Cecillion Mobile Legends: Build, Skill, & How to Use it | Hero Mage Combo Instant Kill!

To always make the game interesting, a variety of new heroes are always added to the Mobile Legends game and one of the newest heroes is Cecilion.

Cecilion is a Mage class hero in the Mobile Legends game that has unique skills and combos.

Not only are the skills unique, the background story of this hero is also quite different from other heroes in general.

Cecilion Mobile Legends: Hero Vampire Mage with Terrible Combo Skills

As you know, Cecilion is one of the newest heroes and is a Mage class hero.

Being classified as a Mage class, Cecilion specializes in performing magic attacks and is also able to help the team fight with unique skills.

How do you play the most GG Cecilion? What makes this hero different from other heroes? Come see more info!

Story of Cecilion Mobile Legends, Vampire Mage Couple from Carmilla

Cecilion is hero of the blood demon race. This race has similarities with vampire stories that are often shown on television.

Cecilion was able to raise a human who died with his blood and one of the people he raised from death was Carmilla, a support hero in Mobile Legends.

Cecilion and Carmilla are lovers whose relationship was not approved by the father of the female partner.

Cecilion is a blood demon disguised and mingled with humans and works as a singer in an opera while Carmilla is a noble’s daughter in a country.

Their relationship was not approved by the father who eventually made Carmilla commit suicide. With his ability, finally Cecilion revived Carmilla and they disappeared from the country.

Price of Hero Cecilion Mobile Legends

Hero Cecilion is currently not officially released on international servers so the official price is not yet available.

As an estimate, the price range of this hero seems to be in numbers 24,000 – 32,000 Battle Points or around 499 – 599 Diamond.

For this skin hero there is no other version yet because it is still in the experimental stage.

Cecilion Mobile Legends skill review

This Hero Cecilion is indeed made with a unique concept. This hero can get special skills if there is Carmilla in his team.

In addition, the combination of the three skills that he has is also very deadly. You will be able to grab your enemies quickly if you can use the combo.

What are the skills of Cecilion? Here is the complete information.

Moonlit Waltz – Special Skill

This skill can be used if you have Carmilla on the same team. With this skill, Carmilla will enter Cecilion’s body and become a shield.

When out of Cecilion’s body, Carmilla can choose the place where she will come out and will deal magic damage if there are enemies around where she comes out.

Overflowing Passive Skill

Cecilion will add where’s the pool him when his skill hit the target. Every time Cecilion’s skill is hit by a target, where the pool will increase by 10 points.

The damage from Cecilion’s skill will also increase as he increases where maximum from this hero.

This skill is one of the OP skills if you can use this hero properly.

Bat Impact Skill 1

With this skill Cecilion is-summon giant bat to a place and the bat will give magic damage to the hero in that place.

Damage given is 250 + 2% of max wherethis and this damage is included in magic damage.

You must direct this skill, so you must be careful when using this skill.

Besides having to be directed, this skill can also be spammed to the enemy, but every time you use this skill where is the costit will also get bigger.

Sanguine Claws Skill 2

Cecilion will issue a pair of claws somewhere and will trap the enemy where the two claws meet.

This skill will be disabled enemy that is trapped in it, very suitable for crowd control. The magic damage dealt by this skill is 200 + 1.2% of the max where-his.

Besides that Cecilion’s movement speed will also increase when using this skill.

Ultimate Feast Bats

Cecilion released the special power of the Blood Demon race with this ultimate skill.

Cecilion will nudge 10 bats around her body and she will be immune from slow debuff and will also increase her movement speed by 30% for 5 seconds.

The damage dealt every bat is 125 + 1.2% of the max where Cecilion This skill also adds a slow effect to the affected opponent by 60% for 0.25 seconds.

Every time this bat hits the enemy, Cecilion’s Mobile will increase.

Play Style Analysis of Cecilion Mobile Legends

With the skills that Hero Cecilion has, including a Mage hero you can use well for teamfight.

The second skill of this hero will be very good for combo with other heroes who have AOE skills.

In addition, skill 1 from this hero can also really be used to grab the hero whose cell phone is low. This skill can also be used for 1 on 1 same enemy because it can be spam.

Combining Carmilla and Cecilion is also an option that you can use because these two heroes will support each other and have unique skills when combined.

The thing that you should pay attention to when using this hero is where-his. Like other Mage heroes, where very important for Cecilion.

Moreover all skills are affected by the number where that you have besides skill 1 will also ask where more when you spam, friends.

Build the Best Cecilion Mobile Legends

Because it is still classified as a new hero and also has not entered the main server, this hero build is still classified as an experimental build.

This hero also still gets buffs and debuffs in the last few patches. This build is one of the best cecilion builds that you can use.

  • Demon Boots, this first item is important to Cecilion because this item is going to help makerecharge where We. This item will add where 10% regeneration and when you guyskill 4% minion where will also regen.
  • Exotic VeilThis item is important because it will add 30% magic power and can take precedence in early or mid game.
  • Fleeting Time, this item will add 70 magic power, 15 where regen, and reduce the 10% cooldown of the hero skill. In addition, each time the hero will reduce the 20% reuse time of this hero ability. This item is very suitable as a combo item.
  • Ice Queen Wand, this item adds 75 magic power, 15 where regen, the same as 7% movement speed. Plus the special effects that can ngelow enemies if your skills can be hit by the hero.
  • Glowing Wand, this item will help you make enemy dammamage. This item has a burns effect that will reduce the enemy’s mobile for 3 seconds. Additionally this item adds 75 magic power, 5% movement speed, equals 15 magic penetration.
  • Holy Crystal, this last item is very suitable for late game. This item will add 90 + 25% magic power. Its unique effect makes your second magic damage go up by 15% if the first magic you cast hits the enemy.

For battle spell choices you can use Flicker or Arrival that can make you engage and leave battle faster.

For emblems, you can choose Magic Emblem is most suitable for the Mage class.

Tips for Using Cecilion Mobile Legends

As ApkVenue already discussed, Cecilion really needs to pay attention where’s the pool. You have to be careful when you’re-manage nowhere.

What’s more you have to practice a lot to use this skill 1 hero effectively. Need special skills for directing the opponent correctly so that the damage is maximum.

You also have to train your sense to guess when to release the best combo so that it can be an instant kill.

Strengths and Weaknesses of Cecilion Mobile Legends

Because of its unique design, this hero has advantages and disadvantages that you must carefully consider before choosing this hero. Here are the details.

Advantages of Cecilion Mobile Legends

  • A hero who is strong enough in the early game because he can spam skill 1 to make use of the enemy or harass.
  • Can scale up well in late games with magic items that can add up where and improve damage magic this hero.
  • Got special skills when paired with Carmilla and this skill is quite useful.
  • Besides being able to grab this hero too suitable for crowd control with skill 2 and it’s good to be combined with a hero who has AoE skills.

Lack of Cecilion Mobile Legends

  • Players must really aware of the same where because this hero is really wasteful where.
  • Need support from other heroes to be able to survive, especially in early games because the base defense and mobile are not too strong.
  • Need special training because This Hero 1 skill must be directed properly to be able to give damage.
  • Need farming items quite a lot and expensive to be able to scaleup in late games.

The final word

That’s the review of the hero Cecilion Mobile Legends. This hero has unique characteristics compared to other heroes.

To be able to use this hero well, you must first practice to get a sense of how to effectively play this hero.

Hopefully with the tips that ApkVenue gives you, you can be much more confident when using Cecilion, friends.

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