Want to edit photo backgrounds on an Android phone? Through the following application, you can do it easily. Come on, see the list of photo background editing applications for Android phones!

One of the most commonly used photo editing techniques, i.e. edit photo background. To do this, you generally need the help of a computer.

But, with the development of technology that is happening right now, there are many Android applications available to edit background photos practically via an Android phone.

Well, for those of you who are confused looking for the best Android application for editing background photos, in this article ApkVenue will give you a few recommendations for applications to do this.

Want to know what are the applications? Come, see the list of the best photo background editing applications for Android below.

10 Photo Background Edit Applications for Android

Still confused about which app to install to edit your photo background?

Of the many background photo editing applications on Android, not all of them provide a satisfying and easy to use editing experience.

Therefore, here are some the best photo background editing application for Android.

1. Background Eraser

10f69 Background Eraser application
Background Eraser Icon
Background Eraser
Photo & Imaging handyCloset Inc.

Application background eraser It offers two choices of modes for editing or deleting background photos, viz auto mode and mode extract.

Auto mode works to delete the background automatically, while the mode extract allows you to select your own background where you want to delete.

If it feels less tidy (especially the hair), there is also repair tool which will automatically fix it.

Besides removing the background, this application also allows you to change the background color of the photo, the friends.

This application is very easy to use even for ordinary people.


  • There are automatic and manual modes
  • Available repair tools
  • Fast photo editing process


  • Automatic mode is sometimes inaccurate
Information Background Eraser
Developer handyCloset Inc.
Reviews (Amount of Reviewer) 4.5 (402.308)
Size 2.4MB
Install it 10M +
Android Minimum 4.0

2. PhotoLayers

The Photolayers Ee119 application
Photolayers Icon
PhotoLayers – Superimpose Eraser
Photo & Imaging SimplerApps

Application PhotoLayers This is not only able to cut objects from the background, but can also edit the object or background separately.

So, this application allows you to only edit the background or just the object.

In addition, it is still the same as before, the process of cutting objects with the background can be done automatically and manually.

However, the most interesting thing, this application can process 11 photos at the same time. So, of course faster and can be more creative.


  • Automatic or manual object cutting
  • Can edit background or object
  • Can process 11 photos at a time


Information PhotoLayers
Developer handyCloset Inc.
Reviews (Amount of Reviewer) 4.5 (98,846)
Size 4.3MB
Install it 10M +
Android Minimum 4.0

3. Auto Photo Cut Paste

Auto Cut Paste A6830 application
Auto Photo Cut Paste F2a52
Auto Photo Cut Paste

The next android automatic photo change application is no less special. You see, the application Auto Photo Cut Paste provides a ready-made background template.

So, you just select the photo, then select the background you want to use, wait a few minutes and finish. Really easy!

But of course there are manual photo editing settings for those of you who want to be creative. To make it look real, there are also settings shadow and shading.

This feature works when attaching objects in a new background, making it look as if it isn’t an edit.


  • Very easy to use, there is a template
  • Neat cutting of photo objects
  • There are settings shadow and shading


  • Tools manual cutting is incomplete
Information Auto Photo Cut Paste
Developer photoshop mobile apps
Reviews (Amount of Reviewer) 4.5 (43,985)
Size 42MB
Install it 1M +
Android Minimum 4.1

4. Ultimate Background Eraser

Ultimate Background Eraser 5f73c application
Ultimate Background Eraser D21cb
Ultimate Background Eraser

Ultimate Background Eraser is one application that is instant and easy to use. With just one click, the photo background is erased and ready to be replaced. CrazyVery practical.

There are also dozens of cool backgrounds that you can use. Beach, mountains, urban and others. Complete the point!

This application also provides settings for complete photo editing like Adobe Photoshop.

So, if you feel there is a part of your photo that is lacking, just improve it through this application. For example your skin is somewhat black, or there are pimples, can be edited, you know! Really fun, right?


  • Easy to use with one click
  • Available tools editing photo
  • Tens of photo background options


  • Applications tend to be heavy when used
Information Ultimate Background Eraser
Developer Iris Studios and Services
Reviews (Amount of Reviewer) 4.4 (22,241)
Size 20MB
Install it 1M +
Android Minimum 4.1

5. Cut Out

Cut Out Application 68779
Cut Out Background Eraser 51301
Cut Out: Background Eraser

Actually the application Cut out This is not much different from previous applications.

Provides automatic or manual mode for cropping photos, then just adjust to your needs.

This application is very simple and there are not many menus so that it is easy to use even by lay people. Although on the one hand, this is arguably a drawback because the tools are incomplete.

But if the need is only to erase the background of the photo, there are more than enough features.


  • Simple display
  • There are automatic and manual modes
  • Background options that are ready to use


  • Tools incomplete
Information Cut out
Developer Appwallet Technologies
Reviews (Amount of Reviewer) 4.1 (8,137)
Size 9.5MB
Install it 1M +
Android Minimum 4.1

6. Simple Background Changer

Simple Background Changer 33b95 application
4 Simple Background Changer C59b2
Simple Background Changer

Another background editing application is Simple Background Changer. This application is very easy to use and has many background choices with quality high definition.

For those of you who are using this application for the first time, they will be assisted with tutorials available in the application.

Simple Background Changer can be downloaded for free. But if you want a paid version also available.


  • Easy to use
  • Many HD background options or you can use photos from the gallery
  • There is a tutorial


  • There are ads (ads) in the free version
Information Simple Background Changer
Developer Cool Photo Apps
Reviews (Amount of Reviewer) 4.7 (53,894)
Size 37MB
Install it 1M +
Android Minimum 4.1

7. TouchRetouch

Touchretouch 706cc application
1 Touchretouch F13c4

TouchRetouch offers many conveniences for editing and changing backgrounds. Enough drag and drop it photo then you can change your photo background.

In addition, the features in this application are also quite complete. You can also delete unnecessary images by using the feature eraser.


  • The feature is quite complete
  • Easy to use
  • Can delete other objects in the photo


Information TouchRetouch
Developer ADVA Soft
Reviews (Amount of Reviewer) 4.5 (12,620)
Size 9.3MB
Install it 500K +
Android Minimum 2.3

8. Auto Background Changer

Auto Background Changer 501d2 application
2 Auto Background Changer 4c22d
Auto Background Changer

Next, there is the application Auto Background Changer. This application is also not less exciting than other applications that ApkVenue mentioned above.

Change photo background on Android, you don’t need to bother with this application because you can edit photo background automatically, just one click.

In addition, if you are not satisfied with the automatic features, you can switch to manual mode.


  • Automatic and manual modes available
  • Lightweight application size


  • Tools photo editing is incomplete
Information Auto Background Changer
Developer SnapTools
Reviews (Amount of Reviewer) 4.0 (39,930)
Size 6.7MB
Install it 1M +
Android Minimum 4.4

9. Background Eraser and Remover

Application Background Eraser And Remover F99f5
3 Background Eraser And Remover 142ac
Background Eraser and Remover

Application Background Eraser and Remover this is one of the best photo background editing applications for Android if you want to make transparent background.

Apart from that, you can also do simple photo editing. Other features available include target area, target color, and brush tool.


  • Has advanced features
  • Supports PNG and JPG formats


  • Nothing tools to refine the photo
Information Background Eraser and Remover
Reviews (Amount of Reviewer) 4.3 (6,684)
Size 15MB
Install it 500K +
Android Minimum 4.1

10. Change Photo Background

Change Photo Background 65903 application
4 Change Photo Background Bb185
Change Photo Background

Finally, there is an application Change Photo Background. In this application, you can not only make the background transparent, but you can also add another background to your photo.

Automatic and manual background editing features are also available. In addition, there are also features undo, redo, and also zoom.


  • Supported AI Color Detection Algorithm


  • Many advertisements appear
  • A little difficult to use
Information Change Photo Background
Developer Basic app
Reviews (Amount of Reviewer) 3.7 (26,774)
Size 6.7MB
Install it 5M +
Android Minimum 4.0

The final word

That is some recommendations for the best photo background editing application for the Android version of ApkVenue.

Now you know which application you want to download? Have a try!

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