(Latest update) Download the latest version of the GBWhatsApp application v8.25 official APK, the WhatsApp Anti-Ban MOD for WA display is even more cool on an Android phone.

You are bored with appearance WhatsApp just like that? Or feel fed up with limited WhatsApp features, friends?

Indeed, many people consider WhatsApp less sophisticated. So many of them made modifications so that WhatsApp has a secret feature. Want download it?

So that’s why download it the latest version of the GB WhatsApp application ApkVenue will review below.

Download it GBWhatsApp Latest Version 2020 Application (v8.25 Anti-Ban)

Download the Latest Gb Whatsapp 2019 D8614

You must be wondering, is WA GB download available in the Play Store service?

Unfortunately this application is not available on Play Store. But, take it easy! ApkVenue has provided the latest GB WhatsApp for you.

Actually in addition to GB WhatsApp there are many WhatsApp MOD applications in circulation, but according to ApkVenue this application is the best modification for now.

This application has free features banned which name is GB WhatsApp Anti-Ban and always be-an update keep up with the latest developments. This is because it can happen because of the role the developer active one.

In contrast to other WhatsApp modifications, which are generally average an update it is slow and at risk banned from WhatsApp directly.

So you should download the latest version of WA GB, so you can get the following sophisticated secret features.

Latest GBWhatsApp Application Features Version 8.25

  • Made based on the latest version of WhatsApp 2.18.203.
  • Can change the WhatsApp theme, hundreds of theme choices.
  • Can hide blue check and double check.
  • Can send messages without the need save the number.
  • Can lock applications without third party applications again.
  • Can download it other people’s WhatsApp status.
  • Can hide WhatsApp messages.
  • Can send messages on a scheduled basis.
  • Can read messages that have been deleted.
  • Can delete messages that have been sent.
  • Can send files in various formats, not only pictures and videos.
  • Can reply messages automatically, with setting-an detailed.
  • Can use two or more WhatsApp accounts at the same time without any third party application.
  • Can disconnect WhatsApp internet connection, without the help of third-party applications.

Way Install it GBWhatsApp Latest Version 2020 Application

Well, how about the features offered by the latest GB WhatsApp? Very cool and certainly will not be on the official WhatsApp application, right?

Oh yeah, just let me know, you can enjoy these features without fear of beingbanned thanks to the Anti-Tire feature. If you want to try, here way install it hatsApp GBW application on your Android cellphone.

Step 1 – Download it GBWhatsApp

  • Straight to download it The latest GB WhatsApp 2020 via the ApkVenue website. To make it easier, you can download it here.

Step 2 – Install it The GBWhatsApp application

  • When it’s downloaded, just click the file that you have download it from ApkVenue. Later the application will be detected as usual WhatsApp, continue with a click Install it.

Step 3 – Remove the Official WhatsApp Application

  • Later you will have two Whatsapp accounts. For the official WhatsApp application, you may uninstall it or leave it be.
  • Please continue by opening the application and creating a WhatsApp account as usual.
Download the Latest Version of Gbwhatsapp 2019 02 227da

Step 4 – Perform the Registration Process

  • The application display will be completely the same as the official WhatsApp application. So you don’t need to be shocked, your application install it really true.
  • Continue with click Agree and Continue.

Step 5 – Enter WhatsApp Number and Verify

  • Just like the official WhatsApp application, you are required to enter your mobile number and verify. Enter your WhatsApp number and wait for the verification SMS.

Step 6 – GBWhatsApp Successfully Installed

  • Done, now the application GB WhatsApp ready for you to enjoy. This application has a similar appearance and only differs slightly from the official WhatsApp application, so surely you will quickly become familiar.
  • To access its features, you just tap on the icon Settings (three dots) in the upper right hand corner yes.

WhatsApp MOD Blocked? These Tips to Prevent Hitting Banned Permanent

Despite having the Anti-Ban feature, GB WhatsApp MOD still has the risk of an account being exposed banned while for 5-8 hours or even more banned permanent, friends

Especially if you use too many features in it. So ApkVenue share some tips and tricks that you must pay attention to as follows.

  • Register WhatsApp using an overseas number, which makes you not need to worry when blocked because the number you get is a free number.
  • Only use the theme change feature in the application.
  • Don’t use features that harm other WhatsApp users, such as removing the blue check mark, downloading the status, spamming, etc.
  • Do not send feedback or report in the application.

Bonus: WhatsApp MOD APK Android Recommendations with the Best Features

Apart from the GB WhatsApp application, many also modder others who participated in modifying the application chat most popular in this world. Here are some recommendations from ApkVenue.

1. OGWhatsApp

Download the Wa Mod Ogwhatsapp E7be3 application

First there OGWhatsApp who is still diligent in giving an update to date. The feature is somewhat similar to GB WhatsApp, where you can hide the status, blue check, and more.

2. YoWhatsApp

Download the Wa Mod Yowhatsapp A6e79 Application

Secondly there is a WA MOD application named YoWhatsApp or often abbreviated as YOWA.

At first glance this application is similar to OGWhatsApp above, which has features such as viewing deleted messages, changing WhatsApp themes, and others.

It’s not just the two WhatsApp MOD apps above that you can try. ApkVenue has also summarized the WhatApp MOD APK Android app collection with the best features here.

The final word

That’s the review about how to download the latest WA GB along with tips and tricks to prevent WhatsApp MOD from being blocked with Anti-Ban features.

ApkVenue also recommends the WA GB app for those of you who are bored with boring official WhatsApp. But remember the risks.

Oh yes, if you download WA GB, you can even change the theme to be like an iPhone and there are a variety of other unique features. Good luck and good luck!

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