harry Potter Wizard Unite which is now widely played.

6. Line Let’s Get Rich

Get Lets Get Rich Custom Line B8df9

Still from the game application category, Line Let’s Get Rich also used to be popular and a favorite of almost all ages both men and women.

In fact, because of this game’s popularity, Line Let’s Get Rich was also ranked first on the list of games on iOS and Andorid you know.

Line Let’s Get Rich itself is a game that the way the game is similar to the old school monopoly game.

But unfortunately, this game is now quiet enthusiasts, friends.

7. Vine

Vine 8a949

Had staying digadang would be a tough competitor the platform streaming video, Youtube, in fact the application Vine it is now empty of users here.

This short video service application allows users to record and edit the six second video that they have made and can be uploaded directly to the social networking site, Vine.

This application itself was acquired by Twitter in 2012, but that doesn’t seem to make Vine even more crowded.

The final word

Well, that was some Android apps that used to be popular and widely used, but now it’s quiet devotees because they can’t compete with other similar applications, friends.

Not only quiet enthusiasts, some of the applications above are also bankrupt and stop operating you know.

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