Looking for a VPN application that can open blocked sites? Here are some recommendations for the best PC VPN application in 2020.

Want to visit certain sites but is constrained by problems Positive Internet? Definitely annoying, yes.

Since the government began to aggressively block illegal sites, now VPN application became one tool the most sought after by internet users.

If you are one of them, maybe some of the best PC VPN applications that ApkVenue will discuss this time can help you. Happy reading!

Recommended PC VPN Application 2020

If possible so far some of you are more familiar with using VPN applications on smartphone devices, it turns out there are also you know VPN applications for PCs that you can use.

Offering the same functionality as the Android VPN application, the PC VPN application also allows you to access blocked websites easily and safely.

Well, for those of you who need it, here are some of the best VPN PC applications 2020 that you deserve to use.

1. Hide.me

Hide Me 4b525

Not only available for smartphone devices, applications Hide.me you can also use it on your PC, you know.

Hide.me itself claims to be a VPN application that has been trusted by more than 20 million users all over the world because of their security, anonymity and speed.

Provides l1.5 More than 1,560 servers in more than 60 countries, this application you can get for free even though there are indeed some features that are only available if you buy a premium package.

Advantages Deficiency
Simple and easy to use display Cannot access Netflix AS content
Can be used free of charge or pay $ 4.99 The free plan is limited to 2GB per month
Login 10 accounts simultaneously for a premium package
2. Hotspot Shield
Hotspot Shield D9ee8

The next best VPN PC application is Hotspot Shield available for various operating systems including Windows and macOS.

Have more or less 3,200 servers scattered in various parts of the world, Hotspot Shield offers internet speeds, downloads, and streaming that are claimed to be very fast.

In addition, this application also offers features that allow you to connect 5 devices at a time simultaneously.

Advantages Deficiency
Easy to use 7 day free trial
Unlimited bandwidth No live chat available for customer support
Easy access to Netflix, YouTube, Spotify, Amazon, etc.

3. OpenVPN

OpenVPN Be78a

Offering security solutions when browsing the internet, OpenVPN maybe it could be an alternative for you who are not compatible with the two previous PC VPN applications.

For security issues, OpenVPN itself offers a variety of internal security features including up to encryption 256-bit through the OpenSSL library.

In addition, this application is also available for many platforms such as Windows, Linux, MacOS, iOS, to Android.

Advantages Deficiency
Claimed the safest Connection speeds tend to be slow
Available for Windows, Linux, and MacOS OS

4. ProtonVPN

ProtonVPN 402d8

Operated by the Swiss company Proton Technologies AG, ProtonVPN so the next best recommendation for a PC VPN application is.

This application itself has a total 628 servers available in 44 countries different so you can still enjoy it when traveling abroad.

Regarding security, ProtonVPN is reportedly the first VPN provider to release its source code on all platforms and conduct an independent security audit so you don’t need to worry.

Advantages Deficiency
Can be used free of charge Does not provide live chat for customer support
Provides 116 servers in 15 countries Features for the free version are quite limited
Can connect up to 10 devices at a time Connection speed of the free version tends to be slow

5. Speedify

Speedify 73b4f

Being one of the PC VPN applications that is preferred by users because of its ability to access various blocked sites, Speedify very suitable for you who want to download free VPN for PC.

Because the application is said to have used AES-based encryption that is able to protect the activity of browsing the internet with its users very safely.

Meanwhile, for those of you who use the free version of the application, Speedify provides 1GB quota Every month.

Advantages Deficiency
Can be used free of charge Quota for free version is limited
Provides 1,000+ servers in 32 countries Connection speed is not too speeding

6. Tunnel Bear

Tunnel Bear Ca448

Has a name that is quite popular among iPhone VPN application users, Tunnel Bear suitable for you who have never tried an application like this before.

That’s because the Tunnel Bear offers a display user-friendly which will not confuse its users.

Not only that, this application offers 500MB quota every month for those of you who use the free version.

While about safety, the Tunnel Bear uses 256-bit AES encryption which is claimed to be very strong and safe.

Advantages Deficiency
Simple and easy to use display Quota for free version is limited
Stay safe on public Wi-Fi Connection speeds tend to be slow
The confidentiality of the user’s personal information is maintained Cannot access Netflix

7. Windscribe

Windscribe 62b60

The last recommendation for the best PC VPN application is Windscribe which you can use for free or paid which can be bought for $ 9 per month.

However, for the free version you can only use this application on one device, 8 server locations, and bandwidth limited to no more than 10GB per month.

Just like a VPN application in general, Windscribe VPN also allows you to surf safely and open blocked sites, friends.

Advantages Deficiency
Encryption & privacy features that are claimed to be very safe Connection speed is slow
There are no viruses or data leakage Not all available servers can be used
Windflix features available for Netflix bypasses

The final word

Well, that was the recommendation of some of the best PC VPN applications that are feasible for you to use right now.

With the help of the applications above, you can now access all blocked sites easily and stay safe.

But, still use the VPN application above wisely, yes! I hope this helps!

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