Keyboard modification on android turned out to be easy. Moreover, you can use your own photos. Want? Just download the following photo keyboard yourself!

Want to customize your android keyboard?

It’s very easy, you don’t need root access. You can use your photos on the Android keyboard. Make your Android smartphone unique.

If you want, just install the application Own Photo Keyboard. You can download the latest version via the link ApkVenue has provided below:

Own Photo Keyboard 71e58
Own Photo Keyboard – My Photo Emoji Keyboard

Self Photo Keyboard Application

Download the Own Photo Keyboard 1 947fc

Lots of complaints from millennials related to the appearance of a boring Android smartphone keyboard. Luckily now there is this application.

With the application created by Thalia Ultimate Photo Editing, you can customize the Android keyboard as you wish. What can be done? This is the feature.

Complete Features

  • Change the keyboard background with the photo you like.
  • Change the appearance of the keyboard font.
  • Change the keyboard color display.
  • Change the keyboard type sound.
  • Change the keyboard vibrate effect.
  • Customize keyboard shortcuts.
  • Additional funny emoticons.
  • Free!

How to use

Install the application Own Photo Keyboard then customize your android keyboard using this application, the steps to do it are very easy.

If you experience difficulties, take it easy and don’t worry. Because ApkVenue will explain how step-by-step. So you just see the following:

Step – 1

First of all download and install the application Own Photo Keyboard. You can find the download link above this article.

Step – 2

Immediately, open the application that you have downloaded and installed. From the choices, choose Enable The Keyboard.

Download Own Photo Keyboard 2 97c82

Step – 3

Now you are directed to the menu Settings from your smartphone. Look for it My Photo Emoji Keyboard, then select and turn on.

Download Ec663 Own Photo Keyboard 3

Step – 4

Then press the button Back, you will be directed to the initial display again. This time choose Set Keyboard to Default.

Download Own Photo Keyboard 4 6da41

Step – 5

A selection of all the keyboards installed on your smartphone will appear. Choose it My Photo Emoji Keyboard as default.

Download Own Photo Keyboard 5 7b2df

Step – 6

Once again you will be directed to the initial display of this application. This time choose Customize the keyboard on the menu.

Download Own Photo Keyboard 6 70fa2

Step – 7

Now you can customize your Android keyboard. Use existing tools and see the results with Test The Keyboard.

Download the Own Photo Keyboard 7 Ec1da

Step – 8

When you have finished customizing, close the application immediately. Now your android keyboard has changed, done!

Download the Own Photo Keyboard 8 37231

Latest Photo Collection

You don’t have to use your photo for the keyboard background. If shy, you can also use photos from your favorite artists.

For this reason, the following are recommendations for photos of beautiful and handsome artists from ApkVenue. If there’s something you like, just download it.

Handsome Korean Artist Photo

Handsome Korean Artist 1

Download the Own Photo Keyboard 14 49b43

Handsome Korean Artist 2

Download Own Photo Keyboard 15 9326b

Handsome Korean Artist 3

Download Own Photo Keyboard 16 9efbb

Handsome Korean Artist 4

Download Own Photo Keyboard 17 1803d

Handsome Korean Artist 5

Download Own Photo Keyboard 18 6eed6

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Photos of Beautiful World Women

Beautiful Woman Photos 1

Download the Own Photo Keyboard 9 Ee622

Beautiful Woman Photos 2

Download the 10 F8660 Own Photo Keyboard

Beautiful Woman Photos 3

Download the Own Photo Keyboard 11 272ae

Beautiful Woman Photos 4

Download Own Photo Keyboard 12 9f36b

Beautiful Woman Photos 5

Download the Own Photo Keyboard 13 B6b53

Read more: Photos of Beautiful World Women

The final word

That’s the application Own Photo Keyboard which can easily customize your android keyboard. So that your keyboard is different, just try it right away!

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