Here it is an application that must be installed for beginner YouTubers to create more cool and interesting content. Come see what the application!

Surely you often see YouTube shows, whether the content is about fad people or related films which will release.

However, to be YouTuber like that now this is not a difficult thing. With enough capital, your ambition to become a YouTuber will be achieved, as long as it’s routine.

So you no longer need to capitalize a qualified computer to edit your videos.

Here it is, the supporting application must install for beginners YouTuber with only cellphone capital guys. Let’s see more!

Application For Beginner Youtubers

This application you can download for free and you can use to support the results of your video to make it more cool and interesting.

You can download the application for free on ApkVenue. Come see the complete application:

1. Cinema Fv-5

Cinema Fv-5 is an application that is useful for recording images or videos that are specific to Android users.

In this application, users can also set their own tables for shooting and can be done manually like on a sophisticated SLR camera.

You can download the application for free here:

Cinema Fv 5 Lite 92664
Cinema FV-5 Lite

2. AZ Screen Recorder

then this second Android YouTuber kit is named AZ Screen Recorder. Different from the first ApkVenue mentioned earlier, if Cinema Fv-5 focuses on photos and videos, then AZ Screen Recorder is useful for recording mobile screens.

AZ Screen Recorder produces recordings that are quite promising and do not reduce the original quality. Not only that, in it there are still a myriad of other cool features.

You can download the application here:

Az Screen Recorder No Root Icon
AZ Screen Recorder – No Root
Desktop Enhancement Hecorat

3. KineMaster Pro

KineMaster Pro is an application that must be installed for YouTubers. Because it’s very helpful, don’t be surprised if KineMaster Pro is very widely used as a YouTuber combat tool

The usefulness of this application itself is that it can help YouTuber in doing video editing. Of course editing videos is a common thing must do YouTuber so that the video you get becomes more interesting.

Download the Kinemaster application here:

Kinemaster Pro Video Editor Icon
KineMaster – Video Editor
Video & Audio KineMaster Corporation

4. Picsart Photo Studio

Surely you all know this application right? Yes, Picsart useful for helping with photo editing.

Make photos as attractive as possible with photo editor this will be useful if YouTuber wants add photos into the video so that the video will look more varied.

Please download the application here:

Picsart Icon
PicsArt – Photo Studio
Photo & Imaging PicsArt

5. Photo & Picture Resizer

Last but not least is Photo & Picture Resizer, this application changes the dimensions of the image or photo to adjust the image size according to your video.

Shrinking images or cropping this application will not change the image quality, it is also suitable for you to make thumbnail for your Youtube video.

You can download this application for free below:

7d4f4 Photo Picture Resizer
Photo & Picture Resizer

The final word

That’s the 5 applications that must be installed by beginner YouTuber, very simple and easy not to be a YouTuber?

You don’t need big capital and professional equipment to become a YouTuber. what do you think about the application above?

Write your opinion about the application above, if you have other recommendations, you can also include it in the comments column. See you in the next article guys!

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