Are you obsessed with the Joker because of the film? Try to use the following three filter applications that will make you a Joker!

If you’ve watched the Joker, maybe there is a desire in your heart to have makeup it looks like.

Moreover, many tutorials on the internet and YouTube will teach us how to change our faces into Jokers.

But, if you feel you are not talented in the field makeup or too lazy to do it, you can use the three best Joker filter applications this one!

Joker Make Up

Joker 0 Aed22 Filter Application

Joker could be one supervillain the most recognizable. The reason is makeup clown on his face with a big red smile on his lips.

From the many cast of Joker characters that appear in the film, there are changes makeup from each actor.

If we look at the Joker version Cesar Romero, we will see a thick white face with thin lip lines and pointed edges.

This characteristic is maintained in the era Jack Nicholson. The difference is, the lips of Nicholson are changed in such a way that his mouth looks as if he always smirked.

In version Heath Ledger, makeup Joker looks darker with a tear effect on his lips. The white color is also not as bright as the previous version of the Joker.

The controversial version is Jared Leto. Characteristics of a pale white face is maintained, but this version of the Joker has a lot of tattoos and piercings. In addition, the makeup on the lips is also not too prominent.

Now, if the latest Joker version of Joaquin Phoenix is ​​arguably one of the simplest. Her only makeup is the clown makeup she uses when working.

The good news, there is a filter application below that will turn your face into the Jokernya style of Phoenix or more old!

Joker Filter Application

The applications below have guaranteed quality. Could be, you already have the three applications below on your smartphone.

Here, ApkVenue will give you a tutorial on how how to transform our faces into a Joker that’s terrible!


The first application that ApkVenue will recommend for you is MSQRD. This application is already famous for being able to provide attractive filters to use.

One filter that is owned by MSQRD is the Joker filter. To use it, follow the steps below.

Step 1 – Download the MSQRD Application

The first thing you have to do is download the MSQRD app. You can get it for free with the link below.

Msqrd Icon
Photo & Imaging Masquerade Technologies, Inc

Step 2 – Select the Joker Filter

When the installation is complete, open the application. You can choose the Joker filter from the tab Favorites which exists.

Joker 1 A1d3a Filter Application

Apart from the Favorites tab, you can also select it from the tab Catalog. After that, choose the one FUN and you will find another version of the Joker filter.

Joker 2 6dda5 Filter Application

2. Instagram

If you feel lazy to download a special application, you can use social media applications Instagram.

As you know, this application has features story which provides many filter options, including those made by Instagram users.

Step 1 – Download the Instagram Application

ApkVenue, sure, you already have the Instagram app on your smartphone. But if it turns out you don’t have it, just install it via the link below.

Instagram Icon
Photo & Imaging Instagram

Step 2 – Open the Wowfilter Site

  • Open the application the browser you and enter the site Wowfilter.
Joker 3 C183a Filter Application
  • You can also find the link by searching on Google with keyword joker on instagram filter.

  • For your convenience, ApkVenue has prepared the link below:

Filter Joker via Wowfilter

  • After that, you need to click the button Try this filter at the bottom. You will be directed directly to the Instagram application.

Step 3 – Take a Joker Image

The Joker filter will be installed on your Instagram Story automatically. You can take your picture and share it with your friends on Instagram!

The Joker 4 Filter application 7592c

Bonus: Other Filters

In addition to the above site, you can visit the site to get another Joker filter. This filter is equipped with Joker laughter, but not too neat.

You can access it via the link below:

Filter Joker via Catchar

3. Snapchat

If you want a Joker filter that really resembles the latest version of the Joker, you can use the application Snapchat, friends

Compared to the previous two applications, you can say there are many variants of the Joker filter owned by Snapchat.

Step 1 – Download the Snapchat Application

Just like other applications, you must first download the Snapchat application. You can get it for free by clicking the link below.

Snapchat Android
Social & Messaging Snapchat

Step 2 – Finding and Using Joker Filters

  • After the installation process is complete, you must first create a Snapchat account.

  • If you already have a Snapchat account, log in as usual

Joker 5 70bcd Filter Application
  • Enter words Joker through the search bar above. You can choose the Joker filter that suits you.
The Joker 6 7c38d Filter Application

The final word

Those are some filter applications that you can use to turn your face into a Joker.

You don’t need to spend more money to have a clown face with that horrible, big smile.

But remember, don’t over-obsess with the Joker!

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