There is currently a lot of discussion about privilege. He said people who have privilege it would be easier in treading a career and success.

Believe it or not, friends. Because there are also many successful people who are born to underprivileged families, but can become CEO of technology companies.

Not only in work, many also say that the more sophisticated the hardware we use in playing games, the gamer will also be better at the skill. Ah, isn’t that right?

Benefits of Having Expensive Gaming Hardware

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Regardless of which debate is better, between PC gaming and consoles, both of these platforms have lots of accessories that you can buy.

Starting from official and unofficial accessories, these accessories will make you experience playing games you become more immersive and exciting.

Expensive accessories such as gaming chairs certainly make playing games more comfortable. Not only that, you can also show off to your friends.

Well, if you use PC gaming, you are more flexible in buying trinkets and an upgrade, like a VGA card, processor, and RAM.

Of course, the higher the spec of your PC gaming, playing games will be smoother and without obstacles. With great graphics without lag, playing the game feels more exciting.

Really Make It Good, Really?

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Buying a console or PC gaming certainly requires no small amount of money. If your budget is mediocre, of course buying expensive hardware will not be a priority.

In addition, you can also still play games with simple hardware. Lots of exciting games that you can play with PC specs or potato phones.

If you just play the game for fun, it’s not necessary to buy hardware of various kinds to enhance your playing experience.

However, if you are a competitive person and aspire to be an eSports athlete, buying expensive hardware can be important, friends.

Standard hardware certainly has a mediocre quality. Meanwhile, expensive hardware certainly has advantages that are not owned by standard hardware.

For example gaming mouse which has a DPI setting. Setting a high DPI will affect the speed of your cursor.

TV or regular monitor also has refresh rate smaller than expensive TVs or gaming monitors. The higher it is refresh rate, the easier it is for your eyes to follow the enemy’s movements.

A study conducted by a game hardware company, NVIDIA, concluding that PC gaming quality affects player performance Fortnite and Apex Legends.

Determine the Right Hardware for Playing Games

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It is undeniable that some expensive hardware will ensure you have maximum performance in playing games.

Hardware such as gaming mice, headsets with Dolby 7.1, joysticks, etc. will make you even better. If you don’t believe me, try playing the ball game using the keyboard.

If you are thinking of upgrading or buying gaming support hardware but don’t have more budget, you have to calculate carefully, friends.

Actually, it all depends on the game that you enjoy the most. Each game genre certainly has a button and configuration requirements different.

Suppose you play FPS games like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. This game requires good eye and hand coordination.

ApkVenue, recommends that you buy a gaming mouse with DPI settings to improve accuracy and shooting speed.

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A monitor with a refresh rate and high resolution will also benefit you. The ability of the monitor to display images in detail and anti-delay is absolutely necessary.

If you like MOBA games like Dota 2, you can buy a mouse that has lots of macro buttons. The goal, so you can issue skills easily.

If you like racing games on PC or PlayStation, and have a budget to buy hardware, you can buy Steering Wheel specifically designed for playing games.

Although the tools above do not guarantee to make you even better, but the hardware can maximize your ability.

Don’t be surprised if eSports athletes have expensive and sophisticated gaming hardware. This is indeed their need to still look excellent, friends.

The final word

ApkVenue’s advice, lots of practice playing games with improvised hardware. If you are already good with ordinary hardware, guaranteed you will be even better if you have the hardware.

This is the first article for ApkVenue. If you have criticism or suggestions for this article, don’t hesitate to leave a comment, friends.

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