Not only the Android operating system, some well-known applications have been equipped with Dark Mode. Is WhatsApp included?

One innovation that often appears lately is Dark Mode. Both Android and iOS are equipped with this feature.

Some applications also already have this feature. It’s just that, not all applications will automatically go into Dark Mode like Instagram and several Google applications.

Well, this time ApkVenue will give you some Android application that are equipped with the Dark Mode features and how to activate it!

Application with Dark Mode

Dark mode does bring many benefits to us who can spend time in front of the Mobile screen for hours.

With this feature, our eyes will not get tired quickly when compared with bright modes as usual.

Not only that, Dark Mode is also saves more battery if your cellphone is already using an AMOLED screen.

Well, the applications below already have the Dark Mode feature. In fact, some of them already existed before Android and iOS!

1. Evernote

Dark Mode 1 application 0fc5b
Photo source: PCMag

The first application on this list is Evernote. If you know, this application is widely used because it can be used across platforms.

As a famous notes application, Evernote makes it easy for you who want to activate Dark Mode.

The trick is you only need to tap the three-row icon in the upper left corner, then toggle to activate the Dark Theme.

2. Google Calendar

Dark Mode 2 Cf580 application
Photo source: PCMag

If you are the type of person who likes to take notes on the agenda, you should be familiar with the name Google Calendar. Besides showing the calendar, you can also record your daily activity plan.

To be able to activate Dark Mode in this application, you only need to open the Settings by tapping the three-line icon in the upper left corner.

After that open General -> Theme, then select Dark. You can also set themes to change automatically based on Battery Saver settings.

3. Pinterest

Application of Dark Mode 3 613e0

Pinterest is one of the most popular social media that can be a source of inspiration.

If your Android phone has Android 9.0 and above, Pinterest will automatically follow the Battery Saver settings.

But if you want to apply Dark Mode all the time, you just need to enter the Settings menu. After that, choose Edit Settings -> Set by battery saver -> Dark.

4. Telegram
Dark Mode 4 9d968 application
Photo source: PCMag

Upset because WhatsApp doesn’t have the Dark Mode feature yet? Maybe it’s time you switch to other chat applications like Telegram.

This application does already have these features, friends. There are two ways to activate it. First, Tap the menu with the logo of three lines in the upper right hand corner.

After that, open it Settings -> Chat Settings. Activate it Auto-Night Mode at the top. If you want to activate this mode all day, select Theme -> Dark.

5. Twitter
Dark Mode 5 Fa30d application
Photo source: PCMag

You are a Twitter user? If so, surely you know what it’s like to spend hours surfing on social media on this one.

To be more comfortable, you should activate Dark Mode on Twitter. Moreover, this feature has been around for a long time when compared to other applications, namely since 2016.

How to activate it, open the profile icon then select Settings and privacy. After that choose Display and sound -> Dark Mode. select On.

You can also make it automatically lit when the sun sets by selecting Automatic at sunset. Very cool, huh?

6. Waze
Dark Mode 6 72ae2 application
Photo source: PCMag

As an application that is often used when traffic jams, Waze is required to have the Dark Mode feature. This feature will be very useful, especially when we are driving at night.

How to activate it is with pressing the magnifying glass logo in the lower left corner, then press the icon Settings in the upper left corner.

After that, choose Map Display and choose Night in the Mode column. This application is also able to switch modes automatically depending on time.

7. YouTube

Dark Mode 7 D55b0 application
Photo source: PCMag

The last application on this list is YouTube. Streaming application of a million people has also been equipped with Dark Mode features.

Easy to do. You just here enter your profile then choose Settings -> General and activate the Google Dark theme. This feature is also available on the web version.

If you are the type of person who likes watching YouTube before going to sleep, this feature is definitely very friendly for your eye health.

The final word

Those are some applications that have been equipped with Dark Mode features. Unfortunately, WhatsApp doesn’t have it yet.

You have to be a little patient because WhatsApp has announced that soon the chat application will have this feature.

In the future, ApkVenue is sure that there will be more and more Android applications that will have Dark Mode features.

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