Bored with your flat Whatsapp display? Change the appearance with the transparent WhatsApp application to make it even smaller. Come, see the application and how to set it!

Are you bored with what WhatsApp looks like?

Don’t worry, there are ways to make your WhatsApp more attractive with a view that you can set.

You do this by using the transparent WhatsApp application which will make your WA shape smaller.

Come on, see the following application!

The Best Transparent WhatsApp Application

WhatsApp Messenger or often called WA is a messaging application for smartphones that use the internet.

Since its release in 2010, WA has always been the user’s choice to communicate with family or friends.

Not a few who use it as a medium for doing business with others. The easy and concise use of WA makes it a favorite of many people.

The various features provided are very helpful for users to communicate better with other users.

Just say it voice call and video call which allows users to communicate directly even though the distance is separate.

WA is free to use and has good performance. However, the appearance that rarely changes sometimes makes users bored.

Unfortunately, the WA itself does not provide features to change the WA theme freely. Unless you use a modified application or MOD APK for WhatsApp.

WhatsApp MOD APKs are very diverse, each of which has interesting features and can decorate WA’s display to be smaller.

You can also make the WhatsApp application look transparent with the background the image you want.

However, using the MOD APK can cause your account to be banned or temporarily blocked. The duration determined depends on the WA.

Here is a list of transparent WhatsApp applications that you can download:

1. GB WhatsApp Prime

WhatsApp Transparent Gb F1785 application

The first is GB WhatsApp Prime which has the feature to change the WA theme to transparent with the background wallpaper as you wish.

In addition to making WA transparent, this modification application is able to provide a variety of additional features such as hiding online status and removing blue check when online.

In addition, there are many other settings that you can find in the application to make your WA more attractive.

Download GB WhatsApp Prime for free here.

2. FM WhatsApp

The WhatsApp Transparent Fm 10405 application

The next is FM WhatsApp which was modified by Fouad. Using this MOD can make your WA have a certain background.

So it not only makes WA transparent, but also has a variety of images that you can adjust to your heart’s content.

Just like other WA modification applications, WhatsApp FM has a variety of interesting features that you can use.

Like downloading friend status and changing the shape of emojis when chatting with your friends. Really good!

Fmwhatsapp Ad5fd
Social & Messaging

3. YO WahtasApp

WhatsApp Transparent Yo 6cb86 application

The next is YO WhatsApp which also has a feature to make your WA transparent. Of course by setting the background as your cell phone wallpaper.

This modification was developed by Yousef Al Basha which is made with various interesting features that you can use for free.

You who want to send large files up to 700MB, suitable to use this application. In addition there are various other interesting features in the application.

Yowhatsapp 0e708
Social & Messaging

4. ZE WhatsApp

No less with other transparent WhatsApp applications, ZE WhatsApp It also has a variety of interesting features.

In addition to setting WA background, you can also change various chat elements to make your communication experience more interesting.

In addition to changing the wallpaper, you can also find various themes to make the WA shape change as a whole according to your choice.

Download GB WhatsApp Prime for free here.

5. Royal WhatsApp

WhatsApp Transparent Royal B281e application

Last is Royal WhatsApp which is suitable for you who use potato phones, because this application is relatively lightweight.

Even so, this application modification is able to provide a variety of interesting features for you to use, one of which is to make WA so transparent.

Other interesting features can also be found in the application such as various features to change the form of the launcher display, extend the duration of the status to 2 days, change the theme, and others.

Download Royal WhatsApp for free here.

How to Set WhatsApp Transparent

To set the WhatsApp application to be transparent, you can set it in the modified application. Unfortunately, you cannot apply this method to the official WhatsApp application.

For applications that don’t have transparent settings from the start of the install, you can easily adjust them.

This time, ApkVenue uses WhatsApp FM as an example. Come, see the way below:

Step 1 – Open FM WhatsApp, then enter Fouad Mods

  • To enter Fouad Mods, click on the point three in the upper-right corner of the screen, then select Fouad Mods.
WhatsApp Application Transparent Method 1 C10e1

Step 2 – Select Universal, then Colors

WhatsApp Application Transparent Method 2 6ae9a

Step 3 – Select Background, then Photo

  • Select the image that matches your cellphone wallpaper.
WhatsApp Application Transparent Method 3 76d1a

The application will process to change your background until it works. It’s easy, right!

Disclaimer: ApkVenue only provides application recommendations and how to use the WhatsApp application transparently. All types of BLOCKING / BANNED WhatsApp accounts that occur are entirely the responsibility of the user.

The final word

Here comes the transparent WhatsApp application and how to set it up. Remember, using a modification application can block your account.

So use with full responsibility. Write your opinion in the comments column, yes. See you in the next article!

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