Looking for the latest version of Minecraft download? Well, this time ApkVenue shares the latest Minecraft PC and mobile game download link directly, without any hassle!

Although classified as old school because it was released in 2011, Minecraft still has it fanbase an extraordinary number up to now.

This sandbox game provides players with exceptional flexibility to do the various things they want.

For those of you who are interested and want to download the latest version of Minecraft PC or Android, you are right to stop by ApkVenue’s article this time.

Download the Latest Version of Minecraft

download the latest minecraft on this one always gives a variety of updates with a frequency that is quite often and sometimes makes it difficult for players to download it.

Minecraft can be played both on PC and on smartphones because system requirements from this one game is quite low.

In this article ApkVenue will share the latest Minecraft download link for all of you who want to play on a PC or play on a smartphone.

Latest Version of Minecraft Features

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Before downloading the latest Minecraft, you need to know what features are there in one of the best games of all time on this one.

The features in this sandbox game are really many, and ApkVenue has already chosen 3 best features this game has for you.

What are the interesting features of the latest version of Minecraft? Check below!

1. A Wide World to Explore

The most important feature of this one adventure game is extraordinary world wide.

Players are free to explore the contents of this world without being burdened by certain missions as in the game in general.

This flexibility is what makes many Minecraft players still playing this game until now, even though the graphics are just checkered.

2. Can Play Multiplayer

The second most interesting feature of this game is the feature multiplayer. Players can invite friends they know to explore the world in this game freely.

They can carry out serious missions such as killing zombies, building magnificent buildings, or whatever just playing while joking to unwind.

Before you download the latest version of Minecraft PC and mobile, make sure to invite your other friends to be able to play together.

3. Always Get Updates

The most important thing from an online game is an update, and the Minecraft developer also always gives an update for this one game.

New features like in game item and also expansion always developed by Mojang for make players not bored to spend their time in this game.

To make it easier, you just have to download the latest version of Minecraft that ApkVenue has prepared.

Tips for playing the new version of Minecraft

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Although classified as far more free compared to other games, Minecraft still have certain obstacles that you must overcome.

Skull troops that come at night, deep holes, and other things can cause the character you play to lose his life.

In the following, ApkVenue summarizes some tips that are suitable for beginners who are just playing Minecraft.

1. Gather Amount of Inventories

The big theme of Minecraft is survival, and like in other survival games, you guys must gather supplies to survive.

Be sure to cut down some trees and also take wool from sheep which will give you wood and wool items for you.

Wood and wool can later be used to make a bed that will be used as a place respawn if your character dies.

2. Directly Create a Home

Before sunset on the first day, make sure you have a house if you want to survive the ambush of the creatures of the night.

This house doesn’t need to be too big, a size of 5×5 is enough to make your character safe from the creatures of the night.

Later you can go straight digging a hole from the house you built if you want to go out to another place.

3. Don’t Dig in a Perpendicular Position

Digging might be one of the jobs that you do most often in this game that really prioritizes the element of exploration.

Even though be careful not to dig straight in an upright position because once very vulnerable found a very deep hole.

If the character you play falls from this hole, it can die immediately and lose the items that have been collected previously.

Download the Latest Version of Minecraft Android

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The mobile version of Minecraft or Android is called Minecraft Pocket Edition or abbreviated as Minecraft PE. With the large number of smartphone users, Minecraft PE managed to gain a glorious success.

Minecraft PE always gets updates to date such as the addition of features, blocks, and also items in game the other.

The latest version of the game Minecraft PE still supports features multiplayer, where is the player can compete and also ally with other players.

Another feature that is also oftenan update from this game is a feature anti cheatto ensure that everyone plays fair and square.

Let’s just click the link below for a friends for those of you who want to download the latest version of Minecraft full android.

Download the Latest Version of Minecraft PC

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For those of you who want to play this game more freely, the option to download minecraft PC is also already prepared by ApkVenue.

Although the graphics quality is not too different with the version pocket-his, certain details can be seen more clearly if this game is played directly on PC.

other than that the movements of the characters you play are also much more powerful because it’s driven right away mouse and also the keyboard, it’s not like going through the screen touch screen.

For those of you who want to download the latest version of Minecraft, Click here.

The final word

What do you do, friends, are you more interested in playing one of the best sandbox games of all time?

amount fanbaseits still very much at this time proves that there are still many people who are entertained by playing this game.

Don’t forget, click the link that ApkVenue has provided to download the latest version of Minecraft.

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