Want to sing while listening to music, but don’t memorize the lyrics? Relax, try the best song lyrics application on this Android and iOS cellphone (can be online & offline).

Hayo said, who each time listening to music unconsciously joined in singing ya?

Nothing wrong! But don’t you feel ashamed if you suddenly get the lyrics wrong when singing in a public place? Wow, the mood it’s going to be a mess right away.

So that it doesn’t happen like this, ApkVenue has a recommendation this time Best song lyrics application, which you can access on line and offline, specifically for smartphone you. Come see!

Recommended Application for Best Android Song Lyrics (On line & Offline)

Not only for Android phones, you can find the best song lyrics apps for ApkVenue this time for iOS devices through the App Store.

Song lyrics application ApkVenue recommends the best course, but it certainly has a number of advantages and disadvantages that could be your consideration in choosing.

So what are the recommendations? Instead of lingering longer, you better see directly below this!

Song Lyrics Application List On line

First there is the song lyrics application on line, where you must be connected to the internet to use it. With this support, ApkVenue is sure that his music database will be very complete!

1. Musixmatch – Lyrics & Music

Applications Musixmatch C7bdb Online Song Lyrics

Enter the ranks of the song lyrics application that ApkVenue recommends, there is Musixmatch which is the easiest and most practical when you use it.

You can simply install it on your device, and Musixmatch will appear bubble notification contains song lyrics every time you play music, both on Spotify, YouTube, and others.

Unfortunately, Musixmatch does not yet support several songs. Examples such as Indonesian songs or also Japanese anime songs, friends.


  • Integrated with various music player applications, such as Spotify, YouTube, Pandora, Apple Music, SoundCloud, etc.
  • Feature bubble notification which will automatically appear when playing music.


  • The database for Indonesian songs or Japanese anime is incomplete.
Details Musixmatch – Lyrics & Music
Developer Musixmatch
Minimal OS Android 4.1 and above
Size Varies with device
Download it 50,000,000+
Rating (Google Play) 4.5 / 5.0

Download the Musixmatch application here:

Musixmatch Icon
Musixmatch – Lyrics & Music
Video & Audio musiXmatch

2. Shazam

Shazam 254bf Online Song Lyrics Application

Sounds like the name of one of the superheroes from DC Comics, right?

Well it’s not just the popular Musixmatch, there are also Shazam which has now been acquired by Apple and offers a variety of features that are quite useful.

In addition to displaying lyrics, here you can also search for music that you have never heard before simply by recording it through the Shazam application. Really good!


  • Features for recording music to find out the title as well as the lyrics, which can also be accessed offline.
  • Able to connect with several devices at the same time.


  • Should login to be able to open all the features provided in the application.
Details Shazam
Developer Apple, Inc.
Minimal OS Varies with device
Size Varies with device
Download it 100,000,000+
Rating (Google Play) 4.4 / 5.0

Download the Shazam application here:

Productivity Shazam Entertainment Limited

Song Lyrics Application On line Other …

3. GOM Audio – Music, Sync Lyrics, Podcasts, Streaming

Applications Song Lyrics Online Gom Audio 8902a

Next there is GOM Audio which not only displays song lyrics, but also functions as a music player application complete with essential features, such as equalizer.

Song lyrics application on line it has become one of the most complete databases, ranging from international songs to popular songs in Indonesia, the friends.

To get an update song lyrics database, of course you have to continue to be connected to the internet!


  • There are features in addition to the song lyrics finder, such as a music player, podcast, equalizer, and others.
  • Complete database, including Indonesian songs.


  • Have some minor bug in the application.
Details GOM Audio, Music, Sync Lyrics, Podcasts, Streaming
Developer GOM & Company
Minimal OS Android 4.0.3 and above
Size 25MB
Download it 1,000,000+
Rating (Google Play) 4.3 / 5.0

Download the GOM Audio application here:

Gom Audio Music Lyrics Podcast Streaming 172f9
GOM Audio for Android

4. Genius – Song Lyrics & More

Applications Genius F5d7f Online Song Lyrics

For those of you who like to hear music on Spotify, are you sure you are familiar with this name? Genius which also has an application standalone this, also provides the latest song lyrics and integrates with Spotify.

Well, one of the features that are superior in the Genius application is Behind the Lyrics which contains unique facts, information, to the story behind the making of a song.

Besides being able to be entertainment, of course it can also increase your knowledge in the music world.


  • Integrated directly with the music player application, Spotify.
  • Behind the Lyrics feature to find out the story behind making music that is currently playing.


  • There are several minor bug in the application.
Details Genius – Song Lyrics & More
Developer Genius Media Group, Inc.
Minimal OS Varies with device
Size Varies with device
Download it 5,000,000+
Rating (Google Play) 4.3 / 5.0

Download the Genius application here:

Genius 424ef
Genius – Song Lyrics & More

5. Smule – Singing App

Smule D9fc7 Online Song Lyrics Application

Smule not only display the lyrics, but the karaoke application on line this can also be a means of entertainment for you who like to sing.

Here you can record videos while you sing and get scores like playing games. Very exciting especially if it can be played with other people, right?

Don’t be afraid your voice is ugly. The problem is Smule also provides a simple voice editing feature that you can use for free.


  • Complete song database, including for Indonesian songs, Korean songs, and others.
  • Karaoke and video recording features that can be enjoyed free of charge.


  • There are some exclusive songs that are only available for premium users (subscribed).
Details Smule – Singing App
Developer Smule
Minimal OS Android 4.3 and above
Size 31MB
Download it 100,000,000+
Rating (Google Play) 4.2 / 5.0

Download the Smule application here:

Sing Karaoke By Smule Karaoke Icon Application
Sing Karaoke by Smule – Karaoke Application
Browser Smule

Song Lyrics Application List Offline

Internet quota is draining? You still can sing along with a collection of songs that are in internal memory smartphone by using the song lyrics application offline as follows.

1. QuickLyric – Instant Lyrics

Application Quicklyric A7bb4 Offline Song Lyrics

Much like Musixmatch! That was how many users felt after using the song lyrics application called QuickLyric, especially with features bubble widget-his.

With a small application size is certainly very suitable for smartphone with low specifications.

However, to use the lyrics feature offline you must first download it. So, make sure you are connected to the internet or at least looking for free WiFi.


  • The application is small and very suitable for use smartphone with low specifications.
  • Integrated with song player applications, such as Google Music and others.


  • There are several minor bug in the application.
Details QuickLyric – Instant Lyrics
Developer QuickLyric SPRL
Minimal OS Android 4.2 and above
Size 10MB
Download it 1,000,000+
Rating (Google Play) 4.3 / 5.0

Download the QuickLyric application here:

Quicklyrics Icon
Video & Audio F-Droid

2. Kpop Lyrics Offline

Offline Kpop Lyric 00084 Song Lyrics Application

Having BTS, EXO, Blackpink, or other K-pop musicians? Well, application Kpop Lyrics Offline will make you still able to sing even though you don’t understand very well in Korean.

The thing is this application provides Kpop song lyrics that are presented in a format hangeul, romanized, and also an English translation!

Wow, you can learn Korean a little! Don’t just know saranghaeo doang. Hehehe…


  • Provides Kpop song lyrics with hangeul, romanized, and English translation.
  • Complete and accessible database offline.


  • Not responsive an update, especially for Korean songs that just debuted.
Details Kpop Lyrics Offline
Developer LimaEfDua
Minimal OS Android 5.0 and above
Size 15MB
Download it 500,000+
Rating (Google Play) 4.5 / 5.0

Download the Kpop Lyrics Offline application here:

Kpop Lyrics Offline 26e28
Kpop Lyrics Offline

Song Lyrics Application Offline Other …

3. Sholawat Nabi MP3 & Lyrics

Application Offline Song Lyrics Sholawat Nabi Cacde

The world can be pursued, but don’t forget the afterlife! For those of you who are Muslim, there are also applications Sholawat Nabi MP3 & Lyrics who can be friends all day activities.

Lyrics application offline for this Islamic song you can play after praying or for those of you who are looking for inner peace.

The database provided is quite complete with various versions provided.


  • A complete database of prophet prayers from Opick, Nurul Musthofa, Habib Syech, and others.
  • Features to be downloaded and used smartphone ringtone.


  • There are several minor bug in the application.
Details Sholawat Nabi MP3 & Lyrics
Developer Mulim Pedia
Minimal OS Android 4.1 and above
Size 7.5MB
Download it 50,000+
Rating (Google Play) 4.6 / 5.0

Download the Sholawat Nabi MP3 application & Lyrics here:

Sholawat Nabi Mp3 Lyrics Ee8c4
Sholawat Nabi MP3 & Lyrics

4. Lyrix – Save Music Lyrics Offline

Lyrix 79dbd Offline Song Lyrics Application

Then there Lyrix which is not just a music lyrics application where you can search for song texts, but you can also make your own tablets.

With the system crowdsourcing, Lyrix will collect lyrics uploaded from users for later use by other users.

Very interesting for you to try, right? Can all for the contribution of songs that are rarely found lyrics!


  • Integrated with music player applications, such as Spotify, Google Music and others.
  • Features to download and edit song lyrics in a manner offline.


  • There are many ads that are quite annoying when used.
Details Lyrix – Save Music Lyrics Offline
Developer TiredCruncher
Minimal OS Android 4.0 and above
Size 9.3MB
Download it 100,000+
Rating (Google Play) 4.0 / 5.0

Download the Lyrix application here:

Lyrix Save Music Lyric Offline 22b8e
Lyrix – Save Music Lyrics Offline

5. Offline Lyrics: Song Lyrics Finder

Offline Lyric Offline 45dc5 Song Lyrics Application

Don’t have an internet connection? For you who have a limited quota, Offline Lyrics could be the right solution that is suitable for you to use.

The application provides a database of song lyrics offline which you can access when listening to music.

Then what if the database is lacking an update? Relax, all you have to do is connect to the internet and the application automatically searches an update for the latest songs. Nice!


  • The size of the application is small and will certainly be light for various types of applications smartphone.
  • Database that can bean update by connecting it to the internet network.


  • There are many ads that are quite annoying when used.
Details Offline Lyrics: Song Lyrics Finder
Developer BandMag
Minimal OS Android 4.2 and above
Size 2.6MB
Download it 50,000+
Rating (Google Play) 3.9 / 5.0

Download the Offline Lyrics application here:

Offline Lyrics Song Lyrics Finder F1fdb
Offline Lyrics: Song Lyrics Finder

Bonus: Collection of the Best Guitar Chords Application 2019, Complete with Lyrics

Not only want to know the lyrics but also to chord aka the guitar key? Take it easy, ApkVenue knows the application recommendations that you must try.

Range the best guitar lock application with the most complete database, you can read it here: 10 Guitar Chords (Chord) Songs Captured (Must Try)!

The Guitar Lock Banner Application 2c847

10 Complete Guitar Chords Applications on Android Phones & Lyrics (Update 2019)

Are you looking for an application for guitar chords? Here ApkVenue gives recommendations for the best guitar chord on Android to sing with friends or family.

The final word

Well, that’s the recommendation of the best song lyrics application on Android and iOS phones that you can use, both in terms of on line and offline.

Of the various applications above, which one have you tried or will you download?

Oh yeah, don’t forget to write your opinion in the comments column below, share this article, and an update continue the article on ApkVenue.com yes!

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