Do you want to listen to today’s podcasts in the style of young people? Here are some cool and best 2019 podcast application recommendations, can be on Android and iOS phones.

Don’t realize it, if it’s currently trending podcast is on the rise among young Indonesians?

Podcast usually you listen to audio format, at a glance similar to radio. But the difference is you can choose the topic according to your preference and you can listen without the need to fix the showtimes.

Now for you who want to listen podcast cool, here ApkVenue has a number of recommendations application podcast best in 2019, which you can listen to both on Android and iOS.

Recommended Best and Cool Podcast Application (Update 2019)

Generally podcast what you usually listen to streamed, so you should listen in a way online guys.

Podcast which also comes from various categories, such as entertainment, games, soccer and much more. So adjust to your interests.

1. Spotify

The Best Podcast Application 01 C1119

Who can deny, if Spotify is the application streamed music on line best right now?

Now through Spotify, now you can also make and broadcast podcast yourself, and are listened to by millions of other users throughout the world.

One of the benefits of Spotify is that it can also be used free of charge, but you have to be prepared with a number of ads that are inserted inside.

But for those of you who want to hear without advertising, just pay the monthly subscription fee.

Download Spotify here: Android | iOS

2. SoundCloud

Best Podcast Application 02 Fdec4

Apart from Spotify, there are also SoundCloud that you can make an alternative application podcast free that you can hear anytime and anywhere.

Here you don’t even need to spend a dime to listen to music.

User interface offered is quite comfortable to use, it even lets you hear in a way offline by downloading it.

Well for the way download it in full SoundCloud, ApkVenue has reviewed the following article: How to Download Songs on SoundCloud Without Additional Applications.

Download SoundCloud here: Android | iOS

Other Podcast Applications …

3. Google Podcast

The Best Podcast Application 03 Chapter8f

Google, which is integrated with Android-based smartphone devices, also has an application podcast named Google Podcast.

Google Podcast can be an alternative with functions that are classified as essential, such as accelerating the duration podcast to muted several segments if needed.

Apart from Google Podcasts, on Android phones you can also use Google Play Music or YouTube to search and listen podcast selection.

Download the Google Podcast here: Android | iOS

4. Apple Podcast

The Best Podcast Application 04 519ae

For you iPhone users or iOS-based devices, there are also Apple Podcast that you can listen to at work or relax.

Here, too, you will be provided with various categories with hundreds of thousands podcast free. Anyway, you won’t regret it!

Download the Apple Podcast here: iOS

5. Podcast Addict

The Best Podcast Application 05 81789

Podcast Addict is one application podcast free that you can try it.

Not only podcast course, in this application you will also be presented various audiobook, live streaming radio and many more.

Even Podcast Addict also supports connection with channel YouTube and Twitch. Very complete, right?

Download the Podcast Addict here: Android

The final word

Now that’s some application recommendations podcast free, cool and the best in 2019 that you can download on Android and iOS mobile phones.

Aside from the five applications that ApkVenue has recommended above, do you still have other options? If so, do not hesitate to write in the comments below!

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