Watching a movie with a girlfriend feels like it’s really fun. However, it is very difficult for you to enjoy LDR.

Are you currently undergoing Long Distance Relationship with your boyfriend?

LDR is a hard thing for some couples to go through. However, increasingly sophisticated communication technology makes it easy for you to get through this phase.

Just look at video call technology. Even if you don’t feel the physical presence of your partner, but feeling homesick can be a little relieved just by hearing and seeing your boyfriend’s face on the phone.

However, there is one sadness experienced by LDR couples, which is not being able to have quality time like watching a movie together.

Well, ApkVenue has a solution for you LDR couples who want to experience watching a movie together without the need to meet up. Curious? Check out the following ApkVenue article.

5 Apps & Sites for Watching Movies with LDR Boyfriends

Quality time with a boyfriend is important in maintaining a harmonious relationship. However, it is very difficult for LDR couples to have quality time because of the distance and time apart.

Actually, you can, anyway, you watch the cinema while video calling with your boyfriend. But, after that, you are immediately imprisoned and must pay a fine for violating the Copyright Act.

At present, there are already many sites that allow you and your boyfriend to watch movies together in real time.

The way this watch site works is not like a regular movie streaming site. Certainly more exciting because you can watch while communicating on the same platform.

Already impatient? Here you go 5 sites to watch movies with LDR girlfriends in real time.

1. Watch2Gether

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Watch2Gether ( is the most popular watch site on the internet. ApkVenue highly recommends you use this site.

To use the feature, you don’t need to register first. You just need to make a room, then copy the link room.

You just need to share the link with your girlfriend or you can also with your friends. Anyway, it is very easy and practical.

How to play videos on watch2gether is also easy. You just copy the video link you want from another website like YouTube, Vimeo, or Dailymotion.

2. Rabbit

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If you are looking for a watching site together that can be accessed with a desktop or smartphone, you can use Rabbit (

You can open the Rabbit site to watch with your boyfriend. You can also download the Rabbit application for your smartphone.

Rabbit itself has advantages you can use. You can not only watch together, but also access sites through Rabbit as your browser.

This allows rabbit to play various videos provided by sites on the internet.

Unlike limited Watch2Gether, Rabbit allows you to stream videos and movies from any site.

In fact, you can also access the site ahem-ahem and watch together using Rabbit, you know. Use it wisely.

3. MyCircleTV

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MyCircleTV ( is a free watching site that you can use next. This site has advantages that other sites and applications don’t have on the list.

To use this site, you and your girlfriend must register first. After registering, you can use all MyCircleTV features for free.

One of its unique features is that you can save videos that you want to watch on cloud storage with a capacity of 5 GB. You can watch the video more practically.

In addition, MyCircleTV is also equipped with voice chat feature that is integrated with streaming video on the screen. You can chat or discuss about the movie you watch.

You can enter other people’s groups that are not locked and watch videos shared in that group. It’s really interesting.

4. Gaze: Long Distance Movie Night

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Gaze ( is a film watching site designed specifically for LDR couples. Its very sweet interface will make you miss your boyfriend more.

You can watch videos from streaming sites like YouTube for free. You only need to register first to enjoy these features.

One of the unique things that Gaze has is that you can video call your girlfriend while watching videos together. This site is suitable for you who want to let go of miss.

If you get bored watching the movie playing, all you have to do is watch the face of your boyfriend who is seriously watching it. Isn’t it fun, right?

5. Netflix Party

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Who doesn’t know Netflix, a paid movie streaming site with the most users in the world? Netflix provides a collection of the best films and series you can watch.

Netflix Party ( is an extension for the Google Chrome browser that allows you to watch the same movie with your girlfriend or friend on the Netflix site.

You can also watch movies while chatting with your girlfriend. Unfortunately, you cannot see the name of the person you are chatting with.

This is confusing if you chat with many people at once.

Netflix Party can only be accessed by people who subscribe to Netflix or who have access to a Netflix account. Happens, not free.

In addition, people who join the room must use a browser Google Chrome installed Netflix Party extension.

The final word

Thus ApkVenue’s article about 5 sites to watch movies with LDR girlfriends. Hopefully ApkVenue’s article can help you maintain the harmony of your LDR relationship.

See you in the next ApkVenue article!

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