Do you want to know the title of the song you are listening to? Just use the best song detection application for the following Android phones. Guaranteed to be accurate and fast!

Have you ever tried it, you accidentally listen to a song that turns out to be nice to you but can’t hear it on the cellphone anymore because you don’t know the title, friends?

This is certainly annoying, yes. But fortunately, with the development of technology that is happening right now, you can know the title of a song very easily.

Well, for those of you who are curious to know the title of the song that you hear, you can use some of the song detection applications that will be discussed below.

List of Song Title Detection Applications on Android

Only by installing song detection applications on your cellphone, you will no longer bother to search for it on the internet.

Well, here are some the best song detection application for Android you can use.

1. MusicID

MusicID Aea76
Musicid 6f68d

MusicID is an application that you can rely on if you want to find the title of the song you want to save and then listen to it repeatedly.

You just need to move the cell phone close to the song being heard to find out the title and singer of the song easily and fairly quickly.

Not just as a song detection application, this one application also has a variety of interesting features such as Explore which allows users to search for information about the current top songs from various artists.

DeveloperGravity Mobile, Inc.
Reviews (Amount of Reviewer)3.4 (2,201)
Install it500K +
Android Minimum4.4

2. Genius

Genius 8d68e
Genius 424ef
Genius – Song Lyrics & More

Including one of the popular applications that you can get on the Play Store, Genius created to make it easier for you to find the title of the song you want to know.

This application is known as display interface which makes it easy for users and is included in applications that are classified as lightweight and fast in terms of performance.

Although its ability to find out songs that are unfamiliar is debatable, this application has other features that make it superior to other applications.

In addition to finding information about songs, this application can directly play songs and video clips directly as soon as you are finished looking for them.

DeveloperGenius Media Group, Inc.
Reviews (Amount of Reviewer)4.0 (61,091)
SizeVaries with device
Install it5M +
Android MinimumVaries with device

3. Shazam

Shazam 38ec7
Productivity Shazam Entertainment Limited

Shazam is a song detection application that allows you to detect music along with the song title and the singer at the same time, the friends.

This application is also classified as very easy to use because you only need to bring the phone to the sound source of the song being listened to, then the application will automatically provide the title of the song along with the artist.

The Shazam application is quite accurate in detecting both Indonesian and foreign song titles.

Besides being able to be used on an Android phone, Shazam is also an application to find out the song title on the iPhone, the friends.

DeveloperApple, Inc.
Reviews (Amount of Reviewer)4.4 (3,530,937)
SizeVaries with device
Install it100M +
Android MinimumVaries with device

4. MusiXMatch

Musixmatch 6f6d9
Musixmatch Icon
Musixmatch – Lyrics & Music
Video & Audio musiXmatch

Besides functioning as a song player application, MusiXMatch also has another function which is as a song detection application, you know.

In addition, MusiXMatch also functions as an application that is able to display the lyrics of the song you want to listen so you can all karaoke with friends.

Matter of appearance you don’t need to worry if this application will be difficult to use, friends, because MusiXMatch has a very friendly UI appearance even though you are using it for the first time.

Reviews (Amount of Reviewer)4.5 (1,958,249)
SizeVaries with device
Install it50M +
Android Minimum4.1

Another Best Song Detection Application …

5. SoundHound

F5516 Soundhound
Soundhound 076be

Another song detection application on Android that you can count on is SoundHound, friends

If you sing a song but forget the song title and you only remember a few pieces of the lyrics, then you can sing the song with the lyrics that you remember.

SoundHound itself is not too different from the Shazam application. However, some people consider that SoundHound is more accurate and faster in finding a song.

DeveloperSoundHound Inc.
Reviews (Amount of Reviewer)4.6 (782,495)
SizeVaries with device
Install it100M +
Android MinimumVaries with device

6. HOUND Voice Search & Assistant

Hound 3442b
Hound Voice Search 265c9
HOUND Voice Search & Assistant

HOUND Voice Search & Assistant is a voice search application that works like Siri or Google Now, a friends.

However, this application can also be used to detect the title of a song being listened to.

With its simple appearance, this one application is certainly very comfortable to use.

In addition to the song title, you will also be shown information about the music such as what the artist’s name is and provide a complete biography of the artist who sings the song.

InformationHOUND Voice Search & Assistant
DeveloperSoundHound Inc.
Reviews (Amount of Reviewer)4.0 (10,684)
Install it1M +
Android Minimum5.0

7. Music Detector

B62b5 Music Detector
Music Detector 239bc
Music Detector

Music Detector could be the next alternative if the previous song detection applications are not suitable for you.

This application can detect songs played either from the radio, music compilation on the internet, and others.

The Music Detector application can help you identify the title of the song as well as the name of the artist quickly and with fairly accurate results.

Interestingly, this application claims that they are able to detect the title of the song in just a matter of seconds, you know.

InformationMusic Detector
DeveloperMusic Recognition App
Reviews (Amount of Reviewer)4.5 (11,044)
Install it500K +
Android Minimum4.2

8. Music Recognition

A7f42 Music Recognition
4f0ed Music Recognition
Music Recognition

Music Recognition is the next best detection application that is able to detect songs around you quickly and easily to use.

Not only can you detect the title of a song, this application can also give you information about the artist’s biography and discover track the top of the artist who sings the song.

In addition, once the song has been identified, this application will give you the option whether you want to listen to it in the Spotify, Deezer, and YouTube streaming services.

InformationMusic Recognition
DeveloperBeatfind Music Recognition
Reviews (Amount of Reviewer)4.5 (12,914)
Install it1M +
Android Minimum4.2

The final word

Well, that was some of the song detection application recommendations that you can try to use on an Android phone.

With the help of the applications above, you don’t need to be confused anymore when you want to know the title of a song.