Do you want to download the song directly, save it as MP3? Can be downloaded for free, this is a list of the best Android MP3 song download applications in 2019 (complete with thousands of warehouse songs)

Be active while listening to songs using the application streamed music on smartphone of course it will be very exciting.

Unfortunately this way will certainly make your internet quota more wasteful, right?

Now, save it immediately offline on your cellphone, here ApkVenue has given recommendations application download it free MP3 songs for Android phones that you can try. Come on, see it!

Application Recommendations Download it Best & Free Android MP3 Songs

With thousands to millions the database songs from all over the country, ranks application download it song below you can count on to make offline playlist alone.

Just use the WiFi network when downloading, you can create it playlist who can accompany your activities and trips.

So you don’t need to spend more money to buy internet quota, right? Very practical!

1. 4Shared

Applications Download Songs 4shared 7b334

The first recommendation comes from 4Shared, application download it famous free songs with complete and good quality music collection.

Not only music, 4Shared also provides various other files such as photos, videos, e-book in PDF format, and others that you can download for free.

Here you can also share to other users by uploading files to the 4Shared server.

Oh yes, for you who want to know how download it the song via 4Shared has also been reviewed separately in a different part of this article, yes!


  • Very large and varied song choices.
  • Provides a variety of interesting media that can be downloaded for free.
  • Can various files with other users.


  • Some files must be considered in terms of security.
  • Many annoying advertisements in the application.
Details 4Shared
Developer New IT Solutions
Minimal OS Android 4.1 and above
Size 11.9MB
Rating 9.1 / 10

Download the 4Shared application here:

Downloader & Plugin New IT Solutions

2. SONGily

Songily 0d2cc Song Download Application

Next there is the application called SONGily. Application download it this song provides a variety of songs includingan update that you can download it directly through the application.

Even you have been provided with a special folder “Downloads” to save all your favorite songs that you have downloaded for free through this application.

In addition, this application also has a variety of superior features, one of which online converter to convert music from other formats, such as videos.


  • A special “Downloads” folder is available for storing song download results.
  • The application is quite lightweight and easy to use.


  • Many annoying advertisements in the application.
Details SONGily
Developer SONGily
Minimal OS Android 4.0.3 and above
Size 3.7MB
Rating 9.0 / 10

Download the SONGily application here:

Songily 5e268

3. SoundLoadie

Applications Download Songs Soundcloud Soundloadie F8b8b

If you are already familiar with the SoundCloud application and want to download songs in it, you can rely on the application called SoundLoadie.

To download songs remix and cover, you can simply share the songs you listen to on SoundCloud to the SoundLoadie application for download it automatically.

Apart from that you can also search for songs directly on the SoundLoadie app. You must try it!


  • A large and complete selection of songs in SoundCloud.
  • Process download it automatic fast and easy.
  • Pretty easy to use.


  • Some songs could not be downloaded because copyright.
Details SoundLoadie
Developer Wave
Minimal OS Android 5.1 and above
Size 5.0MB
Rating 9.6 / 10

Download the SoundLoadie application here:

Soundloadie 1a0e2
SoundLoadie For SoundCloud

Application Download it Other Songs …

4. Snaptube

Snaptube 9b1c7 Fast Song Download Application

Snaptube not only allows you to download videos or songs through the platform YouTube

This cool application you can also use for the platform others, like Facebook, Instagram, Dailymotion, Vine, and others, friends.

To download the latest song, you just need to use the YouTube search field at the top of the application and download via the available buttons.


  • Various available the platform that can be used, such as YouTube, Facebook, and others.
  • Lack of advertising pop-ups which is annoying.


  • Sometimes the process for downloading takes a long time on some videos.
Details Snaptube
Developer Snaptube
Minimal OS Android 4.1 and above
Size 12.2MB
Rating 9.2 / 10

Download the Snaptube application here:

Latest Snaptube Icon
Downloader & Plugin Snaptube

5. PlanetLagu – Download MP3 Music

Application to download songs offline Planetlagu 68dfe

Well, if the application download it MP3 songs from PlanetLagu It provides various types of music, especially domestic and international songs.

You can search for Indonesian pop songs to the most popular dangdut songs to date.

Its use is quite easy. You just select the song you want to listen to according to the category and download it directly in the application.


  • A complete selection of domestic songs, especially genre dangdut
  • Using the application is quite easy.


  • Lacking international song collections.
  • Still available a bug in the application.
Details PlanetLagu – Download MP3 Music
Developer PlanetLagu
Minimal OS Android 4.0.3 and above
Size 3.3MB
Rating 9.0 / 10

Download the PlanetLagu application here:

Planet Song 8b96b
Planet Song

6. Free Music Downloader

B721f Free song download application

As the name implies, Free Music Downloader can make you have a free song directory that you can play freely offline.

The quality of the songs available in the application is quite varied and can be arranged. Here you can also play songs in the application.

Unfortunately here only available the songs non-copyright which you can use freely.


  • The application is quite lightweight and easy to use.
  • Options for playing music in a variety of quality available.


  • Not a lot of music choices (only songs available non-copyright).
Details Free Music Downloader
Developer Video & Music Download Inc
Minimal OS Android 4.2 and above
Size 6.9MB
Rating 8.0 / 10

Download the Free Music Downloader application here:

Free Music Downloader Fcee0
Free Music Downloader

7. TubeMate YouTube Downloader

Application to Download Songs Offline Tubemate C4a05

TubeMate it is indeed an application download it video, but make no mistake because this application can also be used as an application download it MP3 song.

Through this application you can download it various Youtube videos into MP3 song formats. Videos of songs on YouTube that you like later can also be made a list playlist.

The sound quality from the video to MP3 conversion is also clear because it is HD. But back again, the application can also be for download it video.


  • Can download it YouTube videos become MP3 format.
  • Can make playlist MP3 from YouTube videos.


  • Can only be used on the platform YouTube only.
Details TubeMate YouTube Downloader
Developer Devian Studio
Minimal OS Android 2.3.2 and above
Size 6.0MB
Rating 9.3 / 10

Download the TubeMate application here:

Tube Mate 7dbdc
TubeMate YouTube Downloader
Downloader & Plugin Tubemate

8. Download MP3 Music

Free Mp3 Songs Download Application 9630c

For those of you who really don’t like complicated, you can try the application download it named song Download MP3 Music, friends

It looks very simple like Google Search. Enter the words, then list the songs you want. Really simple right?

After exiting the song list, just select and process download it start right away. But that’s the case, the bad is not there preview song, so you don’t know the song you are download it it’s good or not.


  • Simple display like Google Search.
  • Process download it fast and minimal annoying advertisements.


  • Player feature preview songs are sometimes difficult to use.
Details Download MP3 Music
Developer Outly LTD.
Minimal OS Android 4.2 and above
Size 15.7MB
Rating 8.3 / 10

Download the Download MP3 Music application here:

9. VidMate

Applications to download songs Vidmate D24a5

Vidmate be application download it the next song that functions similarly to Snaptube which ApkVenue reviewed in the previous point.

Here you can download from various the platform like YouTube or Facebook with various categories to choose from.

Accordingly defaultVidmate recommends Indian content, but you just use the search feature to find the content you want.


  • Various available the platform that can be used, such as YouTube, Facebook, and others.
  • Lack of advertising pop-ups which is annoying.


  • Lots of Indian content, so you have to take advantage of the search feature.
Details Vidmate
Developer Vidmate
Minimal OS Android 4.0 and above
Size 12.7MB
Rating 9.2 / 10

Download the Vidmate application here:

Icon200 2 Icon
VidMate – HD video downloader
Downloader & Plugin Vidmate Studio

10. SpotyTube

Spotytube 9cd23 Offline Song Download Application

If you are looking for an application download it free MP3 music from Youtube, suitable for application use SpotyTube.

From the name, you can guess that this application is the combined result of Spotify and YouTube. In fact this is so.

Although not the official collaboration between the two apps, SpotyTube in fact presents a collection chart the best songs and videos from the two applications.

He cried again, this application has a button download it on each song and video to make it easy for users.


  • Update the most complete latest songs and videos.
  • Download it easy for all available content.


  • Not an official collaboration from Spotify and YouTube
Details SpotyTube
Developer Charana Studios
Minimal OS Android 5.0 and above
Size 15MB
Rating 9.0 / 10

Download the SpotyTube application here:

Spotytube E4c68

ApkVenue hanya memberikan informasi mengenai rekomendasi aplikasi download lagu terbaik. ApkVenue tidak bertanggung jawab atas segala risiko akibat pelanggaran hak cipta yang dilakukan oleh pihak ketiga.

This Is How To MenDownload it Songs with the 4Shared Application

It’s not complete if ApkVenue hasn’t discussed the method download it song with one of the applications above. For example ApkVenue uses 4Shared, a storage service from Ukraine created in 2005.

With a variety of files that you can find here, of course 4Shared has the most music content an update that you can download and use in a way offline.

For men-download it song through 4SharedYou can do the following steps.

Step 1 – Select Music Options

  • Open the 4Shared application that is already installed, then on the main page you just press the icon Search in the lower right corner.
  • Then you just select an option Music to download songs on 4Shared.
How to Download 4shared Songs 01 67eda

Step 2 – Find the Song You Want ToDownload it

  • You just type keyword to find the song you want to download it then press Enter. Wait for search results to appear on the screen.
How to Download 4shared 02 76f64 Songs

Step 3 – Start Download it Song

  • For men-download it your song taps three dot icon next to the song then tap options Download it.
  • Wait until the download process is complete. To see the results, return to the main page and go to the section Saved.
How to Download 4shared 03 Ff481

Besides downloading in the application, you can also listen to songs directly using the 4Shared application.

This song player will run on background so you can still listen to the song even while opening other applications.

Cool, right? If you are lazy to download songs in the application, streamed You can do it too. As long as you have a big internet quota, okay?

Bonus: Collection of ways Download it MP3 Songs from YouTube, Really Easy!

ApkVenue also knows that you like searching for songs on YouTube, especially if the song you are looking for has just been released. In fact there are also easy methods download it MP3 songs from YouTube.

Well, for the complete steps you can directly try the following article: Collection of How to Download MP3s on YouTube (Android & PC).

How to Download Songs on Youtube Banner 4711c

4 Ways to Download MP3s on YouTube for Android & PC (100% Works)

Want to download the latest song directly from YouTube? Here ApkVenue has a way to download MP3s on YouTube, with the best quality and HD (Android and PC).

The final word

That’s the application recommendation download it the best song you can try on Android. According to ApkVenue, 4Shared is an application that you must try.

But do not rule out the possibility that you have a different opinion. In your own opinion, which application is the best?

Do not forget to share This article and also write other application recommendations in the comments column below. Good luck!

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